Big medication mistake! HELP PLEASE
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lotsofhope - April 21

By mistake, I messed up the progesterone supp. and a anti-nausea supp. I think I just ended my own preg. by accident!!

Ivf- blast/Trans on 3/10/07, BFP 3/18, 2 sacs seen 3/29, progesterone on 3/29 was 193. fluttering hearts on 4/5/07,stopped progesterone supp. on 4/13, 2 heartbeats on u/s 4/16, ----7 days with out progesterone!! and i was only 7 weeks preg.----On 4/20 (today) I began to take progesterone pills (prometrium 200mg) and one supp. (200mg) again. I'm on the pills b/c i only have 2 supp. left. the pharmacy will have them made & send them on monday.

Once the mistake was noticed, we called our RE. concern set in when RE stated that b/c of ivf, I won't produce corpus luteum. I really needed the progesterone to keep the babies! Could this stupid, stupid mistake be the end of the babies?
And to top the week off, Quest lost my blood levels from 4/16, i had blood today 4/20 but won't get results back till monday. So I can't even get an idea of what # I would be at. I did have cramping a couple of days which is why I'm soo scared. This was after u/s on 4/16.

How long does it take for progesterone to leave your body?
Will my body produce any progesterone on it's own at 7 weeks?
RE was concern and wanted to call in blood and Rx, so he didn't really answer any of my questions.
Please, any information would be a blessing. I'm on pins adn needles.


B. Jacobs, M. D. - April 21

At 7 weeks of pregnancy, the placenta is producing a little progesterone. Also, the follicles which were emptied when you had your egg retrieval will produce some progesterone. I have no way of knowing, but you may still be OK. Follow up with your RE, so he/she can monitor your pregnancy.
Good luck.


lotsofhope - April 21

Thank you, I can't sleep or think about anything else. Monday night I will get blood informatin along with a u/s. I hope we to see 2 heartbeats again.

thank you again for your time!


lotsofhope - April 27

I went to my OB. To our happy delight- we still have two heartbeats!!!!! This was a close call. It seems I did produce some- just enough progesterone to support the babies.

Ladies, please for you peace of mind, when they give you meds- double check them, write when the end dose should be on the frig. make a guide just for your meds. I overlooked mine on my calender. Since my meds came in a bag, i would take them out & replace them So I thought. After 7 weeks of doing the meds, I confused them. I had been on two supp. and boy did i mix them up. I think my mind became foggy.


lotsofhope - November 6

All turned out well. I'm 37 weeks and will be induced this Wed. Both babies should be 6+LBS. each! Thank goodness for this site!


JulieC - November 13

Congratulations, Annie. What a great end to the story - thanks for the update. I am also in NJ - where are you?


lotsofhope - December 31

Sorry for the long delay. We now have two boys! Declan was 6. 6.5oz and Collin was 5. 10oz healthy and happy! Born Nov 9th. We've been blessed!



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