Not sure about Femara treatment
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BondletMom - July 7

Had a second opinion appt. w/new RE today and left feeling more confused than ever. I ovulate regularly but have 4-5 days of spotting before AF and my cm is nonexistent. He prescribed Femara for me to give me a "stronger" ovulation which he said will help my estrogen and progesterone levels. OK, I just don't get this! If I ovulate on my own, how can I ovulate "stronger"? To me it's like a car either starts or it doesn't! My body "starts" just fine, there are other things that aren't working, though. I've had every test done (hormones, viral, u/s, etc.) and all came back great. I wonder if my RE is just at a loss and is giving me a "band-aid" since he really doesn't know what to do? Any insights would sure be welcome. I'm not going to begin the Femara until next cycle so I have some time to think this over.....


Jade - July 7

HI! I just wanted to let you know that I am taking femara as well. And I did get pregnant on it. It helps produce better quality eggs. It also doesnt effect your lining. And it may produce more than 1 egg which would provide more "targets" for you dh. I only produce 1 egg and I am on 5 mg. Hope that helps. It is worth a try!


kcorley - August 1

I just took my first cycle of Femara this month and I had only a headache or two..I also O on my own but wanted a stronger O ..I will let you know if it worked in a couple of weeks, I go Friday for another u/s of follicles..



BondletMom - August 11

Wanted to post an update...I took the Femara cd3-7 2.5mg and oh my goodness, it was dreadful! I had the worst headaches, was so dizzy and absent-minded I didn't dare leave the house...but the worst was the nausea. I was so nauseous I took several pg tests thinking I must be pg because that's how bad I felt. Then came the bleeding...constant through cd11! It did stop as did all the other symptoms but I wish someone had told me to expect these side effects! I hope taking this med works for us because last week was not fun at all!



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