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Amanda Ivey - July 23

Hi Ladies,
Just popping in to say hello after visiting my m.i.l, i had to recoop for a few. I have a question for all of you who have had children before. Last night I started feeling like something is pushing down on my anus and vagina kinda like pressure pains and contractions, does your body usually do this weeks before labor to get you ready for labor. Today is Sunday my doctors not in and I am starting to get worried if everything is okay or not and I am also here alone. S.I.L didn't show back up (long story) SInce then it has stopped but I just keep getting contractions. Any responses would be highly appreciated. Thanks sooo much in advance.


Monica - July 23

Hi Amanda,

Yes indeed, those are very normal. They are called Braxton Hick's contractions & I started getting them about 3 weeks before delivery the last time. They often came & went, and didn't have any real pattern. The only time that I would be concerned if I were you is if you start having them at regular intervals; Otherwise.....that is pretty normal.
Don't worry.........

Monica :)


Amanda Ivey - July 24

Thanks for easing my mind Monica, good thing I chose to stay here and not over react and got to the ER...but that's just me now a days.


Honey - July 24


Yes in most cases they hand you your baby right away but then after a minute or so they take the baby to the incubator right next to your bed to weight and clean the baby. I remember getting my son back about 20min or so after delivery to breast feed. Then they take the baby to the nusery to wash the hair and stuff. I really can't remeber because I was so druged. LOL Which was a good thing! :) But yeah they give them to you when they are all nasty and covered with gook! LOL You'll love it though.


pap123 - July 24

Hello everyone!


pap123 - July 24

Hello everyone!
Well I just started Ovulex on the 14th of this month and I was just looking for some success stories from a few people that arent on the actual Ovulex Web site. If anyone can help me be a believer and tell me there story I will be so grateful. I'm just still a little skeptic about this thats why I only purchased one bottle. The only thing that has changed for me so far is my period came a few days early and I got cramps which is not normal for me.


Honey - July 25

I have a good story for you pap123.

I was on Ovulex for one month.
I started taking it about a week and a half after AF. I was taking them as I was suppose to and then around the time AF was supposed to come I was nervous. I have had delayed AF's before due to stress so I though that maybe thats what was going on since we were trying sooo hard to have a baby. Well little did we know God was working overtime and we were worrying for nothing. I was, I believe, two and a half weeks past the time AF was supposed to come and I took a deep breath and took the test. I screamed at the top of my lungs and DH knew exactly what I was screaming about. He had the biggest grin on his face and it made me proud. We did it! We did it!

The only symtom I had was the swollen BB's so thats why I didn't test sooner because we all know that thats a classic symtom for P.S.M. It only took us one month on Ovulex and God gave us a little angel.

Not everyone is the same though. I've heard of people taking as long as 4 months to get that BFP. So stay strong if it doesn't happen that quick! I also took prenantal vitamins over the counter kind.

Good luck and thank you very much for letting me tell my story!

Much baby dust!


NANCY - July 25

I loved the PJ's that looked like a sack with arms. They were great for the middle of the night for when you had to change the baby(it's like every feeding they need to be changed) there were no zippers or buttons to worry about. I also like the wipe warmer that was nice for the middle of the night when you changed the diaper. If you are breast feeding for dry cracked nipples use Lansinoh Lanolin Breast Cream(it also works great and dry cracked lips) I almost gave up on breast feeding because my daughter didn't latch on correctly on the left side. I was in so much pain. I found Avent Standard Nipple Protectors. It was great because I was able to breast feed with these over my nipples to that my nipple could heal. Honey is right they take the baby out and you are kissing and crying and loving this baby that has stuff all over it. As you are so excited that you gave birth the nurse is wiping the baby off a little. I sit here and think about it. How yucky but at that moment even with all the stuff all over the baby s/he is the most precious baby in the world!!!

Amanda you are getting close girl!!! I never got contractions like that. I was induced.

Honey how are you feeling?

pap123 I was on Ovulex and my husband was on amberoz we took it for 2 months and I was pregnant. The first month I was about 7 days late and thought that I was pregnant only to get AF and the next month I got my miracle!!!!!!!!! Good luck to you and much baby dust your way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

to you ladies soon!! and kisses to your bundles of joy!!


hopeluck - July 27

Hi Monica, Soon2bmommy

Hope you all are doing fine. I posted you sometime back about geritol. I have a question here, did you take the geritol tonic only once a day? i find that it is written so on the bottle, but wanted to check out what dosage you two had been taking.. it seems to be too less for me.. Thanks


Honey - July 27


I'm feeling great besides this little cramp I just had a few minutes ago. Thats normal though right at the begining? It didn't last long and it wasn't unbearable it just hurt a little.

But I'm doing great. I wish I was as far along as you though. LOL Everything going smoothly? When do you find out what your having?


If anyone was wondering why I changed my ticker it's because I'm not as far along as I thought I was. My Doc. Tried to find the baby's heart beat at 2 different appointments and couldn't find it so she ordered an ultrasound. Well they measured my little one and what do ya know I'm only 9 weeks and thats why she couldn't hear it because it's too early. It made me happy to see though because thats kind of reasuring. The baby was wiggling a little every time the nurse would move the ultrasound thing around it was cute. But yeah my due date has changed from the 10th of Feb. to the 23rd. It kinda sucks because I have to be preggo longer but who's complaining? LOL

God bless everyone!



NANCY - July 27

Honey that was probably just your ligaments and everything streching!! Everything for me is going greatthis morning my lower tummy felt weird. Tight. I go for my sonagram on Tuesday I can't wait but I want to be surprised. There are so little things now in life that are a surprise and when I had Paige I loved hearing my DH scream and watching him get all excited "IT'S A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
we are going to wait until the baby is born. I love hearing people guess too! Your belly is this you are having a boy your face is that it has to be a girl. That was fun too!!

It stinks that they pushed your date back but at least Baby Honey is OK!!

How is everyone feeling??



Honey - July 27

Thanks a bunch Nancy! How is it to feel your little baby moving? I can't wait till I can feel mine!


jiggidysgirl - July 28

Morning Everyone,

Just saying hello. Nothing new here. I don't have an appointment until next week.

This is so different than infertility when you are doing something every day, whether check your temp or whatever.

Hope everyone is doing well and progressing.

We are having sunny skies and extremely unusual temperatures in Oregon right now, 106 last weekend so I am just trying to stay cool.

Take Care,


NANCY - July 30

Hello Ladies!!

I had such a busy end of the week. I am soooooo tired. My husband was in a wedding so we had the rehersal Thursday. Went to bed about 12:30. Then the wedding was on Friday. So much fun I had on a dress that showed my little bump. We didn't get to bed until 3:30. We went back to the hotel after the wedding and stopped in the bar for a drink and there was a fight in there. I was the lucky one to be standing were it started. I had to write out a police report. I was able to catch up on my sleep yesterday though I feel asleep about 5:15 and got up this morning!!

I felt the baby kick my on Thursday. I told my husband that as soon as we got to the hotel I am running in and finding a bathroom that I had to go so bad. After that the baby must have kicked my bladder and my gosh did that not feel so good. I felt the baby kick my this morning!! My next apt is Wednesday and I go for my ultrasound on Tuesday!!!Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How are all you girls doing!!



Honey - July 31

Nancy thats great!

I hope you're alright and didn't get hit when the fight broke out.

This is so exciting! I know you don't want to know what gender the baby is but I want to kow sooooo bad it hurts! LOL

I can't wait till I'm at that point so I can feel my little baby kick me. I know it will probably hurt sometimes but I don't care! LOL :)

Good luck at your appointment!

How are all the rest of you doing so far?



jiggidysgirl - July 31

Hey Nancy,

Can your mom just send us private emails as to what the sex of the baby is? We are all curious and want to know!

I am with you on the kicking thing Honey. I was shopping with a girlfriend that is on her second, easy pregnancy and she was saying it is irritating but I am so excited. She is so close to her due date I could actually see her belly bulging in the areas when her baby would kick. I think that is so neat.

I have heard first time pregnancies take a bit longer to feel a kick.

Hope everyone else is doing well. Things are ok here. Nothing new which is often a good thing.

Take Care,



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