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LeslieAnn - November 1


I'm so sorry about your loss. I will definitely keep you in my prayers. Don't forget about all of the girls on this board. We are here for you! If you need anything, let me know. I know I haven't been on this board much lately, but I will definitely check back.



positiveGirl - November 1

Hi Lili,

I feel very sad for you and your loss. You have been giving so much hope to everyone around we all are with you in this moment of grief. You take care. I'll pray for you and your family.



ticklinivory - November 1

I got my day 3 fsh results. They are at 7.85 which I was told was in the normal range for day 3. Other than that I haven't heard back from tricare yet about my hsg. I'm on CD10, O should be coming soon! I'm keeping my fingers crossed at least and trying to stay positive about it, but you know how hard that is. Anyway, thank you for your support with everything. Any af yet?


ticklinivory - November 1

I am so sorry! We are all here for you! Just don't give up!
Praying for you,


Ange - November 1

I am so sorry for your loss. How are you doing? You are in my prayers. We are here for you. Keep strong we all love you


Butterfly - November 1

Hi ladies, I hope this finds ALL of you in good sprits; please don't think that I am crazy, but this is something that popped up in my mind that I felt I needed to share:

** For many of us, trying to have a baby has become a timed, scheduled, planned ritual with tons of reading and fertility inhancements. Then what makes it worse, is all of the women around you naturally having babies, some unwanted, or unplanned for. That may lead some of us asking the question...WHY? WHY ME? I AM NOT A GOOD PERSON? WILL I NOT MAKE A GOOD MOTHER? But, why do the leaves turn in Fall? Why is the sky blue? Many other questions that go unanswered and unexplained. But I say to you ladies...YOUR TIME WILL COME, (as we've all said) BE POSITIVE, PRAY, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY...BELIEVE. Maninfest your baby through positive thoughts and actions. Rejoice in another woman's blessing (just as you have) and know that your time WILL COME.

Lili- I am sorry. I am sorry. I love you. God and peace be with you, sweetie. (I cannot think of anything else, though the tears, but I am truly sorry.) Try to Smile, Full term is soon, honey.

Angel and Jade, you two are AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL, now you KNOW that your wombs are equipped with GOOD spirit. And soon...real soon you will have the life you've been praying for inside you. I believe in you guys. Meditate, quietly, whenever you get a chance to be with your self, clear your mind of any negativity, doubts, past/ present experinces and stress, and believe positive spirits surround you and your hopes to become the wonderful mothers I believe you will be....Soon. Affirm: it is your God-given right, to be a mother. SMILE

wantababylots and jay_nell, YOUR CYCLES ARE REGULAR, YOUR CYCLES WILL BE REGULAR AND THEY WILL STAY REGULAR. They may be how you want them when you want them, but God is always on time. I am especially praying for you two. Your strength is PHENOMENAL!!! Affirm that your bodies are healthy and will stay healthy. (Ya'll give me strength, hee hee). SMILE

positivegirl, you are just that! POSITIVE - and truthfully, you are my inspiration for this impromptu post. I was staring out of the window after I read your last post and all of these things to say dawned on me all at once! You seem like the type that could carry the whole world on your shoulders and still keep a smile on your face. I am praying that your time is near.....Keep staying positive for all of us. Thank you. :)

And to all of the other wonderful ladies on this forum... Meditate when you can! Clear yourself of everything but the positive! (If your're religious) PRAY, 1st by thanking Him, then asking Him. God is always listening. I am very thankful that He led me to you all, you help me stay afloat! THANK YOU ALL...THANK YOU ALL A MILLION AND ONE TIMES, THANK YOU ALL.

(I am now officially late for class, gotta go!)

****More BABY DUST than the world can hold to all****


lili246 - November 1

What can I say, only that I can't stop crying and think that my baby is still inside me. It hurts so much that you might not know how much. I try to be strong because I have my 2 year old child that he needs from me and thats the only thing that makes me brave. I still have my lil baby inside me and go for surgery tomorrow so they can take him out. I was just praying for all of this to be a confusion but it's all confirm, after I went to the doctor yesturday and talked to her about the ultrasound, that they couldn't see the heartbeating and that was a confirm that my baby wasn't alive. I went to this other place where they do ultrasounds and had it confirm that the heart wasn't beating. I just don't know how much time it will take me to get all over this. But I know that I will never forget this and my baby will also have a space in my heart. I was so happy when I found out that I was pregnant and now it seems that I am the most sad person in the world. I don't know how I may be feeling after the surgery probably wiered because I will not be pregnant anymore. I guess if the baby is not alive it will be the best to let him go and be in heaven locking after us.
God bless us all and my little baby! I don't know if I want to try for anotherone soon, like my doctor said that they will clean me good so I can plan on getting pregnant within 2 months and this won't happen again.

Thank for for everything girls and I do really need your prayers for my whole family and my lil angel in heaven.



RNORST - November 1

Lili, I'm so sorry. I don't know what to say, I'm speechless. God has a plan for everything, He knows what He is doing. I know that its hard to understand and we wont understand until we meet God face to face. My sister in law had a mc at about 3 months, and she now thanks God, because if that didn't happen she wouldn't have the son and daughter that she has today. You need to be strong, God needs to know that you trust in Him. Please don't give up, it will happen. Lili, I'm so sorry, if there is anything I can do let me know. I had a mc but mine was earlier than your and I just keep thinking that there must have been something wrong with my baby and God was testing me to see if I really trusted Him. Just remeber that I'm here for you when ever you need to talk and that God loves you and your family and that lil baby in His arms right now.
Love you, Renee


RNORST - November 1

Girls, I start today, and it was the same day that I should have started. Thank God my cycle didn't get all messed up. I think that I was getting preg month after month but couldn't implant. My temps this month was never over 98.4. Almost every month my temps would go to like 98.9 and 99.0 and then about 3 days before af was due it would drop back down to 98.2. I hope this month is it, I have high hopes now that my uterus is all cleaned out.

Ange, I'm so sorry about the chemial preg. You need to stay on the postive side and think that you did get preg. They usual say if you have a mc you usually get preg right away after wards. I will be praying for you. Do you have to take a month or two off? What kinds of herbs are you drinking? When I had my mc at 6 weeks we had to wait 2 month and I was preg that next month.

Denise, Good luck this month. Hopefully this will be your month and you wont even have to worry about the hsg.
Are you on any meds?

Leslieann, It's good to hear from you. Are you still on clomid? What cd are you on? I'm on cd 1, and I feel like a new women getting ready to try. I need to relax and not think about it, ya right. Good luck.

Butterfly, thanks for the info, I will chage that, and also thank for the wonderful words of encorament. We all need that.

Wantababyalots, Also thank for the info. I will be praying for you and your cycles to be normal.

Postive girl, the HSG test is not bad at all, you only have bad cramps for like 3 second and the test only last for like 5 min. You will make it and when it's done you will say that wasn't that bad. Good luck.

Well girls I'm praying for all of us, that God would give us the peace that He can only surpass and fertlity to make our familys grow. God is good and always in control. Good luck




wantababylots - November 1

Lili-- I am in tears for you. i really dont know what to say except God does everything for a reason. Im so sorr y for your loss adn wish that somehow i could make your pain go away. Keep faith and Know that your baby is ok and he loves you and is looking after you and your family.
All the love to pass on,


lili246 - November 1

Thank you all ladies for the nice words you have said they really make me feel better, but the pain is still in hear and don't know how long it will stay with me, but I have faith that god will bless me soon with another baby because I will not let myself go down and get depressed I have my child to take care and my family to look after. I really appreciate your nice comments. I am sure this will go away soon but don't know what will happen tomorrow



RNORST - November 1

Well girls I looked back on my charts and my temps are climbing high after O, until cd 27 and then the drop down to nothing. I wonder if that is when implantaion should happen, but it couldn't before. This time since I knew I was not preg. it was nice to see what my chart looked like. My temp never got higher than 98.4 and all the other months my temps were like 98.8-99.1 until day 27 and then they droped hard. I wonder if I was preg. each month but it couldn't happen because of that placenta?

Lili, I'm thinking of you and praying for you girl. Jesus loves you and your family.



Jade - November 1

My cycle is not normal yet. No AF no O. I dont know what to expect. Some people say that trying a few weeks after mc (chemical preg) is okay, and others say to wait 1 cycle. I have heard you are more fertile after mc. I dont know if it is true.

I am sorry for your loss and I will keep you in my prayers.

Thanks for the inspiring words. You are right, at least I know I can conceive. I just hope that it wont take another 8 months or more this time.

Baby Dust to ALL!!


lili246 - November 1

Thanks girls for your support, I'll keep you posted on how it goes tomorrow please keep me in your prayers and for unborn baby to be with god in heaven. I know that where ever he is he will be safe and looking after us, he/she will send us lots of baby dust. I am trying to be strong but it's so hard especially when someone reminds me of it I can't avoid the tears in my eyes which is something so bad that I am going through and hope that none of you girls go through this it's something terrible that even if you try to be strong it hits you and puts you down. I will go for the d&c tomorrow at 1:45p.m. at california time and please keep us in your prayers.
I need all your support and I know that I can count on everyone of you girl. God bless us all.

I am thinking if I should take the ovulex again or not. I was putting the blame on ovulex that it was the cause of my miscarriage but if I got pregnant with ovulex it has nothing to do with that so I am not sure if I should start taking them again. My doctor said that I should wait atleast 2 months to try to get pregnant again. So I will not lose faith and god will reward me with another baby full of healthness. I just know it because he tells me that in my prayers and if my unborn baby died it was because god realize that he was going to suffer so he decide the best for me which I know why he does things. It is hard but I have faith and like I have told you girls never lose the faith.
I will tell the doctor tomorrow when I get the d&c done to examine my baby and let me know whay this happened why he died and didn't live? Liz from the other forum told me that I can ask for that and I think that if I know what it went wrong maybe I can avoid it next time.
I am ok now but I don't know how I might be feeling tomorrow it's so hard a few days ago I was as happy as I can be and from one day to the other I am the saddest person in the whole world.
I was told that since I have a child already and then a miscarriage I am most fertile and that makes me feel god. The names that I had for my unborn baby I will save them for the next because I know that god will reward me soon.
Yesturday I was feeling so bad that wanted to stay in bed all day and cry but decided to take my 2 year old son trick or treating, because he is too small to realize what has happen. It feels so good when he huygs me, that he is the reason that I am staying strong and the reason I should live. My DH has been such a support if you heard that boys don't cry that is so wrong because my poor DH was crying most of the night as well. And he was been supoprting me alot which makes me feel good.
I will keep you posted on how it goes on friday I will take the day off from work tomorrow and should come back on friday, I just don't think that I am going to be able to hold the tears after my baby is taken out of me.

Please keep us in your prayers!
God bless us all!



Butterfly - November 2

RNORST, I hope everything is going good with, blessings and baby dust to you! I wanted to ask you about charting, b/c I don't know if i'm taking my temps and charting them right. E-mail me if you get a chance at: [email protected]

Lili, I sent you an e-mail if you get a chance to read it. But I will say a special prayer for you in the morning for your surgery. Please keep your strong faith. I'm glad you took your son out, I bet he had fun and a smile on his face.


Ange - November 2

I am sorry for your loss too. I am doing better now knowing I am able after all these years. Wow lawyer! Congrats!
Thanks for the words of encouragement. It was refreshing to read. I am a believer in faith and we all will conquer this infertility.

Glad you are back and happy to hear you got Af right on time. It was hard to hear about the chemical pregnancy but yes I am happy I am on the right path. Too bad our cycles are not the same anymore. I think my cycle is real messed up this month. I will keep fighting. Keep me posted! I think you are right about the charts and temps. I went to a holistic doctor and she gave me the herbs i have to boil them for 45 minutes till it come to 1 cup then drink it. I tastes like mud really bad mud. Reminds me of FEAR FACTOR. lol.

Sorry to hear about your cycles are you taking anything (ovulex, clomid,epo,green tea). I will wait one month then try again.

How are you doing? How is your little boy? It is amazing how kids can look at you with their loving eyes and you can forget just for a little while about the pain you are in. I have a 4 year old dd that knows whenever I am down she comes to me and gives me a hug or a smile that makes me smile. I hope you are doing ok we are here for you. I know you will be pregnant soon again and have a healthy pregnancy. Don't give up keep your faith. You will conquer!!! Love to you and your family. I will pray for you tomorrow.

Take care everyone! Have a good night



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