Anyone with Bad morning sickness
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bdantonio - July 5

I am 8 weeks pregnate. I have extreme morning sickness or as the dr calls it hypermesis. I have been hospitalized twice for dehydration. Iam hoping it will go away soon or that it is from one of the medications and that it will ease up soon.


mickey - July 13

what meds are you taking? My m/s is medium - morning and night each day, can't eat with utensils and brushing is hard, usually ends with yacking. starches are the only foods that really go down ok. i'm on lovenox but i don't think it related at all.


karrot305 - July 19

hi girls-

I got an absolutely awful experience this week- puked for literally 24 hours straight- couldnt keep anything down, couldnt sleep. The dr. was on the verge of sending me to the hospital due to dehydration. Im almost 13 weeks and havent had anything similar to this and almost wonder if it was food poisioning? but I cant put my finger on what would have caused it. The baby seems to be okay, but I lost 5 pounds and definitely dont feel back to normal yet! Ive been on the lovenox as well for about 3 or so weeks so figure if it was a reaction to that it would have happened long before now. besides this severe episode (literally over 50 trips to the porecelain god) ive mainly been sick at night, and brushing my teeth too really seems to trigger things. anyways- anyone else had this severe of an episode thinking it really was pregnancy related? I dont know what to think. Good news is the baby is okay- HR still up around 170, and hopefully as I end my first trimester here Ill start to feel better!


karrot305 - July 19

oh also- anyone have any good stomach calming remedies that seem to work?

so far for me saltines and lemon water only work sometimes!

and I agree on the starchy foods- some days all I want is potatoes! and Im naturally a fruit and veggie lover!


bdantonio - July 24

well i havewhat they call hypermesis i vomitt like that everyday. I was in the er everyother day for dehydration i am 10 weeks and i have lost 22lbs to date. the baby is great. I now have a picc line and a nurse comes out everyother day i am on 25mg of phenagrin every 6 hrs just to hold fluids down and i get hooked up to iv at home every night. i have not really ate and it stay down for 4 1/2 weeks.


bdantonio - July 24

however with my first child i had bad morning sickness not this bad but you can try to get motion sickness bracellettes from the pharmacy they worked great with my daughter.


mickey - July 27

I went to a natural shop and got ginger tea. the taste is... earthy... ::) and the effect doesn't last long but I make a really big cup of hot tea and as I sip the tea I feel relief. when the cups gone the symptoms come back but its a nice break even with the odd flavor. :-*[color=Purple][/color]


bdantonio - July 29

try ginger snaps instead of saltines the ginger in them works but only eat like 4 at a time they tend to get spicy in your mouth but they have been working for me.


karrot305 - July 30

bdantonio-are you still able to work?? that really is a big fear for me since Im the main income in our family. and it takes 3 mos for my disability insurance to kick in. 22 lbs is a lot to lose. do the drs think youll get over it after the first trimester? or hard to know?

so ginger seems like the way to go. I might try getting some of the tea. I like something hot in the morning but coffee is too much caffiene and the smell now even makes me nauseous. I switched to green tea for awhile- but now that doesnt seem good either!


bdantonio - July 30

no i was taken out of work. I have to be able to eat three meals a day. I am on what they call homebound i cant leave unless for a dr appt or to go to the hospital and i can not drive. What i have is called hypermesis (severe morning sickness) it usually subsides aroung week 14-18, but can last longer so im preying soon.


bdantonio - July 30

also have you tried the sea bands you can get them at any pharmacy they are for motion sickness but they helped with my daughter


karrot305 - July 30

no, havent tried the bands... Im lucky though, cause now at about 14 weeks I seem to be feeling better. I wish you the same luck!!! Just every few days Ill get a really sour upset stomach at some random time of the day!


mickey - August 3

Hey guys,
I woke today w/ no m/s. this is 4 days in a row!! I've had a bit at bedtime this week, but fine other than that! hope some of you guys are also starting to feel better! ;D



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