Endometrin 100mg and In Vitro Fertilization: What You Should
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ivfprescriptions - April 13

The body is a magnificent and elegant series of systems, each designed to work in conjunction with the other systems in an orchestrated fashion. When something in the body is out of tune, derailed, or working below peak, especially in the reproduction system, then infertility can occur. This is particularly true of the lining of the uterus. If it is not sufficiently thick enough, then fertilized eggs are not able to become implanted. A drug called Endometrin, helps with this, and is one of the most often proscribed drugs for infertility on the market, today.
What Is Endometrin Used For?
Endometrin is one of the most often proscribed drugs for those going through in vitro fertilization. It comes either as an Endometrin tablet, or as an Endometrin vaginal insert. This medication is proscribed by physicians and its active ingredient is endometrin progesterone, which is responsible for luteal support.
Endometrin, and other infertility medications similar to it, are often proscribed for infertility in women, especially those who are involved in ongoing In vitro fertilization procedures. In the natural process, a woman’s lining would thicken as a result of the egg being fertilized. However, when the egg is retrieved from a woman’s uterus, the cells that would stimulate that thickening are also removed. This is why a supplement is often suggested, and why Endometrin is one of the best infertility medications, with a great track record, and the Endometrin 100 mg cost is much less than other fertility medications on the market.

Endometrin Experiences


Patient 1: A woman tried the injectable progesterone and it did not result in pregnancy. Since switching to the Endometrin suppositories, she’s become pregnant and has carried the baby to term.


Patient 2: This patient took the Endometrin even though her progesterone levels were good, because she was an older mother attempting to become pregnant. Then, when she became pregnant, stayed on the medication for another 10 weeks and it has resulted in the birth of a beautiful baby girl.

Patient 3: Another patient took Endometrin and said that using an extra-long panty liner solved the discharge issues that some have with using the inserts. There’s little to no discomfort from the inserts.

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