symptoms of immune system rejecting embryos
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4everhopeful - May 16

Dear Dr Jacobs,

I was just wondering if bleeding early on in the 2 week wait is an indicator of my immune system rejecting my embryo's. I feel sure my embryos did implant this cycle, due to all the symptoms I had (so diffferent from 1st cycle), but then I started bleeding on only day 7.
On the first cycle I bled on day 11 and sneezed all the time 'til bleeding started, and was wondering if this could have been an allergic reaction?

I've been reading on this site about all the immune tests there are, and I realize I've only had 2- anticardiolipin antibodies and lupus- both came back ok. Do all IVF clinics do these tests as standard now, or will I need to go to a more specialist clinic to have these tests done?

Also we've been trying naturally this month and I find that I keep getting thrush :-\ Could this mean I am allergic to my husband? (He has Anti Sperm Antibodies as a result of a vasectomy reversal)
Many Thanks,
Nat :)


Barry Jacobs, M. D. - May 17

The data from SART indicate that immune testing before routine IVF is not of value. Cardiolipin antibodies and lupus testing are of no value in this setting. I do not do them. The only reason I do antibody testing in the infertilie couple, in the last several years, is for recurrent pregnancy loss.
Good luck.


4everhopeful - May 17

Thank you for your promt reply Dr Jacobs. I'm not sure why then my clinic do these 2 tests then ??? :-\

What is SART?

Many thanks for your help
Nat :)


Barry Jacobs, M.D. - May 17

SART is the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technologies. It is a sub group of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. Both SART and its parent organization are professional societies, with the goal of providing a forum for investigation and reporting of scientific information related to human reproduction and problems related to the reproductive systems of women and men.


4everhopeful - May 18

Thank you Dr Jacobs for your prompt reply :)

Do you do immune testing for repeated IVF failures, or is only valid for recurring miscarriage then?
I read the list of immune tests available on this website and wondered if I should have these tests done or not :-\
I'm just so worried that my early bleeding both times is an indicator that I'm unable to carry my embryos.

Many thanks,
Nat :)



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