everyone pregnant gather around
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ElizabethS - August 10

44 - I will say an extra special prayer for you and your twins tonight. Girl, you have had enough.....I get upset even when you have a scare. Keep us posted, we are all pulling for you. Much hugs and love


shaz - August 11

44 - im sure that all is fine. It is understandable that you feel sick and scare though after all you have been through. Am sending lots of positive energy your way



Karen123 - August 11

OMG 44, I'm praying and hoping for you. Karen


cassandra - August 11

Fortyfour, Is it possible for it to be too early for heartbeats.? I hope the u/s today will reveal. Please know I will be thinking of you. Cassandra


Fortyfour - August 11

Thank you ladies, I though this am might be better but I cannot stop crying. If I lose these babies nothing much will seem important anymore. Take care all.


Karen123 - August 11

44 When I saw you posted my heart lept and I immediately read this.....I'm praying hard for you! Are you going again soon? Maybe this afternoon? Did the doctor give you any indication that all could be fine, just early? I'm so worried about you! And my heart is breaking just imagining your unbelievable pain....please let us know when you go again. I know you said it's today some time..... Karen


BabyBound - August 11

44, I praying and wishing you see the little flickers on the screen today. Keep us posted.


Fortyfour - August 12

Hi ladies, We got a heartbeat on one so he is hopeful that the other will be fine also. I do another u/s in 2 weeks. We were so relieved we sobbed when the doctor left the room. I do not want to go through that again thank you. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. What a roller coaster this is still.

Happy belly growing to all.


Karen123 - August 12

YES!!! Oh, Darcie, I am SO thrilled for you!!!!! OMG, that is such fantastic news!! I thought about you all last night....I'm SO glad to hear this news!!! What a relief! Wow, just so thrilled for you.....congratulations on your little miracle (or two!) Karen :)


Fortyfour - August 12

Tha;nk you so much Karen123.


oneandonlymel - August 13

fourtyfour I am so happy for you!! now its time to enjoy being pregnant!!!! My ultrasound is on tuesday and I hope I have good news too, I am so nervous!


HeatherMac - August 13

Fortyfour - I am SO thrilled for you!! This is great news!! I am thrilled that you have heartbeat AND that you've got morning sickness...good signs!!! I've never been happier to hear you're not feeling well!! I wish you many more weeks of not feeling well - followed by several months of pregnancy bliss and two beautiful, healthy babies!!!

Thanks for this great news, Fortyfour!! Again, congratulations!!!

I look forward to hearing good news from everyone's u/s!!



Fortyfour - August 14

Thank you everyone for you thoughts. Yesterday was a really bad morning sickness day so I guess that is good. I took a 2 hour nap in the afternoon and could hardly stay awake for a movie we rented. All good signs. Take care all and happy baby growing.

One and onlyme -- Good luck with your u/s. Let us know asap.

I know theres one more u/s next week also. Forgive me for not remembering who.


shaz - August 14

44 - I am so happy for you... I knew things would be ok, they just had to be.

Take care



Karen123 - August 15

Ok, the other u/s is me. I am absolutely terrified. I am shaking this morning. I woke up repeatedly after horrible nightmares last night. I know it's not good for my baby (or babies) to be so distraught but I can't help it. I just NEED to see at least one heartbeat today. My appt is at 3:00. It was tough getting through to this point but knowing it's so close ... well, today is by far the worst wait even though I'm finally going today (if that makes any sense!). Well, I'll have to somehow get through the day and I'll be praying all the way there. Oh why can't it be 3:00 already! Karen


ElizabethS - August 15

44 - Thank God! I am so happy to hear that you are so sick and you saw a heartbeat. I told my dh about your situation, and we did not see heartbeats the first u/s we had....I totaly didn't remember, because I didn't know it was possible to see heartbeats at this stage. Anyways, I am rambling...but so thrilled for you!

Karen - Good luck today! The waiting never ends....keep us posted on the results.



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