how effective is clomid?
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Shannon C - January 3

To all,my name is Shannon and i am new to all this i am now on my second month of clomid. I had ovulated and had a follicle last month but didn't get preg :(. I am now on second month and was wanting to see how effective it is?


JenHerm - January 26

Hi Shannon,

my name is Jen and I started Clomid last month and now we are waiting to see if we get preg.
I don't know yet but I wish you luck and I sure hope it does it for us as well.



rjked0504 - February 11

Hi girls,
I was on Clomid for 5 months before I got preggers. I couldn't agree more with charting your cycle. Getting your body to ovulate won't do you any good if you're not having sex at the right time! Also, have hubby do some things like wearing boxers and not having sex more than every other day. I've also heard that using lubricant can decrease your chances of healthy sperm getting through. Keep up hope though, it can take as long as 6 months on the current dosage to see results.


Mrs. W - February 11

I had one round of clomid 50 mg with no side effects. I became pregnant, but I miscarried. Two months later I became pregnant again from the same round of clomid, but had another miscarriage. I waited a year and started another round of clomid 50 mg. Ultrasound showed that this time I produced too many follicles (its called Over-Stimulation). I became extremely bloated and full feeling. Could not eat or drink much of anything for several weeks. The doctor had to watch my kidneys in case of kidney failure from the fluid retention. They said I would have to wait it out until my af came and the symptoms would go away. It took a month. I was told that if I had become pregnant, the symptoms would have lasted even longer. Be sure to be aware of any over-stimulation symptoms, since can lead to kidney failure. Hope this helps.
God bless and good luck to all ttc!


C.L.A - May 30

hi shannon! 4rt id post u a comment as i am also on clomid! itz my 8th month & im now on 150g with failed attempts so far i started on 50g im now day 27, last month was a 22 day cycle??? so im hoping this is my month! iv had slight cramps, hoping der implantation cramps & period is not on the way. i also take metformin as they think i may have pcos. wishing u luck!!! xxx


CLADesigns - June 6

I have a question......what is the purpose of clomid?? Does it help you ovulate? Or does it help your eggs mature so that you can become pg?

It took me and my dh 6 yrs to naturally conceive between our two sons and we lost our second son at 20 weeks gestation. I am not wanting to try again, but I don't want it to take another 6 yrs. So I am trying to research my other options.

Thanks for the help.


bdantonio - June 6

clomid induces ovulation


CLADesigns - June 6

I don't think that O is my prob. I have my AF every month pretty much on time every month. So should I go get tested to see if there is something else that may be causing my infertility, if I am actually infertile. I am not even sure if that is my prob. But like I said took 6 yrs to conceive after my first son.

Thanks for letting me vent and thanks for all your help.


HopefulM - July 9

I just started my provera yesterday and will start clomid on day 3 of my period. I am excited but will try not to stress out. We have been trying to get PG for 1 year now. I wish everyone the best of luck and hope all goes good for everyone. :)


babybags - July 11

I dont know what to tell you I got pregnat my first month using clomid yet my friend did it for 6months and never did. Hang in there keep trying maybe it was the wrong egg :)


HopefulM - July 11

thank you! Is everyones problem the same? I was menstrating VERY irregular, naturally only 3-4 times a year!


gemdandy420 - August 13

HopefulM - I am the same as you and only have a period 2-3 per year naturally. I took clomid for 5 months starting at 50mg and working up to 150mg with no response. I never did O so now I am moving on to injectibles with IUI. Good luck....



HopefulM - August 13

gemdandy- I didnt ovulate either on this first round, but i still followed instructions and will do a pregnancy test on the 24th as instructed. I guess they will move my dose up. Hope all works out well. Good luck to you also.


gemdandy420 - August 14

HopefulM - I am also testing on the 19th as instructed because I can't take the provera to start my period until I take a pregnancy test prior. I need to have a period so my RE can do bloodwork on cd3 for FSH and E2. Then I will have a saline u/s done somewhere between cd6-cd12 to check out things and see if tubes are blocked. They weren't blocked last time they checked though it was 10 years ago. Then I will go on birth control for a month to shut down my ovaries to give them a break before doing injectables and IUI. We may have to convert to IVF if my DF SA comes back with low motility, his last test was 43% and they want over 50% to do IUI so we will see. I just switched to RE so its been fun.


Ianmichael3 - September 25

HopefulM: so, did you get a bfp? I am on round 2 of clomid, increased to 100mg from the 50mg dosage. My follicle size just wasn't big enough (although I have to say I certainly felt bloated and tender)! I'm so hopeful this will work. Still not sure about my hubby's little swimmers, but will find out about them later this month.

Good luck and baby dust to all!


bdantonio - September 25

I have always conceieved on clomid but never at a lower dosage of 100mg.


HopefulM - September 28

I am PG!!! 9 weeks.. sorry i havent been on. It was my first round of clomid, i got my period July 21st.. i did the ovulation test and it never showed me i was ovulating, but according to the pregnancy calender I ovulated and concieved on Aug 4th. I found out August 23rd and had my 1st appointment at 6 weeks and my hubby and i got to see our little miracle. It was an ultrasound to confirm pregnancy. I have a 10 week appt on Monday and cant wait to see what the dr. tells me. I am hyappy although a little worried because I read about alot of miscarraiges with clomid. Ill keep everyone in my prayers.



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