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meridithhasfaith - April 22

Hi Ladies

I had to chime in. I too have panic attacks. They started when I first decided to go with IVF in 1997. Light headed, rapid breathing, very fast heart rate. It was awful. They went away after a while only to return when the little guy was starting school, then left again. Now, they are back. I spend 2+ hours in bed at night willing my heart to slow down, trying every relaxation technique I can think of. I didn't even know there was medicine for it. I just have always suffered with it. I should see someone for it? Who should I see, do you think?
I am so glad I am not the only one. Stupidly, I thought I was. And to put the name of panic attack makes so much sense even though I never realized it until now that that's what it is.
I can't thank you ladies enough for this information you share. It helps SO so much.



Meg - April 22

Hi Girls,

I don't suffer from panic attacks, but I do think I suffer w/ anxiety problems. I have never been diagnosed w/ an anxiety disorder, but it wouldn't surprise me if I had it. From the time I have been a child I have been a worrier. I worry about how much I worry :-\ When I would have back to school night as a teacher, I would get so nervous I would break out into a sweat and get blotchy all over and sometimes I would even feel like I was going to cry uncontrollably, luckily that never happened in front of the parents, but it was such a terrible feeling.

I worry so much that it can take over my life. I am a little better now that I have had a positive experience w/ having the twins, but I have begun to worry about the outcome of our appt. next week as well as the outcome of the FET. I keep thinking it is not going to work and have been having very bizarre dreams, bordering on nightmares. I think of every possible thing that can go wrong. I then can't sleep at night b/c I can't turn off my brain. Before I had the kids and especially after the m/c's I would be awake all night long thinking. It literally drove me crazy, b/c I wanted to sleep so badly, but couldn't. I just wish there was a switch in our brains that we could turn off and just be at peace w/ various situations that arise in life. I suppose if my worry got so bad that I couldn't function normally I would probably go on medication, but for now when I can't sleep at night, I take benadryll. I suffer from allergies also, so then I can breathe and sleep at the same time ;) I also pray when I can't sleep, which does sometimes help too :)

Take care girls and keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers :)


ElizabethS - April 22

It is amazing to hear that so many of us are dealing with anxiety and panick. This is just not something many people talk about, but it is so real.

My best friend is a therapist and anxiety/panick are the most curable forms of....dare I say, mental illness.

It was a real relief for me to know that I wasn't going crazy, and that my symptoms are extremely common. I would say that if anxiety is changing the way you would normally live your life, it is time to seek help.

We are strong, brave & amazing women!


Fortyfour - April 24

Wow, I was afraid to write about my panic attacks because I thought I was the only one. It is amazing how many of us go through this. One of my nurse friends had them so bad she went on zoloft for them.

I am waking up at night still but can control the heartrate with postive thinking. 2 weeks ago I woke up in a complete panic and nothing stopped them.

I think my major stressors are dealing with the m/c, not getting pg again, finding the donor, and worrying I would pick one that did not work. My husband was working for a company that was not fixing their jets right and he had 2 air emergencies since January. He got a new job that start the first of May.!!!! Everytime he left I wondered if it would be the last time I saw him.
My daughter is going to graduate next year and I am worried about her. She has fetal alcohol effect from her birth moms drinking and life is a challenge for her.

Then my mom reared her ugly head and I had to let her go from my life once and for all. Then I go and start a new job. Hmmmm. Why would I be too stresed out?

THanks everyone for their letters and making me feel that I am not as wacko as I was feeling. You are all my heros. Take care all. Baby dust to all.


ElizabethS - April 27

44 - that sounds like a formula for some major panic attacks to me. You are not wacko, just extremely stressed out. It is so great that you are learning how to control these with positive thinking. That is better than any drug.

How is it going with the donor? Have you heard anything more?


Fortyfour - April 27

I am waiting to hear from the donor to see is she wants to donate to us. I hope by Friday.



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