Protein C Deficiency
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alaine715 - January 19

I've stumbled across this site and found it to be very supportive AND accurate. Finally!!! Here's my situation:
I have 1 8yr old child who was small for gestation(4lbs and only 3wks early)?? who knows? I had been on tributaline and mag oxide for pre-term labor. I had 1m/c, 1 blighted ovum before him AND 1 blighted ovum and 1 m/c after him. This is so confusing to me and many, Many docs too.! I have found out after xtensive tests that I have a protein c deficiency, mthfr, ana titer 1:80.
I am going to a maternal-fetal doc soon to see about lovenox or heparin. My thing is that from the time i get a +preg test its too late, im already spotting dk. brown. Any suggestions/comments/or like situations please help. I am at my wits end,and after suffering 4 losses before 6wks I don't know what to do next? I am also on baby asa, folgard too.
Thanks for any advice u all may have, this site is soo great and comforting. ???


Tiffany F - January 21


Welcome to the aboard the journey :), you will meet many women here that will be very helpful and supportive, my first question to you is have you been seen by an RE? If you have had 3 m/c (miscarriages) you need to be seen by this kind of specialist if you have'nt, I have had over ten m/cs and I just started seeing an RE about 3-4 months ago, before that I was being seen by an high risk obgyn and like the Dr told me I would need to be seen by an RE! I was on Lovenox and Heprin and still had a couple m/cs I also took aspirin and folate, since then I have been tested and I have very low progesterone and I believe I also suffer from Luteal Phase Defect, I will have a endometrail biopsy done the end of this month to determine that, what I will tell you is do as much research as you can I have found out so much from this sight and just doing my own searching on the web! Good luck to you and talk with you soon~~~Tiffany~~~


alaine715 - January 21

Thanks so much! I am going to see a high-risk ob/gyn on the 31st of Jan. My gyn has also presribed me prometruim to do vag. twice a day. I did that last time, but i didn't start until a couple days AFTER i had a +hpt. Needless to say I did miscarry, and my hcg levels were going up accordingly for about 2wks or so. Very Frustrating cuz i knew all along something wasn't right. So here i am at least communicating with other women who can relate, i am driving everyone nuts! I am 28 and dh is 39, so we want to try soon, but am scared. I am there for anyone who needs to talk, and hoping and praying for everyone, and CONGRATS to all new mommies!!!! :-*



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