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Monica - June 14

Amanda, you are so sweet!!!
I will definitely continue to keep you lifted up in prayer for your time away from your dear hubby........WOW, a whole year......... that IS hard. You are certainly a strong woman to go through that!! If you should ever need anything or just someone to talk too; please don't hesitate to e-mail me at ANYTIME......

Blessings Sis,
Monica :)


jiggidysgirl - June 14

Morning Ladies,

Hope you are all feeling well.

Nancy, my appointment is a week from today. I wish it was today. But it has gone pretty fast.

Where can I buy these preggie pops? Did you guys get them locally or online? I am definitly interested.

Amanda, I am sorry to hear the stress you are going through during this time. Will they let him come back for the birth? I will keep you in my prayers. Growing up in a military family that is how life was for us too.

We are getting ready for a trip to California for 4th of July and I am wondering how many potty breaks my husband will deal with. He likes to go and be there but I think there will be a lot more breaks. Getting something to help the nausea before hand would be great too!

Take Care,


jiggidysgirl - June 14

Have any of you had symptoms come and go, or stronger some days.

Today my breasts do not feel as full and sore. I left a message for the nurse.

Thanks for any info,


kim0220 - June 15

I just wanted to drop in and check on all the mommies to be XD I love reading you guys messages they are so cute and at times funny and sad I don't see how you guys talking to eachother on the other board a while back about your pregnancies could have bothered anyone I think it is adorable and I absloutlety want a picture of each and every cutie you guys have via email or a real one via mail since I am planning on making a "miracle" photo album to put pictures of babies who were wanted so much but the women never thought they could have them, I thought it'd be something sweet and fun to do especially since I know so many women who have had or are having trouble getting preg.My sister is now 3 months along in her pregnancy and I just know it is going to be a girl!She has 2 other angels but had been trying for a 3rd for along time ever since her doctor told her she has PCOS and Adult onset Diabetes and she gave up on having anymore kids and a month later wha la...preggo XD
Well, I am headed to bed now and I will say a pray for all of you ladies and your little angels.Sleep well friends and have sweet dreams of your little ones.


Monica - June 15

Kim0220: How very nice.....Thank you so much for all of your kind, sincere words. I will definitely be praying for you as well; and remember......THERE IS NOTHING TO HARD FOR OUR GOD!!!!!

Supernatural Babydust To You,
Monica :)


NANCY - June 17

Amanda I am alot better with morning sickness now. Is your hubby going to be home for the birth? Do you have any family around you? How often will he come home? I will always keep him and you and your precious little one in my thought and prayers!!!

Heather I got my preggie pops at babies r us and I think I read you can buy them at target. How are you feeling? Good luck on the 4th of July you will be taking alot of potty breaks. Where do you live and how long will it take you to get to Califonia? You are right some days my breast aren't as sore or full as others!!!

kim0220 thanks for thinking of us and this miracle album sounds great!!! I am sending much baby dust your way

Monica How are you feeling I know I am tired tired tired I started to show what about you!! My girlfriend says the second always pops out quicker. My pants no longer fit I am wearing maternity pants now it is so much more comfortable. What about you?? I am glad that I really didn't gain much I actually think that I lost 2 lbs last month but you can see my tummy now. I am sure that when I go back in July I gained.

Talk to you ladies later and kisses to your bundles of joy!!!!


jiggidysgirl - June 19

Hello Ladies,

Well all seems to be well so far. We don't have a Babies r us but we have a target but I have not seen the preggie pops. I got some at a real small store a block away from work. I only liked 3 flavors and I found out that the preggie drops have only those 3 flavors so I ordered some online. Hopefully they will be here soon.

I was a little weapy yesterday for no reason, my poor dh. We relaxed today for his daddys day. It was good for me too.

I am excited for my doctors appointment this wednesday to see how things were going. I was concerned the other day when it seem liked my symptoms were diappearing and all they said was if I am not bleeding or cramping there is nothing they can do. I do wish I had a more supportive doctors office.

Nancy, I live in Oregon and we are about 8 hours north of California and then it will be another 4 hours to get where we are going. We are going to take the kids to the Boardwalk which I think they will love. I am guessing the rides are out for me but I will enjoy watching them have fun.

Anyone else doing fun 4th of July stuff? Sounds like most of you live in the south or the east coast. I grew up in Alabama and have a lot of family in Georgia and Kentucky. I am very familiar with that part of the world.

Take care and keep me updated. I love to hear what I have to look forward to in another 4 weeks.



Amanda Ivey - June 19

Hey how are all of you girlies? I decided to jump on line while hubby is busy with his ball game, it's the finals so he'll be dug into the t.v until 12 I reckon. Thank you all for your prayers. It is much appreciated and it helps to know I have you guys there for me.

He will be gone for the next year, we are hoping they will let him come home for the birth, I certainly hope so, I don't have any family here and my tricare is only covered for the military medical facility here in Augusta. I am trying to set up a plan with atleast 3 people to call to take me to the hospital incase labor comes early or something. So I think I'll be good. It's good to hear that you are feeling better nowadays, still pretty tired though huh? Welcome to your 2nd trimester I know I don't have to tell you this will be your relaxed stage of pregnancy, so enjoy. Is everything going okay in your life right now, how long until your next appt? Congratulations on your love lump, awwwwww so sweet, I think lumps are so beautiful I coudn't wait to show.

That is sooo sweet of you, I can't wait for you to join the board. I know you will soon.

How are you feeling? Did you get the Preggy pops yet, or did you find another remedy? I hope you are feeling well.

Thanks for the prayers, it's nice to know that you care. :)
Are you up and about lately is your energy level good or still pooped. I just looked at you and Nancy's tickers you guys are due date buddies, that's pretty cool!

Congratulations on hitting your second Trimester?

Ladies please post and let me know.....
Are you going to find out what baby's gender is, and when you should know.
Please share your beautiful luv lumps.
Symptoms ect.
Anyone got u/s pics to share?

This is a Pic I took on my anniversary ar 30 weeks and 1 day. I still feel like I should be bigger, but no biggy I kinda like still being able to bend over without holding on to something at almost 8 months :), but as you can see I always wear the form fitting tops to show off my little ball I am so very proud of.

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Amanda Ivey - June 19

Sorry, I meant
Conrats on hitting your second trimesters!


Monica - June 19

Hello Everyone!!

How is everyone today?

Nancy: I have still been pretty tired lately, but since we are both in our 2nd trimesters now.....YAAAAYYYYY; I know that things will get better.
Yes, I am also starting to show as well. I have this little pouch that I cannnot suck in, so I suppose that that is my little "Angelpop" growing rapidly on the inside of me. When I went in for my last doctor's visit, I had already gained 3 pounds.....but I have been vomiting alot lately, so that weight may be gone already.

Heather: Yes, I am a southern girl. I live in the Atlanta, GA. area.....but I don't seem to have an accent or anything because I lived in California for such a long period of time.
Also, I wanted to tell you that I too have been very weepy lately. It seems that I have been crying on & off for the last 3 days or so; and that is definitely unlike me. My husband has been looking at me as if I am losing my mind; but he has been very supportive however...

Amanda: We will definitely be finding out the sex of our baby. I feel that I have to know so that I can buy the correct things for the baby's room, and also so that I can get my mindset focused & ready on that particular gender. Since I am 12 weeks now, I think that I will be able to find out in another 7 weeks or about 19 or 20 weeks.
Also, your belly looks sooooo cute :D and you are not too big at all. I pray that I am like that at 8 months ::) You still have a shape and everything. You are blessed!

Well ladies, have a wonderful day & I will talk with you all very soon.....

God Bless!


NANCY - June 20

Hello ladies!!!

Heather another place i found to get the preggie pops is Motherhood Maternity store. How are you feeling? Did you get your pops yet and Have they helped?

Amanda it sounds like you have friends there that are going to help you that's great. I am praying for his safe return and so that he can see his bundle of joy being born!!!!!!!!

Monica I feel so bad that you have been getting sick! I feel alot better now. It's funny that you say you have been weepy lately. I was watching repeats of 7th Heaven last week and the one when Mary got hit b the car I could not stop crying. I watch different shows and all I do is cry. I get tearry eyed when telling stories or when I hear stories Which I think is crazy becasue I was never like that.

Last night I had apain in my side like I was being scratched from the inside weird. Tired but otherwise very good. I am not going to find out the sex of the baby. I didn't find out for my daughter and when my DH screamed out "It's a GIRL It's a GIRL" it was a great experience so we decided to wait again and I also liked to hear people tell me what I was having and i think that 99.5% said I was having a BOY!!

Have a great day!!!


jiggidysgirl - June 22

Hi Ladies,

How are you all, it has been a bit since I have been able to write. It has been a crazy few days.

I did find the preggie pops and did not like the flavors so online I found the preggie drops which had the 3 I like.

Then on Monday I ended up getting so sick I could not keep water or ice chips or anything down. I ended up in the ER and got hydrated. It was so scary and no one would check on the baby.

And then, today is my first prenatal appointment and we are having twins!!!! I cannot believe it. Neither of us has twins in our family. They had trouble getting a good picture of one of them so they are going to see me in two more weeks. Sounds like I will be in there a lot. She said it is normal for me to already start showing, I already have my little bump which i thought was early.

I am glad the rest of you are having weepy symptoms because I am worried my dh will think I am crazy soon. I have cried at more tv shows as well. Everything gets me going. I watched home makeover the other night and that was too much. And the baby stories that used to make me feel excited just make me cry.

Monica, I have family that lives in Stone Mountain. Do you ever get there. I like it there. It is beautiful. It is an nice little town.

Take Care All,


Amanda Ivey - June 22

yyyaaaaaayyyyy!!!!!!! twins that's awesome. wow I bet you were surprised. That is so exciting! :) I am so happy for you. Congratulations. Way to knock out two birds with one stone :)


NANCY - June 22

twins wow that is so exciting! So how shocked were you? Did they say anything else at the apt? Wow that must have been a shock. When I went through IVF I was hoping for twins. Like Amanda said knock out two birds with on stone.
I don't understand why they wouldn't ck the baby at the hospital? That's kind of odd. Did they give you a reason?


jiggidysgirl - June 22

I could not sleep last night I was so excited. No, I did not say much after seeing twins. I was shocked. It is not in either of our families and we did not go through IVF. The doctor said there was an 8% chance.

We wanted to children and this does work perfect. I will go nuts if it is a girl and a boy. But I will be just as thrilled if they are both healthy. I heard another ladies story down in the pregnancy after infertility section where the children had a lot of problems. It is a worry. I get them checked in another two weeks, on the 6th.

Nancy, the doctor said he is conservative in his tests and I did not have the energy to argue. I figured I had this test coming up day after next.

So, how are you guys feeling in the second trimester? Any better? I hear there is hope. Any new things?

Are you guys getting warm weather? It is finally going to get in the 90's this weekend. I need to go get some shorts with looser waist lines. The doctor said the twins are the reason I am already starting to show so early.



jiggidysgirl - June 23

Did any of you ever feel like nothing sounded good to eat earlier in your process, during your morning sickness phase?

I feel like that but I am sure I should still be eating something.

Any suggestions?

Hope everyone is ok today and moving right along. When are everyone elses next appointments?




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