ICSI Sucess rate?
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midi19 - September 18

hi there,

I am 24 and I am about to start an ICSI cycle. Our infertility problem is that my husband has a slow sperm count and the quality of his sperm isn't very good, so our dr recommended ICSI for us because it would mean that the eggs would be put in already fertilized.
I just wanted to know what our chance of success is? I have had all the tests and there isn't anything wrong with me, although we did do a previous cycle a few months ago and I was put on a low dosage of drugs and only my left side ovary grew large enough eggs. The other side had them but they weren't any bigger than normal.
Because we can only attempt this once in the near future, if it fails we will have to work up the money again and that could take a few more months, I have asked the dr to input two embryos instead of one when he performs the procedure. So what are our chances of a sucessful pregnancy and how likely am I to end up with twins? Thank you.


jmoney123 - December 1

Need direction!

My wife and I have been trying to have a baby for a little over a year now with no luck. Recently it was suggested that I do a semen analysis, the results were that I had no sperm in my ejaculate. I went back for a second test and got the same results. I was then reffered to a urologist that told me that I could have a blockage or perhaps I'm not producing sperm. He said blockages could be repaired, but before we go down that path he wanted to do a FHS test to see if he believes I'm producing sperm or not. The results of the test led him to believe that I was producing sperm. He then proceeded to tell me that IVF was my only option. This troubled me because the option to find out if I have a blockage was then taken off the table, AND because IVF is very expensive and I cant exactly afford it at the moment. I asked for more information but he refused to explain anything, only saying that ivf is my only option. I went to another doctor who said that from what he knows it sounds like the first doctors opinion is correct, but he understands me wanting more information. The second doctor suggested I get a testicular biopsy to find out more about my sperm since all other tests will eventually lead back to that anyways.

At this point I'm not sure what to do. I get the feeling that IVF is being pushed on us because it allows the urologist and the IVF centers to make more money. Do i need to find a doctor that is willing to do more test? Is it pointless to find out about a blockage and get it repaired? My wife and I are both 30 years old so time I'm guessing is a factor as well. I'd just like a clear path for us to take so that we arent spending money that we dont need to spend, but at the same time are doing whatever is neccessary for my wife to conceive a baby. Also looking at IVF clinics alot of them have programs that offer money back if you dont have a baby after 4 - 6 cycles of treatments. Most of these programs are around 20,000 dollars though. for someone who is financially limited would it make sense to do a single cycle? Or is it a huge risk thats not worth taking?

Any advice on how to proceed would be greatly appreicated.



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