ectopic pregnancy
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mazzy - March 22

hi there is anybody wish to talk to me :'(


fiso - March 23

Sure, what's going on in your life?


mazzy - March 23

hi there this my second ectopic pregnancy which happend 2weeks ago and feel so low why is this happend to me gl with this one hope every thing ok


Jessica - March 23

Well - I had one 4 months ago and I haven't been able to get pg since then. It had and get depress at times.


mazzy - March 24

I feel for you my head is all over the place very where i look there is babys and all i wont is to cry went back to work on monday whiched help abit but men dont understand wont we are going throgth my bf didnt want the baby which upset me do you still have your tubes?


Jessica - March 24

Mazzy - Yes I still do, I was kind of scared about that. DO you? I was very scared becasue the doctor never saw the baby when he did a sonogram. I was like may be it was too soon. But when I turn 5 week I scared getting really bad pain and I began to bleed. At frist I thought it was normal but I went to the doctor and sent me the the ER. THe next thing I knew I wasn't pg any more. I know how you feel and if you need some one to talk to I am here. My DH alway blames me for the lost but it wasn't my fault.


mazzy - March 25

hi jessica i do understand what you are feeling as i have lost both my tubes by ectopic and the only way is to have kids is by ivf but the docter said its going to be hard. But i had no pain untill the 2nd night in hospitaland the next thing is went thay tuck me down for the op.My bf blames me and doesnt understand he thinks life should go on he told me to get rid of it but its hard for ever woman who as lost weather at 3 weeks or 9 months gone we have lost something in our lives. it isnt your fault at all.


mazzy - April 15

hi could anybody help me ???? as i have sufferd an ectopic like a lot of woman how long do you bleed for it's been 10 or more days now. and my tummy is so hard i don't no what is going off ??? i am so worryed



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