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NANCY - June 7

Hey sorry I had to be quick last night I was at my in-laws house I wanted to tell you that everything went great yesterday. I thought that the dr was going to try the doppler first but he came into the exam rm and said who's up for a sonogram!!! ;D It was a fun visit!! :D The machine that they had there was one of the worst ultasound machines there he said. :P The dr, nurse and DH were looking saying there is the head the heartbeat the arms and body and I just kept saying that I didn't see it. Between the bad machine, the lights were on and the angle that I was at I just couldn't see it. I told them if anyone watched Friends. I feel like Racheal!!!!!! They all laughed and the nurse turned the lights out. My gosh what a difference that made. I say the flicker of the heartbeat the baby's head and body and the arms sticking out!!!! It was wonderful. I think it makes it so much better because I love my DR. he's great and makes you feel at ease.

I know that you have an apt tomorrow Monica good luck and let us know all about it!!!!!!!!!!

Heather be firm with the dr. tell him your concerns and how it took you so long to get pregnant that you just want to be extra careful. I hope that you have a good relationship with the DR that makes it easier. Just think your about 1/2 through your first trimester you are right be hind us!!;-)

Well getting late and have to get Paige ready for bed and throw stuff in the dryer and go to bed talk to you tomorrow!!!


Monica - June 8

Hi Everyone!

My doctor's appointment went very well on yesterday. It was a pretty quick visit, but I DID get to "hear" the baby's heartbeat for the very first time. At first, my doctor wasn't going to try to listen to it because she said that it was probably still a little too early, but after she measured my belly.......she said that my belly was showing that I was at 11 weeks & my uterus was up high; so she pulled out the doppler and found the heartbeat. It was so precious & my husband was elated!!!

Nancy that is awesome that your doctor surprised you with an ultrasound like that!! He must be a really nice doctor; that is wonderful! I have my next ultrasound at 19 weeks, and that is when we will find out the sex of the baby.....YAAYYYY, I can't wait!

Blessings To All,
Monica :)


NANCY - June 9

Hi Ladies!!!

That is great that you got to hear the baby's heartbeat. It's so amazing!! My dr was telling me they are thinking about getting a 4D ultrasound machine so I am going to hold out until they get it he said hopefully by the end of July I think I get one in August so I will wait for the new machine to have one done. About the sex of the baby I will have the ultrasound tech write it down on a piece of paper and seal it in an envelope and give it to my mother she will be the only one to know. I want to be surprised.

Amanda & Heather how are you feeling??

Last night I was so tired I got home from picking up Paige at the babysitter's we ate dinner and I had to lay down I fell asleep about 6:45-7:00 DH woke me up to take my vitamins and meds put on pjs and slept until 5:30 this morning because I had to go to the bathroom. So I feel good right now we will see how the day goes!!

Have a great Friday Ladies!!!!


jiggidysgirl - June 9

It is exciting to hear you talk and know I have these things to look forward to in just a few weeks!!

I am so tired. I start to wonder how tired is ok. I stayed home from work yesterday and just slept most of the day. I was too tired to go in. I feel a lot better today and ready to conquer Friday before the weekend. I am usually the type of person that just goes and goes all week long so I am definitly being taught how to relax and let some things go.

I have two step children and I feel so bad not to give them as much attention with my lack of energy. They don't know yet about the pregnancy. We are waiting to tell them when I am 12 weeks along. I think once they know they will understand better but for now they are just not sure.

I too want to do a 4D ultrasound. I hear there is a better time during the pregnancy to do it. I think they closest we have is in Portland which is about an hour and a half away from here but it would be worth it. What a memory.

Happy Friday to everyone!
Take Care,


NANCY - June 10

It's weird how tired we get. I have the book what to expect when expecting and in there is says that even when your body is at rest it's like your climbing mountains. My girlfriend laughs all the time she asks how I am feeling besides all the mountain climbing that I am doing. I told her that when she decides to get pregnant that I want her to tell me she is thinking about climbing mountains!!!

Have a great weekend!!!


NANCY - June 11

Heather you should put in a ticker so that we can see were you are and how many days left!!!


NANCY - June 11

Monica when is your next apt? Mine I beleive is not until July 10.


jiggidysgirl - June 11

How do I add a ticker? Where do I put it?

I am excited that my first appointment is on the 21 of June. I only have a week and a half to wait. I hope they do an ultrasound and if they don't I definitly want to request it.

How many weeks do you have between appointments with your doctor?


NANCY - June 11

Heather try this

put all your info in to create your ticker then you want to copy where it says BBCode and paste it in your profile where it says signature.


NANCY - June 11



NANCY - June 11

That's great.

The first appt is long with questions and the paps (like it was an annual apt). My doctor sees me monthly until 32 weeks then you get seen every 2 weeks until 36 weeks then weekly until you deliver.

How is everyone doing?


Monica - June 12

Happy Monday Everyone!

How is everyone? I am fine.....just tired as usual. I wish that there were some type of an energy pill that I could take, so that I wouldn't be so lethargic......but I guess not...

Nancy, do you feel your baby moving around or fluttering at all? At times, it seems that I can feel mine moving a I was wandering if you were feeling that same sensation in your belly.
Also, my next scheduled appointment is July 5th.
Wow, we will be 15 weeks by then!! How awesome is that......

Well, take care everyone :)


jiggidysgirl - June 12

Good Morning,

Thanks for the info Nancy. I used the one that Monica had. I could not get the other ones to work but it looked like yours were not showing up at the time either. Not sure if there was a hiccup.

Monica, I think if someone created an energy pill that was safe for pregnant women they would make a fortune. My house is definitly not as clean as I used to keep it and I am so tired at work I can hardly stay awake.

I also wish there was safe allergy medicine for the first trimester. My poor eyes are always so red. We are getting some rain this week so I am hoping that washes away a lot of the pollens.

It is so exciting to see you guys getting so far so fast. It seems like these weeks are starting to go faster now that I am through the inital shock of finally getting pregnant.

Are any of you having morning sickness? I haven't actually been sick but this last few days I have started to feel nauseas. Any good tips besides saltines and ginger ale? Nothing even sounds good to eat.

Take care,


NANCY - June 13

Monica not feeling anything yet they say around 16 weeks. Not bad only 4 1/2 to go for that. I can't wait.

Heather Preggie pops worked for me when I wasn't feeling to good. Is your apt this Wednesday or next Wednesday.

Amanda I just want you to know thinking of you and praying for your hubby!!

talk to you ladies later and kisses to the babies


Amanda Ivey - June 14

Hi Ladies,

Just stopping in for a moment to check on you all and see how you guys are doing.

Thanks for your prayers. He will be leaving for a year to Camp Anaconda in Iraq. This is all so stressful right now. I have no idea how I am going to get through the next year of pregnancy and then a new baby and a new job without him, I guess I will just have to deal. I know god will watch over us all. Oh yeah congratulations on seeing your little precious, that's so sweet, did they get to give you any pics? Morning sickness going okay for you now a days?

Congratulations on hearing the heartbeat, your little snookums must have wanted you to because he/she has to be in the perfect position for you to find it so early
How is everything with you? Oh yeah good to hear your having fluttering, it feels kind of funny yet relieving at first huh?

I've been mia, but congratulations on that bfp girly and welcome to motherhood! So you are starting to hit morning sickness, that's a good sign. May I reccomend the Preggy pops or OJ. Nothing really helped mine, but the preggy pops did ease it a lot. I sould not keep anything down I lost 15 lbs, and found out today that I gained 25....yaay!...not, but it's all for a good cause.



Monica - June 14

Amanda, you are so sweet!!!
I will definitely continue to keep you lifted up in prayer for your time away from your dear hubby........WOW, a whole year......... that IS hard. You are certainly a strong woman to go through that!! If you should ever need anything or just someone to talk too; please don't hesitate to e-mail me at ANYTIME......

Blessings Sis,
Monica :)



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