everyone pregnant gather around
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oneandonlymel - August 5

I just wanted to have all of us who are newly pregant gather into one so we can share our journey. I know we get scattered throughout the boards. So far my last level on Wed was 193 and so far things are goin well. I still don't feel relaxed. I have 10 days till my 6 week ultrasound and it will be the longest 10 days of my life!!


oneandonlymel - August 5

Karen your levels are really good. I was nervous because mine started so low, but they said as long as they double each time, plus my first hcg was at 12dpo and was only 12, then went to 71 and finally 193. My 2nd miscarriage they were 99.3 then 243.6. I have been feeling twinges and I don't want to say cramping but something is going on in my uterus. I asked and the nurse said as long as its not severe or bleeding its nerves and muscles!! Good luck to us!


Fortyfour - August 5

I do my 6 wk u/s on 8/10 and I am nervous also. I just want to see at least one heartbeat also. My hubby is so worried about triplets. Good luck all.


HeatherMac - August 6

Mel, Karen, 44...

Bless you girls! Doesn't it seem like all we DO is wait?? We wait for the next cycle, we wait for results, we wait to see a heartbeat, we wait to see the next ultrasound, we wait and wait and wait...then when they finally get here, it's a lot of waiting then, too, I've heard.

I teared up reading your posts...I can remember each and every second about the u/s where we finally got to see the heartbeat. That tiny little light that was blinking so quickly...I couldn't look away...I could have watched that little light forever...it totally captured my heart! I just remember wiping tears out of my ears afterwards because it's hard to cry lying down!

I hope your wait passes quickly, and I can't wait to hear from each of you about the pretty little lights in your bellies...and how MANY little lights you get to see!!

Bless you!!



oneandonlymel - August 6

heathermac- Thanks! you are right it is wait, wait , wait. I really hope my ultrasound goes well because it is a day before my mothers BD and she has been there through all 3 of my miscarriages. She too had 3 miscarriages, one was still born which I can't imagine going through that. I am trying to be positive yet yesterday I kept thinking have I already miscarried and don't know it yet, will there be an empty sac like before. I hate being negative and being afraid of miscarrying. I am still having those twinges and pulling feeling not really cramping and they say you are ok if your not bleeding, but I didnt bleed with the others! I think I am driving myself crazy with worrying!!!!! Everyone says stay positive everything will be just fine. I really really want to believe that! I am so glad I have you guys to vent and I feel like a broken record.


Fortyfour - August 6

Oneandonlyme- I dont think you are being negative - just realistic. We can be positive all we want and bad things can still happen. After everything you have been through I can see why you are nervous. I too had no cramping or bleeding or s/s of m/c until the day of. It was such a shock for me.

I will pray that all is well with you and all of us waiting for that first u/s. Mine is in 4 days and I want to yell - do it now!!!!!!

Take care all and lets have lots of heartbeats on those u/s.


cassandra - August 7

Hi ladies! I am also waiting to hear of your u/s! I hope you all have positive results. I can't wait! Like Heather said, all we do is wait! It truly is an unbelievable experience and I sincerely hope you all have perfect little blinkers. I have my very first 1st u/s picture framed. They are sooo small! Good luck to all of you. I will be waiting axiously. Take care..cassandra


shaz - August 7

Good luck ladies. I anxiously wait to hear of your wonderful news......



oneandonlymel - August 8

thanks shaz and cassandra for your thoughts and support. tomorrow I will be 5 weeks and only 8 days till my ultrasound. I feel it will be the longest 8 days!! I have been getting up so early in the morning in which I have all my energy in the morning, then around 2pm I am tired and all I want to do is sleep! Sat I took like 3 naps! I have sore boobs and feel tired that is about it, I do get nausated in the evenings. I just want to fast forward my life right now right to holding my first child!!!I just hope this one holds!!!


Karen123 - August 8

You are all so right! Wait wait wait!! I too have had minor cramps nearly every day and have been reassured that it is a normal thing. I agree with you that it is hard to stay positive after prior losses but on the other hand I'm trying so hard to just enjoy the wonderful thought that there is at least one miracle growing inside me! I had b/w this morning and I just wish they would hurry up and call! I just want to hear that all is well. But 8/15 u/s will be the big one. I love how you guys describe it as little lights! That's so great! 44, you're day is almost here! you must be so excited! You'll have a lot of people anxiously awaiting your post that day! Karen


Fortyfour - August 8

Hi - I am excited and nervous. I wish I did not have the m/c u/s in my memory. I have been feeling really pg the last few days so I hope that is a good sign. My blood sugar is driving me crazy. I have to take food with me everywhere I go. If I dont eat every 2 hours I am in trouble.

Take care all.


Karen123 - August 8

Ok, they finally called! God, my heart raced when my phone rang. I was told the levels are good. HCG 6,553, progesterone 67 and estrogen 1,983. I sure wish I could interpret those #s but I'm thrilled to hear the levels are good. Boy, what a relief! Now, the week wait for the u/s. This waiting is killing me! Ok, excited too though! Karen :)


ElizabethS - August 9

Karen, 44 and Mel,
I am so anxiously awaiting your ultrasounds. You all sound like you have very pregnant symptoms. Good luck mommies!!


Karen123 - August 10

44 I am thinking of you today! (as I'm sure many others are!) I'm so anxious to hear about your u/s. My best to you and I hope you have an incredible experience today! Karen


WantsBaby2 - August 10

Hi fourtyfour,
Let us know how things went asap! We are all so excited for you! Good luck! Will they be able today to tell you how many are in there?



Fortyfour - August 10

Hi ladies, there are twins in there but no heartbeats. I go tomorrow for another u/s and then in 10 days. There are good size and shape but no heartbeat. I am sick to my stomach.


ElizabethS - August 10

44 - I will say an extra special prayer for you and your twins tonight. Girl, you have had enough.....I get upset even when you have a scare. Keep us posted, we are all pulling for you. Much hugs and love



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