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Mahogany Heart - July 20

Hello there. I pray everyone is doing well and carrying on with their ttc plans. Keep The Faith!!!

My cycle finally came on and it is like WOW, very heavy heavy crazy. I wander if my cycle is a 32 day cycle or a 28 day cycle. I wander if it will continue to come on every month or stop again like before.

Wow I have a lot of wandering going on now.


Shara - August 10

Hello Ladies,

Just wanted to drop in and say hi. I am praying for you all that are still ttc and those that have ran into some complications. But know that you can't deal with what is blocking that BFP if you do not know what it is. So do not become depressed, just know that your bundle is right around the corner!!!!


Shara - September 24

Hey Ladies,

where are all of you at!!! We miss you - drop in and share where you are and how you are getting there to that goal - BFP!!


Shara - September 27

To alll of the sisters

Please email me at [email protected] I have something I would like to tell you. In the subject line type in SIsterhood so that I know that it is from you!!! IN addition, if you have aol instant messenger please let me know that also so that I can add you to mine!!!
Talk to you all later!


DianaGR - October 10

To all sisters,

Where are you all? Seems this thread has become very quiet? No postings since Sept. All busy bd lololol

I have just O'd and did lots of bd myself lololo and now I am 1 dpo. Anyone else on there 2ww? I pray and hope that this is my month !!! I am feeling very positive and know that the Lord sent me here for some reason.



Shara - October 10

Hey Diane,

I am so happy that you have made it this far. I am praying that this is your month!! Keep us posted on everything that you are doing for reference. Did you see a RE, are you bedding on your own, did you have any type of help with this cycle.

And I just sent you something in your email, please check it and send me a response.


gemdandy420 - October 10

Hey Diana,

I will keeping chatting with you, we are here for you. SUPPORT is great. It seems like things can get quiet around here from time to time. I am 35 and have been ttc for at least 15 years. Just ended a 14 yr marriage a yr ago. My ex had a zero sperm count so that was a major issue but not the reason for the divorce. Now I am with my high school sweetheart, who has 1 child of his own. We are both ready to ttc. I have a history of endometriosis and pcos. So that is my story along with my recent issues on Ovulex.



DianaGR - October 11

Thanks girls for your welcome.

Shana to answer your questions....

I have been going to the doctors for ages, both my DH and i are fine. I had a D&C for thick endometrium (cleaning out the womb. Then I did a cycle with clomid... nothing. Then the doc notices a polyp (cyst) in the opening of the womb. Had another D&C to have that removed. The with first try on our own I fell preg. Lost at 6 weeks. Another D&C to clean the mess lol.. Then second try after a couple of months on our own again BFP! At 6 weeks again m/c. D&C again aaaaaaaaaaaa !!

Then went to fertility clinic.. 1st try with menogon allergic reaction to the hormone injections. Only 1 egg. did IUI. Second try with another brand ok 6 eggs. They put me to sleep for them to take the eggs and they couldnt reach them as my ovaries has hidden behind the womb AAAAAAA lol

Again just had IUI with BFN. Since we have been trying on our own as our funds also vanished together with our hopes!

I have been on Ovulex this month then had +OPK MOnday and Tue so lots of bding. Prenatal vitamins and folic. I feel positive this month and if not maybe next month or the next......... Until I decide that .......... no more strength.

Thats my sob story !!

Gloria my story is more or less like yours... I got married at 29 and divorced at 30 hahaha cause my ex-thought that it would be fun to have a wife and a mistress all at once! The it took me almost 8 years to find my love of my life my DH which is wonderful! It was worth the wait. All good things come to those who wait! hahahah So lots of baby dust to us may the Lord Bless us with an angel too. I think after all we have been through......

Anyway..... Keep the legs and the spirits up!


gemdandy420 - October 11

Good Morning.....

Well I am still spotting but it looks like this AF might be coming to an end finally, but I have thought this before so we just have to get through the day and see... YEAH. I feel a little sick today and weak, probably from this long AF.

Diana - Good luck, I am so glad you got a +OPK, I will pray for you to get a BFP. Stay strong and have faith. Let me know how the Ovulex goes. I was really excited about it when I found the product. Now I just think I must be one of the persons it just doesn't work well with. Everybody is different. I know other people have had the same issue I have of really long periods of bleeding. Someone else was bleeding for 45 days on and off. At first I just thought I had a lot of build up it just needed to clean out... Maybe I will need another d&c also. I will find out more next week at my follow up appointment. I have had 2 m/c, one when I was 18 and didn't know I was pg and was young and in my party days drinking. This was with my high school sweetheart whom I am with now again. I also had my 2nd m/c about 3 yrs ago, same guy and lost it early 2-4 weeks due to stress in my life. So here I am trying again with him this time planned and prepared. It has been since March 07 that we have tried with no luck naturally. I figure its time to get help. So that's pretty much my story. I went through all the tests - lap with d&c, hystosopingagram, clomid, and others with my ex before they decided to test him. That's when we found out he had a zero count and ended all my treatments.

Baby Dust to everyone - Let's see some more BFP's coming.....

God Bless everyone....


DianaGR - October 12


As I live in Europe our time zone is a little different. Are you all in the USA?

Well I ovulated and I had a smiley face for 2 days so we did a lot of bd. Now its wait wait wait. I feel realy optimistic and I am sacared cause I think I will feel really down if I dont get my BFP. This rollercoaster is really hard and the ups and downs are difficult to endure. If I dont get a BFp then probably I will have my last try at IVF as they are so expensive round about Euro4,500 with the meds.

How many sisters got prego on Ovulex? Or did they go throug IUI or IVF?

Lets do a statistic and see how many got preg while on OVULex. or maybe one has already been done?

GLORIA hos is the bleeding? I hope it has stopped. Keep us posted
kisses to all


gemdandy420 - October 12


Well I thought the bleeding was going away since for a 24 hour period it was very light pink and only when I wiped, I know TMI. But then me and the BF bd and it came back to flowing... Frustrating.... My breats are also sore today. I have a follow up appointment on Monday for lab results. I am in the US, Califorina. I really hope you will get your BFP, especially if you got the smiley faces. That is good news. Keep us posted, I know the 2ww is hard so I will keep you in my prayers.

Gloria :D


DianaGR - October 13

Gloria morning,

Thanks for your kind words you are an inspiration! I wonder why you are bleeding so much?? I am sure that on MOnday the doc will reassure you that all is fine. I also had excessive bleeding at one stage and I needed a d&c to clear out the uterus as the endometrium seems to accumulate there. Please let me know how everything goes I give a special prayer for you and light a candle.

Hope you had a good w/end.


baby#2 - October 13

DianaGR---Glad to hear you got a smilely face :)
Keep us posted...I will pray that you get your BFP.

gemdandy420---Looks like me and you are the same age. I will be nice if we get our bfp together. I will continue to pray for you gurl. Stay positive, the lord will take care of you.

And too you ladies on the Sisterhood board. I thank you very much for encouraging us on our journey. I thank god for finding this site.

Much love and Baby Dust!!!!


Shara - October 14

Good Morning Ladies,

I just wanted to stop in and say hi!! I am glad the conversation is starting to pick up and you ladies are on top of your cycles. I am praying that you are all trying to be as relaxed as possble on your ttc journey ( i know i know easier said than done ;)) I am sending babydust your way!!

As for me I am doing ok had an incident last night where I was trying to draw up a syringe of progesterone to take( i take them weekly) and the syringe popped ans sprayed me all in the eyes and in the face. It burned to no end and the EMS took me to the hospital - I panicked, my dd panicked and my dh (who is truck driver and was hours away) panicked on the phone. But I am feeling much better- had to go through exams and tests which led me to a breathing treatment because I have a cold and a urine analysis for the pregnancy. They numbed my eyes and that was not joyous at all. But everything turned out for the best. I can still see and did not go blind LOL - my face was burned somewhat but I survived and back home - thank God ;D ;D
That was my adventure for the weekend - just need to get some rest. My father wants to take me out today for my bday that just passed but I think I am going to just rest - he doesn't know what happened last night.

You all have a good day and for those that went to church - keep the prayers going strong!! We all need it.


DianaGR - October 15

Shara hope that all is ok now with you. Its amazing sometimes how bad things happen in an instant! :o I didnt know that progesterone actually burnt .... You must have got quite a fright.

Let us know how all goes,

baby dust to all!


gemdandy420 - October 15

Good morning,

Shara - Wow, I am so glad everything is ok. Sounds like you had a crazy weekend... I also did not know that stuff could burn you. I will keep you in my prayers.

Diana - The bleeding went to spotting Friday night then more spotting Staurday and stopped completely Sat. night. No spotting Sunday until I bd last night and it came at the end of bding, bright red. Not pretty, and today now just spotting again - brown in color. I just don't get it. I have my appt. today. I will let you know how it goes. Thank you for your prayers and the candle. Your in my prayers and thoughts. Stay positive....

Baby dust to everyone......




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