Positive Pregnancy Test, but slow HCG Rise
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mbeliza - July 15


I just had my first IVF cycle completed. Prior to starting treatments, my fertility tests had the following results:
-Progesterone (7 days past ovulation) - 5.7
- Estradol - 36 (Day 3 of cycle)
- Prolactin - 6.9 (Day 3 of cycle)
- FSH - 5.9 (Day 3 of cycle)
- LH - 4 (Day 3 of cycle)
- TSH 1.49 (Day 3 of cycle)

In the IVF cycle, I was not put on birth control pills or baby aspirin. I was given a Lupron protocol to shut down my ovaries. Then, I was given 150mg of Follistim and 150mg of Menopur. On my first monitoring appointment, I was at risk for hyperstimulation and they lowered my dose of Follistim to 75mg for 2 days. Finally, they decided to cut off my Follistim and just keep me on Menopur until my egg retrieval.

On my egg retrieval, they were able to get 27 eggs. Out of those, 22 fertilized. On day 3 we had several good quality embryos. However, by day 5 we only had 4 Grade 2 Blastocysts and 1 Grade 2 hatching Blastocyst.

We ended up transferring 2 of the Grade 2 Blastocysts and froze the rest for a potential future FET.

On my first pregnancy test (14 days after retrieval), we received the happy news that we were pregnant with an HCG of 57. But things became bad. 48 hours later, my HCG was only 70. 48 hours after that, the HCG was 115. They decided to wait 9 days to measure my HCG levels and they came in only at 268 (I received this news yesterday).

We are going in for an ultrasound on Thursday, but we've been told that we most likely will miscarry or that it is ectopic. I'm still on my progesterone medications, but I'm trying to do some research as to why this might have happened and what we could do to increase our success rates for next time.

Do you have any suggestions for questions that we could ask our doctor? Also, if we were at your clinic and I was your patient, how would you proceed with me?


B. Jacobs, M. D. - July 16

The ultrsound will give you definitive information, but, unfortunately, the hCG rise is very poor. That implies that it is not a good pregnancy.
Good luck.



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