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DianaGR - October 25

Morning ladies (it is here in Greece at this moment morning!)

Shara hope all is going well and that your little peanut is growing! Keep us posted.

Gloria have been watching the news with the fires I pray that they will put them out soon it is so sad to watch people lose everything. We had our fair share this summer too almost half of Greece got burnt, the little green that was left has become black tree stumps. It is really sad.
What news on your mammo? I have a small cyst in my left breast which sometimes gets painful before AF but Dr didnt pay much attention to it. Said that most women get little cysts in their breast???? Should I look into it?

Baby#2 how are things going? Any good news yet?


baby#2 - October 26

Hi Ladies,

I am still in the 2ww. I'm not feeling any symptoms. I believe I should be testing on Nov 6th or 7th. That seem like a long wait.

Diana---There's always good news here. ;) I just thank God for letting me see another day and for my health and my family. There are times when I give my son a BIG O hug and kiss and he just huge me back with a cheesy smile ;D. I also thank him for bringing me to this site b/c you girls are an inspiration to me. Well enough of that. Girl it's wonder to talk to someone from Greece, WOW!!! I will love to visit on day.

gemdandy420---I will keep everyone posted. You do the same.

Well good night ladies and baby dust to us all****~***


Mahogany Heart - October 29

Hello Sisters,

I guess I been MIA. Well I'm back. I see we have a or some bfp(s). Thank the Lord.


DianaGR - October 30

Hi Girls,

Am now on my second month Ovulex, prenats, folic O chartering and all the rest that goes with that. I am currently 10dpo so should be O in two days time. I pray that this is my month! (I seem to be doing that everymonth lately) But i will not give up!

Baby#2 we do have lots to be thankful for and that is for sure! And if its Gods will for me to have a baby that would really be a miracle (at my age too). Do you have any news? did you test?

Greece is lovely in summer if you are thinking of coming someday. It has many islands with beautiful beaches with turquoise water, no sharks either! lol

Mahogany how is your little angel? You are TTC again what are you doing this time round? (If u are wondering,,, I read all the posts from the beginning before I posted here so I feel that I know you) I might add that you are a great inspiration to all of us, with your cheery cooments and your great faith. We need you here to give us some of your faith!!

No news is good news!


gemdandy420 - October 30

Diana - Good luck on the O, keeping my fingers crossed for you. You asked me about your mammo, I would have it checked out to be on the safe side. The techs like to see black and white, not gray, anything gray should be looked into further. So you live in Greece, that is so cool. I have always wanted to go there, someday...

Well my dr. appt. was normal and so were all my blood tests. All my hormones are where they should be, which really was no surprise they always are normal. I just don't O and they still think it is becuz I have PCOS. The lap that I had done 10-12 years ago showed the white thickening of the ovaries and he can feel the string of pearls. So they started me on Metformin anyways. I will be working up to 1000 mg daily, not the usual 1500 mg because my hormones were normal. They want to see if it will help me O. So that is where I am for now. I have my other mammo on the 9th of Nov.

MH - Good to have you back....

Baby#2 - Any news yet? I am praying you get your BFP....

Baby dust to everyone.....

Lots of Luv,


Shara - November 3

Good Afternoon Ladies,

Everything has been going better for me. I have been going to the L&D a lot lately on doc's orders and my own lol! But lil man is in there doing excellent. Just trying to keep him in there as long as possible. I am taking it as easy as I can and I am not doing any extra.I am not going to worry anymore. I am praying for a healthy lil one and my journey is in the home stretch - Thank God!! Now all I have to do is get dh to understand that and maybe I can get some things done LOL!!

You can bug me anytime sister. I am here for you!! The whole deal with the medication is crazy. You just have to buck and bare it- that is the joy of ttc ;D I am praying for your BFP!!!

I know how it feels to be the guinea pig for the doctor that doesn't really know anything. I am praying that the Metformin makes you O. Will you be taking Clomid for your cycles? If your hormones are normal why do they suspect PCOS- wouldn't those test have picked up a spike in your testosterone levels?

How are your cycles now that you are on the ovulex. Are you charting your cycles regularly so that you can see how Ovulex is changing or improving your cycles. Temps, Bd, CM, additional medications, etc. I know that you have to give things time but you do not want to send your cycle too far in the wrong direction and then have to start over if it doesn't work. ;)


baby#2 - November 4

Question ladies: I am experiencing some watery, cloudy cm. Has anyone ever experienced that? Any advise will be very appreciated. I'm still on my 2ww.

much love,


baby#2 - November 4

Thanks Shara for your generous support and kind words. This is one of the reasons why I'm not giving up and prayer is my number one.


DianaGR - November 5

Hi Girls!!

Shara- I am and always have had stable periods, the only difference I see while on Ovulex that i have more CM which is great cause with all the meds for IVF ect and my age I was rather drying up like a prune lolol. Otherwise nothing else. Last month I charted my O and it was on the 13d/14d. My monitor is not working right now so this month we bd starting from 10d every 3 days. So now I am on the 2ww.

Baby#2 - Do you maybe think that you have late ovulation? What day are you on?

God bless and look after yourselves cause you are worth it!


gemdandy420 - November 5

Hello good morning,

Shara - My dr. thinks I have Pcos because of the physical symptoms from the lap and manual feel, plus the fact I don't O. I know I think it is also weird. Kaiser wouldn't diagnosis me with it because my blood work was normal but they also did not know why I didn't have regular periods or O. So its everybody guess. The Metformin makes me feel sick off and on, but my cm has increased to where it use to be (which was heavy on my own). The ovulex dried me out and took away my sex drive. Boo. I am now on the 1000 mg. My dr. is now waiting for a period then I will go in on 12cd for them to check follicles and do a post cloital test the same day. Depending on what they find will determine if I get put in clomid next. I hate this, been here before but no metformin before, this part is new.

Diana - Let us know when the 2ww is over, I pray you finally get your BFP. I feel your time is coming and hope I am right.... :).

Baby#2 - you are also on the 2ww - keep us posted, someone needs to get the BFP.

Praying for you ladies...



gemdandy420 - November 9

Where has everyone gone????

Diana - I hope everything is going ok, haven't heard from you in a few days.

Keep in touch ladies, we all need support from one another...



baby#2 - November 10

Hi Ladies,

I am feeling a little down today. I just tested and got a BFN. I am 1 day late. I've been having really bad cramps for the last 3 days. I don't know what could have went wrong. I did get a positive HPT. Well I guess I will have to wait until af come to start over. I really wanted to have my BFP this month......:(
TTC can really drain you. I just need some support to make me feel better.

Baby dust to us all.....



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