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lili246 - October 30

What is a chemical pregnancy? I am lost with butterfly. So how are you doing, are you feeling better. So if you got pregnant you have more chances and hope that you might become pregnant soon? I am thinking of you gril, hope that everything is ok. have faith and take good care of yourself. Keep us posted on how it goes.

How are you feeling today, had af arrived yet? Well I am sad for my DH because we haven't BD for more than two months now and hope that he doesn't get mad because of that. My doctor said not to BD now because of the discharge that I was having, it's gone I haven't had the discharge no more and that makes me feel good. All I want now it for my baby to be ok. I go to the doctor tomorrow and try to listen the heartbeat. I can't wait to now the gender I want to start buying lil clothes, I enjoy doing that and can't wait to know what it is. Well hope that you are feeling good, take care you are in my prayers.
Howz you lil baby boy doing by the way, did he get sick? Hope he is doing fine. God bless your family!

hey girl, haven't heard from you, are you ok.
has anyone heard of our friend leslie?

Howz everyone else doing?



positiveGirl - October 30

I got my AF on the 29th. :( this month i was a 31 day cycle. I have set appt. with mr Dr. on the 2nd. and will discuss regarding HSG test . I will talk to Dr. false unicorn root. Kinda loosing patience from Ovulex.

any suggestion??



Ange - October 30

Hello butterfly and Lili
A chemical pregnancy is a very eary miscarrage. It normally happens before you even know you were pregnant. I have mixed emotions about it at first I was just happy that I was able to be pregnant then I was hit with saddness for being so close. We conceived on my dh birthday I will remember that. I am ok today I hope my cycle will be ok this month to try again. I started my herbs again and WOW that is so gross to drink. But it did me good last month. I know my hormones are not leveled yet so I am sure that is why it didn't stick. I am hopeful but....still sad.

Try the unicorn root positive girl I am going to. sorry to here about Af

Renee where are you? I hope you are ok?


lili246 - October 30

You are a very strong girl and I admire you. Keep heads up that every soon you'llbe able to take that pregnancy all the way. I good thing was that after 14 TTC you finally did it! Hopefully next time you'll be lucky and take it all the way through. Don't lose the faith that you have everything will be awarded at the end. I am so sorry to hear that about MC I was so worry at the begining when I was having that weired discharge that I would MC and thank god my baby is ok. Well hope that he is I go to see the doctor tomorrow and hope that see gives me good news.
Keep the faith and if it didn't happen this month it will happen the next just don't lose the faith because faith is what helps you go through all of this hard work.

God bless you and your DH.



Ange - October 30

Thanks for the support Lili
After 14 years all you have is faith. Goodluck at the Doctors tomorrow I am sure the baby will be fine.
It will happen for me and dh I know it will
Take care


lili246 - October 31

Good Morning girls,
I am heading down to the doctor in a few minutes to listen my baby's heartbeat finally this day came. I'll let you know how it goes.



jay_nelle - October 31

Hey Everyone....I haven't posted in a little while. Nothing new to talk about.

Lilli ~ hope all goes well for you today.

Cali how are you doing?

I am still on BC for about 6 more weeks so I can get my period regular then in December I start my clomid. I wish I knew how much sucess people have with clomid. I so badly just want it to work the first time. I am trying to be optimisitc thought and think it will take me a while.

Happy Halloween everyone!


lili246 - October 31

I went to the doctor this morning and again we couldn't hear the baby's heartbeat. I had an ultrasound done and that nurse didn't tell me anything, I have to go back to the doctor today and find out whats going on. I am so worry because I asked the nurse from the ultrasound if there was something wrong and she said that she couldn't tell me, that I had to go and talk to my doctor. I am so worry and hope that my baby is ok.

Please god I need your prayers for my baby to be ok.

Girls, please pray for my baby...

God bless my baby!!



wantababylots - October 31

I just went to my doctor today and she put me on birth control for a month then i will start my clomid as well-- I have no idea about the succes of clomid either-- i wish i did. I want it to work for both of us. I am so upset today-- I just wish i was normal. Its so frustrating that I am having all these problems.

Lili- good luck-- you are in my prayers.



wantababylots - October 31

whats a unicorn root??



Jade - October 31

I know how you feel. I found out I had a chemical pregnancy on October 10th. I took a pregnancy test October 6th and it was positive. On October 10th I woke up with severe cramping and bleeding and went to the ER where they told me about the chemical pregnancy. It was so depressing. The Dr told me to wait 1-2 cycles before trying again. What about you. Did the Dr. tell you how long you should wait before trying again?


positiveGirl - November 1

Hi all,

Lili - Don't worry things will be fine. Don't come to conclusion before hearing out to your Dr. I'll pray for you girl :) keep us posted.

Ange - I didn't know what chemical Preg. was thanks for the info. As u mentioned "You are going to get PG for sure just " :) You take care. :)

wantababylots - False Unicorn root is very effective for getting PG. You could google it to find more about it. here is the link I had posted earlier and thought why not give it a shot after talking to my DR.


Yes, I was sad when my AF came but I try to bounce back fast coz I don't want to get stressed. I try to do deep breathing to keep myself calm and relaxed. My Dr. had aslo asked me to try Clomid to induce Ovulation but I thought let me try Ovulex and I did Ovulate so in a way Ovulex did help me but still not able concieve. No sure if I should keep trying for few more months.



Ange - November 1

Hi Lili,

I am praying for your baby. You are in my thoughts girl. I hope you get good news from your doctor.

Jade I am sorry to hear to had to through this too. Doctor told I had to wait 1 cycle at least but it is hard.....I don't think I will get a normal cycle anyways I still don't feel right. Babydust to you Jade!

Postive Girl thanks for your support! I am still looking for the false unicorn root. I started EPO last week with all my herbs.

Renee Just checking in on you again. How are you doing?

Take care


LeslieAnn - November 1

Hey everyone! How is everyone doing? I know I haven't had a chance to post here in a long time. I'm finishing up my last year of law school this year and I have been working at the school's legal clinic, so I've been super busy. I've got to represent low income victims of domestic abuse though, so it's been a really great experience.

Lili~ How are things going? Is everything okay now? My heart sunk when I read that something may be wrong. I will keep you in my prayers.

Renee~ How are things going with you? Where are you at in your cycle?

Ange~ I'm so sorry to hear about the chemical pregnancy. I know how hard it can be. I had one back in March. I got a bfp and then AF started a few days later. I felt terrible because my husband had been so excited. :(

Good luck to everyone else as well! I don't want to leave anyone out, I just haven't been able to post in so long that I haven't read everything yet. :)

AF is due for me tomorrow, and I'm not having any spotting yet, but I do have a bad backache today (classic AF sign for me). I'll keep hoping 'til she shows.

Good luck to everyone! Hopefully I will be able to start posting more regularly soon!



lili246 - November 1

all over..........
My baby is not living, he is dead. Yesturday they confirm that in the ultrasound. We couldn't hear the heartbeat and he is still inside me. I go tomorrow for a surgery so they can take my baby out.
Sorry but I just can't think about it. It's so hard that I can't stop crying.



LeslieAnn - November 1


I'm so sorry about your loss. I will definitely keep you in my prayers. Don't forget about all of the girls on this board. We are here for you! If you need anything, let me know. I know I haven't been on this board much lately, but I will definitely check back.




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