how effective is clomid?
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HopefulM - September 28

I am PG!!! 9 weeks.. sorry i havent been on. It was my first round of clomid, i got my period July 21st.. i did the ovulation test and it never showed me i was ovulating, but according to the pregnancy calender I ovulated and concieved on Aug 4th. I found out August 23rd and had my 1st appointment at 6 weeks and my hubby and i got to see our little miracle. It was an ultrasound to confirm pregnancy. I have a 10 week appt on Monday and cant wait to see what the dr. tells me. I am hyappy although a little worried because I read about alot of miscarraiges with clomid. Ill keep everyone in my prayers.


Ianmichael3 - October 15

;D AWESOME!! I'm CD 22 and hoping to get a BFP myself- this is our 2nd month on clomid- had no idea of the increased risk of miscarriage- good to know. I'll keep praying for a safe and sound pregnancy for you :)


mommymommy72 - October 18

Clomid only helps if your infertility is caused by a failure to ovulate. As someone else said, you should definitely also tract your ovulation cycle if you are taking Clomid.

There was a good radio show that talked about how effective Clomid was by itself and what percentage of people need to move on to more invasive and expensive treatments. I liked this show because they spent time talking about the steps before you move to IVF, like Clomid. The show's name is Creating a Family and you can listen to this show. The doctor that was on was a big-wig RE that was president or something of the Association of REs. I don't remember the exact date but it was in Sept. I listen to this show every week, but I download it as a podcast.

Good luck! See a RE if you don't get pregnant after a year of trying.


shommah - April 29

This is my first time using this medium. Anyway i started clomid in my first cycle. I am also on progluyton which is a fertility treatment. I should have a period in 2 days, but i am feeling so tired and faintish. i dont know why could i be pregnant? I am married for 1 yr and just trying to have a baby.. i think i am a little anxious. Anyway if my period dont come within 2 days i will do the test. Could clomid causing all these symtoms?Oh i am on Metformin too. I do excercise 3dys a wk. This thing is so hard..Jen


snyder9 - June 19

Hello everyone I am new to the medication clomid and I was wondering if anyone has been on it before and gotten pregnant with the medication I just started it on June 11th and I am not sure what to do next other than wait I just want to know how effective is it. By the way my name is Kanice


Clairedc - August 19

I took Clomid for three months and it did nothing. The reason is I have grade 3 endometriosis. No matter how many eggs I ovulated, they couldn't get to my fallopian tubes. If your Clomid doesn't work and you have heavy, painful periods, get yourself checked. The only way to definitively diagnose it is with a laparascope unfortunately.


kemisolamary - October 27

I'm new on this site but i've been encouraged by the comments. I've been on clomid and metformin for three months and i'm still not pregnant. my doctor suggested stopping clomid and taking an injection to stimulate ovulation. what do you advise i do?


Clairedc - October 27

Clomid did nothing for me at all and I was on it for 3 months because my fallopian tubes are too damaged to carry the egg down. I think whether you should change to the injections depend on if your problem is with ovulation or with something like endometrosis, ovarian cysts etc as clomid won't help with those conditions.


kemisolamary - October 28

thanks Clairedc for the reply. I have ovarian cysts and I'm using metformin. I guess I'll have to go ahead with the injections. I'll keep y'all informed



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