Lap Surg/Endo
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java1 - May 25

Hi Doctor,

Quick history: I'm 35 and husb is 36. I had a lap performed two weeks ago. I have moderate endo. The doc removed one left ovarian cyst sucessfully and two right tubal cysts, some damage to the right tube but it has been repaired. Some scar tissue has been removed. Both of my tubes are open.
The doc has given us a 30-40% chance of conceiving naturally and has advised us to try on our own for up to 6 months.
My questions are (would like 2nd opinion): why do you think our chances are only 30-40% if the cysts have been removed? Do you think the doctor is being too conservative? If no luck after 3-4 months of trying, would you recommend IUI or go straight to IVF given our ages? Is there anything else I should be asking my doc, I'm just trying to think of things I may have missed. My doctor is great, just doesn't hurt to get a 2nd opinion. Thanks.


B. Jacobs, M. D. - May 25

I am sorry, but without seeing the surgery ahd its outcone, I cannot have a valid opinion. I cannot second guess the physician who was actually there.
Good luck.


tmaria - August 1

I'm scheduled for a lap surgery in a few weeks. The Dr. believes he will find scar tissue or endo. He mentioned that the endo may be inside my ovary and if so, it should be cut out. I've never heard of this, is it common, and will my ovary work as before if the endo does need to be cut out? Does this affect my hormones? My fertility problem is with my tubes, not my ovaries so I'm concerned about injuring my ovary.


B. Jacobs, M. D. - August 2

Endometriosis can impair fertility, but, unless it is moderate to severe, merely "cutting it out" does not improve fertility. Endometriosis can be in the ovary. I open the cyst it forms, drain the old menstrual blood, and use laser to destroy the cyst lining. There is no effect on hormone production. If the endomerial cyst is large enough to virtually replace the ovary, the ovary may have to be removed.
Good luck.



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