Ovulex+Ovarian Cycts
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kim0220 - April 30

Well me and hubby have been TTC for 3 years now.I am 22 and he is 36.We know I am the problem and not him but beyond that not too much more.
I was started on BC pills when I was 16 to regulate my MC and stayed on them for a year.Ever since stopping BC I have not had a regular MC, they are around 50-60 days,very heavy and very bad cramping to the point of crying when they do come.My DR said I have ovarian cycts but that they were not big enough to cause any real problems so I should let them go away naturally.Which I found out now they come and go every month.The problem I don't understand is how can I get PG if after every time we TTC all of his sperm just runs out and makes a huge mess, I don't understand why it does that isn't it suppose to go up and not out? o.O
I ordered ovulex hoping this would help my problem and it should be arriving soon.I also quit smoking,cut salt out of my diet due to elevated BP,only allowing myself 1 caffeine drink a day the rest water and updated my grocery list to incorporate more foods with iron and fiber.I am 5"10 and 125LBS and everyone says i am too underweight to become pg but i eat and eat without gaining weight.

Sorry for the long post Dr.Jacobs but this is my first time posting so I have alot of guestions.

I think it is great you are here to answer our guestions and you are so appreciated XD


Barry Jacobs, M.D. - April 30

Your periods are irregular because you are not ovulating. That does not there is not a male factor problem, also. Almost half the infertile couples have a male factor issue, in addition to other problems. Almost all the couples I see have more than 1 problem. I have provided information about how I evaluate an infertilie couple on our web page, <www.texasfertility.com>. I think most, if not all your questions will be answered there. As far as the "mess" after intercourse, that is normal. There are still plenty of sperm in the vagina and cervical mucus, if there is no male factor problem.
Good luck.


kim0220 - May 8

Thanks so much for the quick response! XD
Well, like I said before I ordered ovulex and i've been taking it for about a week, since last month I did get my cycle I was sure b/c of the irregularity of them that I would not get it this month when to my suprise my cycle came yesterday and very heavy with lots of cramping, but I am glad it is actually here since it's usually 50-60 days in between, do you think I should credit this to Ovulex?You said it is b/c I am not ovulating...does that mean even when my cycle does come that I still might not of ovulated or do you have to ovulate to have a cycle?

Kimberly -South Carolina


Barry Jacobs, M D. - May 8

I do not know what is in Ovulex. There are no scientific studies reported in the professional literature indicateing that it is of any benefit. Patenet and herbal medicines are not required to prove effectiveness. It is very common for a woman to have a menstrual flow without ovulating. Please see a Reproductive Endocrinologist to assist you in achieving a pregnancy.
Good luck.



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