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jiggidysgirl - July 31

Hey Nancy,

Can your mom just send us private emails as to what the sex of the baby is? We are all curious and want to know!

I am with you on the kicking thing Honey. I was shopping with a girlfriend that is on her second, easy pregnancy and she was saying it is irritating but I am so excited. She is so close to her due date I could actually see her belly bulging in the areas when her baby would kick. I think that is so neat.

I have heard first time pregnancies take a bit longer to feel a kick.

Hope everyone else is doing well. Things are ok here. Nothing new which is often a good thing.

Take Care,


NANCY - July 31

hey ladies how are you today!!

I think that your girlfriend doesn't understand what we all here went through to get this far. So it is so welcoming when we go through everything. I remember when I was pregnant with Paige I use to crave sugar. I would eat 4-5 pixie sticks and watch her get down. She would move and kick and hit I loved it!!

I will write after my apt!! talk to you ladies soon!!



Honey - August 1

Well thats great jggidysgirl!

I hope everyone is feeling okay with the weather being soooo hot and all. I find myself waking up to a head ache that you get when you have a hangover. It's not fun at all. But I guess I'm blessed to not be fat and preggo durring the summer this time. LOL

Everyone take care and have happy days!



NANCY - August 2

OK I went for my sonagram today and the baby wasn't cooperating s/he wouldn't open her/his legs so the tech said that she was only 70% sure of what the sex of the baby was. The heart beat was 158 BPM. Cute I was able to see the face the hands feet and body. I can't believe that the baby is so big already. It amazes me. I go for my DR apt tomorrow.

Everyone stay cool and I will write again tomorrow to let you know about my apt.



jiggidysgirl - August 2

Hi Ladies,

Well, Nancy I guess you needed those Pixie sticks to make the baby do a dance. Will you have another ultrasound soon to see if it cooporates more?

Honey, I am with you on the headaches. I have had a terrible time with that the last couple of weeks. I figure it is the heat and hormones, not sure though. I try to drink a lot of water but they headaches keep going.

I have started taking a water aerobics class that has been really good. My hips feel kind of achy some times and this really loosens me up and will hopefully help me stay in ok shape.

I called the other day about going to a pregnancy loss support group because I am not dealing well with the anticipated loss of Baby B. I am still having trouble being excited about Baby A. I was not sure about going because I am still pregnant and I would almost feel guilty going where other woman still are not pregnant. But the nurse referred me to a lady who was a labor and delivery nurse for a long time then went back to school to become a counselor. I spoke with her for a while last night and she was great. I go see her on Thursday after my doctors appointment in my local town. I hope this helps.

Take Care all.
Give a big belly rub to all the babies,


Monica - August 2

Hi Ladies,

How are you? I have about 5 quick minutes to post, so I will try & make this quick. I am in the process of moving again, because the house that we recently obtained has some MAJOR structural problems with it, so we are having to move.

Nancy: I go in for my ultrasound on next Thursday & I am praying that my baby will cooperate so that we can find out the gender.....Other than that, everything is fine with the baby & myself, and I am just looking forward to our due dates!!! YAAAAAYY!!
I am so excited; aren't you? :D

Jiggidysgirl & Honey: How are you? I really miss chatting with you guys........When my computer is back up, I will be sure to check in again.

Luv you guys,
Monica :)


Honey - August 2


I also think it's the heat and hormones that are cause these headaches that sucks but hey what can we do. I hear that you can take medicine and do some non-medication relief but they almost always come back.


I miss chatting also. Keep in touch and good luck on moving. I hope you aren't actually doing the moving though! LOL Maybe some sheets or a blanket! LOL Are you going to find out the gender of your baby? If you do please let us know!

Everyone stay healthy and cool!




NANCY - August 3

Heather no more sonagrams for me the next time I see my bundle of joy I will be holding him/her.

Monica Good luck with your move. You be the supervisor and let everyone else do all the work. LOL. I hope that you baby cooperate more than mine did. So that you get a better percentage than I did. Take pixie sticks with you the baby will be moving like crazy. Hopefully s/he opens his/her legs. GOOD LUCK!!

Honey and Heather try to stay cool with this weather since you guys are getting the headaches.

Well I went to the DR today and the baby has a real strong heartbeat he said. 148-151 BPM. I got weighed in and I lost a pound. I was a little worried that I haven't gain anything yet and now I lost a pound. They said that I was still fine.

I just have to ask to keep my cousin and his girlfriend in you thoughts and prayers. They just found out that the baby she is caring has a lot of problems. They think the baby might have down syndrome and the baby's organs are growing on the outside of the body. The doctor's not sure of the out come until he get's more results. She did a biopsy today. The DR said that if the baby is born there is a chance that after doing alot of surgery and the baby staying in the hospital alot they aren't sure if the baby will make it past a yr. I am hoping test results come back more positive than this!! I told my mom that I kind of feel guilty. I know that it's not my fault but I feel so bad for them that this is happening and I am going through my pregnancy with no problems. (knock on wood). Thanks again for your thoughts and prayers.

If I can get back on the computer I will but taking a trip to the beach so I will write soon.



jiggidysgirl - August 3

So I just got back from my appointment and Baby B is gone, his/her heart has stopped beating and everything is getting smaller. I think I really held out hope that they were wrong. We named Baby B Jordan since that can be a female or male name. We still hold him/her in out hearts as one of our children forever.

Now Jordan is in God's hands and I am thankful will feel no pain.

Nancy, I love that poem, "Just those few weeks" to read over and over right now.

I pray all the rest of our pregnancies are uneventful.



grandmaof2 - August 4

I am so sorry that this happened to you.
I am praying for you
My best wishes
May God bless you and your family
Again so sorry for you loss


Honey - August 4


Thats wonderful how your taking this. Your so understanding and knowing that everything will be fine and your little angel is with God and there is no better place on earth.

I'm praying for you and your DH. I pray for your strength and happiness! Amen

Praise the Lord because everyday he should be praised!

God Bless you.

Thanks everyone for the support of my pregnancy and I take pride in helping all the Ladies support all of yours.

God Bless everyone.



Trina76 - August 6

Hello to all the ladies of the BFP Sucess Stories Website, I have a few questions for you guys: What was it besides the positive hpt that let you know for sure that you were indeed pregnant?, did you feel like you a/f was on the way at any minute?, was it a gut feeling? please answer I'm going crazy here!!!!


jiggidysgirl - August 7

Trina76, I could not tell that I was pregnant and did not believe it. I had some cramping back pain since I had the IUI on day 14 and on day 28 I took the hpt and it was positive and I was excited but I was not sure about it. I had so many failed tests and I did not have the breast pain or nausea or any of the other symptoms that others talked about so I was not sure it was true. I called the doctors office and asked for a blood test. Then I felt a little better.

Thank you again for the support. I took the day off friday so I could just be sad for a day without anyone trying to cheer me up. The kids were at camp and only my husband was home. Everyone has great intentions but I think it is healthy to have a day to just feel sad and that really made me feel better. I think this last ultrasound gives me some closure.

Baby A is looking huge they said so that is good. We go to Eugene, a bigger city to see the perinatologist tomorrow. They actually record a video of their ultrasounds so that will be great to have. I could have had one from the previous ultrasound but I did not know and our hospital does not allow that anymore.

Nancy, I will certainly keep your cousin and his girlfriend in my prayers. I can certanly feel the stress and heartache they are going through.

Oh, did anyone breast feed with their previous children? Any good breast pumps that you would recommend?

Take Care all,
Bouncing Baby Blessings to all,


Honey - August 7


Well I really didn't KNOW for sure till I took the test because I didn't even feel preggo. I had the tender BB's but thats also a sign of PMS so I didn't think anything of it. I guess when they say every pregnancy is different they ment it because I didn't feel at all like this with my first child. Also you really don't know you are preggo if you are on child #1. Some people can tell but really the symptoms didn't start kicking in for me making me think I was preggo untill I was 8 weeks the first time. This time I just looked at the time AF was supposed to come(which was long gone) and wanted to rule out pregnancy so I took the test and found out I was preggo! :)

How late are you? They say it's good to wait at least 2 weeks after the first day you expect your period so the pregnancy hormone can build up eneough to show on a test.

Good Luck and keep us posted!



Honey - August 8


Hey Girly! How are you doing?


Monica - August 8

Hi Ladies,

How is everyone? I only have about 2 minutes to post this message, so I will try to make this quick.
We just came back from our ultrasound appointment, and we found out that our baby IS A BOY!!!!!! Yaaaayy!!
The doctor was 100% positive that it was a boy & my husband is absolutely elated right now. The baby will be named Joseph III after his daddy, and my due date has been pushed up to December the 24th....Praise God!

I will be able to write a little more on tomorrow ladies.....

Luv To Everyone!
Monica :)



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