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Shara - June 30

Hello Ladies,

I thought that the sisterhood needed to start a thread for the ladies in the sisterhood that are trying to conceive. Understand and know that we are all still here for each other and will drop in to check up on you guys. The BFP's will post primarily on the BFP Success Board but we are not far away!!!!

Before posting on this thread be sure that you have taken the pledge, been added to the list and seriously dedicated your mind to knocking the "in" off infertility!!

Sisters -
please be sure that MH gets your email address so that she can periodically send you information that you will need to know or that can help you in your ttc journey. Our goal is to offer you insight and suggestions that you may not have considered before. We are here to offer advice from personal lifetime experiences as well - Love you Sisters - Babydust is flying for us this year!!!!


Mahogany Heart - July 2







Luellie - July 3

Hi Sista's.. i'm here. Not much going on with me, i'm on CD 5. I'm using a FM this month so far so good.

Lots of good luck and Baby Dust to all.



Shara - July 3

Hi Luellie,

I am glad to see you doing well! Are you taking any medications or are you just using the FM?


Yukon Queen - July 3

Hi Sisters,

Am not sure what to do seems the ovulex is un able to bring my af on ,only spots once for this month.Will continue to take it though till i go for my appointment in two weeks time.
Baby dust to all!


Luellie - July 5

Hi Ladies,

Not much going on here, i'm on CD9, my FM is showing Low, I should O on Monday according to my BBT chart, i'll see what my FM show's this month.

Yukon Queen- hang in there, keep taking Ovulex. I can really say that Ovulex has helped regulate my AF, first month I was a 30 day cycle and last month was a 31 day cycle, and besides I think it takes like 2 months before Ovulex really starts to work. If I remember correctly, you have PCOS right?? so do I, you mentioned a Dr. appt, is it with an Endocrinologist? or OBGYN Dr.? I got alot of answer once I started to see an Endocrinologist .. keep me posted Queen, we can help each other through this..

Sarah- i only take Ovulex,, i'm not taking anything else. I just have my FM, and also OPK and a BBT chart, this really helps me understand my cycle and really pinpoint ovulation.
Sarah how long were you TTC?? and did you take Ovulex?

have a good day.



Yukon Queen - July 5

Hi Luelli,i have pcos and my dr is an endorinologist.Will do as you said and continue with ovulex.

Any one ever had of using Apple Cider Vinegar to treat insulin resistance?Just bought one 3 days ago and taking some before each meal,its supposed to regulate blood sugar.

Even heard that cinnamon can be good also.

My sisters this is whort trying!

Remain blessed!


Mahogany Heart - July 6

Yukon Queen,

Since you are having problems like me with AF talk to your doctor about Provera. It will bring on your cycle.


I'm glad you all are doing well and doing something towards your ttc.

Hugs and Love
Keep the Faith


Shara - July 9

Good Afternoon Ladies,

Looks like some good information is flying on this thread!! I don't notice any tickers - anyone need help setting one up., and are some good ones to try. Also is a good website to help you with your charting. Also, there is a free download for hormonal forcaster that gives you 3 months of charting for free and it way more user friendly than fertilityfriend-just some suggestions for you. This kind of put your cycles right there in front of you.

After Ovulex kind of botched my cycle up I started drinking parsley tea to bring on my cycle. I had to practice with the steeping to make it strong enough but it worked. Google amenagogues and research some other natural ways to do this. I do suggest that if any of you guys have went longer than one year with no success that you need to find a RE or an ob/gyn that has some experience with infertility. If you are insulin resistant you probably have been so for some time and need to desensitize your ovaries to stimulate them to ovulate. Even if you bring on a menstrual that does not guarantee ovulation. Just some food for thought!! Love you!!


Luellie - July 9

Hi Shara, thanks for the great info..

I had an appt today with my RE, told her I was ready for the next step. I did an U/S today, but they couldn't find any eggs on my ovaries (if that makes any sense), i'm on CD 14 I should start O any day now. My FM show's me still at Low, i'm nervous that i won't O this month. I think that I have on the previous months per my OPT. I just don't know, it's very confusing. I have some lab work next week, my DH has a sperm test on Friday, and I also have tube dye test in a few weeks, then I should start Clomid. This is so much work, but well worth it.

Yukon Queen, have you ever taken Clomid? or had IVI done? just wondering since we both have PCOS.

Trying to stay postive...


Shara - July 10

Luellie you are welcome,
i am glad that you saw an RE and what you had today was called a day 14 ultrasound, this u/s tells you if you have any mature follicles that are getting prepared to release an egg. They like to see you around 17-20. If you have no matured follicles that are even attempting to reach those numbers you are probably not going to ovulate this cycle. So what I suggest is that you prepare yourself for a fresh new cycle.

Continue taking prenatals and start drinking green tea if you are not doing so. This is an excellent antioxidant and will also help with your cm because Clomid is going to dry you out. You should also purchase some preseed from this is a great sperm friendly lubricant to help with that also with some free pg tests!! The tube dye test is going to tell you whether you have any blockages. I had a sonohystogram of the uterus and the tubes and it is a little uncomfortable but my RE prescribed Catalfram for me to take before hand. Once they determine whether you are all clear, then you will start the Clomid with another day 14 ultrasound and with me I took Ovidrel shot which triggered my ovulation. Once you have matured follicles, the ovidrel guarantees ovulation within the 36 hours of taking it. One more thing, you might want to start taking a 325mg iron pill (over the counter) now - anemia is highly probably the further along in pregnancy and now is good time to start working on keeping your levels stable. Whew - that was a mouthful!!! Hope this helps.


Luellie - July 10

Shara, WOW thanks so much.. all that info so very helpful, you just described exactly what my RE is doing, sounds like you've been through all this,, and you had success, you give me so much hope..
I was doing the green tea but got tired real quick, but i'll start again, and I will also start my vitamins and pre-natal.
I always stayed positive because I just know that it would happen, you know finally get PG, but after yesterday's results I started thinkinig, this is the real deal, they know exactly what's going on with my body, and it's very scarey to hear the results and actually find out that my body is not working properly. The next month will be big, with lots of results,, i'm nervous, i'll just have to pray about it,, hopefully everything will be okay,, healthy..

Again,, thanks so much...


Shara - July 18

Hello sisters,

I was stopping in to say hi to everyone. Hope all is well and that you are doing what's needed to conquer infertility!!!!


Yukon Queen - July 18

Luellie,have been on clomid for 3cycles without much response by the follicles and then my dr deceided that he s gonna put me on FSH(follistim).
Will be starting that by my next cycle in first week of August.
My af started on the 8th of this month when i was visiting my uncle so if i didnt get a bfp with ovulex this month then am going for follistim.
Right now am in the process of getting a referral back to my endocrinologist cos i changed insurance.
This is a long walk my sisters,hope we finish with the prize.
Am praying that i will ovulate and concieve in this cycle.
Baby dust to all,still on ovulex though.


Stacey85 - July 18

Hi everyone I'm bk to stay I have got my head together and am getting on with the fact dh has azoospermia we are not sure yet whether it is obstructive or no obstructive but will b going for more tests on tues, we will get there and we WILL conquer infertility, hope everyone else is will and I see we have another BFP how fantastic so happy for u huni one day it will b all of us!! ;) ;D

Stacey xxx


Luellie - July 19

Stacey85,, sorry about the news, try to stay positive, i say that like it's easy,, i've had my days,, my DH checked out good,, it's me that can't or should I say, require more work.. keep posting.

Yukon Queen: that's exactly what i'm afraid of,, that I don't produce enough follicles/eggs,, i kinda don't want to find out, but i know that i need to, and I will. I'm excited about Clomid and hope that it works for me,, if not i'll mention to my RE about FSH..
I've got my fingers crossed girlie, hope it works for you,, please keep me posted,,

we're all in the same dang boat.. hopefully soon, it'll be the BFP boat..

take care ya'll

Baby Dust to us..


Mahogany Heart - July 20

Hello there. I pray everyone is doing well and carrying on with their ttc plans. Keep The Faith!!!

My cycle finally came on and it is like WOW, very heavy heavy crazy. I wander if my cycle is a 32 day cycle or a 28 day cycle. I wander if it will continue to come on every month or stop again like before.

Wow I have a lot of wandering going on now.



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