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lili246 - November 21

I know that you don't wnat to miss any chances but one time I BD all nights and by the time that O was getting close I and DH got tired and would miss those important days. Are you taking your temps? I would suggest that you start BD by the time you are getting very close to O then you would want to start BD all nights until pass O.
ofcourse you can do what ever you want, but in my case thats what happened and would not want you to get tired ont that important day.

I know how hard it gets when you are trying and no success but you have to take away all that stress out and relax, stressing will not help at all.

take Care
best wishes.



lili246 - November 21

I wanted to ask you something.
I want to know after your mc how long did you wait to bd again? I am confuse and don't know when?
If you can help me I would really appreciated.



Jade - November 21

The dr told me i could bd after the bleeding stopped. For me that was about 10 days. He also told me to wait 1 cycle to ttc again. Mine happened much earlier than yours though. I didn't have a d&c. So I guess it just depends on how far along you were. So if I were to EVER get af again I could start trying. I have never been so anxious to see af. LOL Doesn't it seem like TTC is a bunch of waiting around. Waiting on O, 2ww, waiting to see if you get AF. It is funny isn't it. I feel like i am waiting my life away....lol How many days past mc are you. Are you expecting AF any time now??? I am sure it will come soon for you. Most everyone I hear from tells me their AF came right on time after mc..... I guess I am just abnormal....


RNORST - November 21

Jade, Good luck tommorrow, keep us posted. I took that med. before to start my af after problems with thyriod, I had no side effects.

sbooth96, My dh takes mens one a day, I don't know of any other. I have been on ovulex for 2 1/2 months. I don't have very many pills left so I stoped after O, and will start up again after af, (hope it doesn't come). I will have enough pills until O for next month. I don't want to order any more. Good luck to you.

Ange, Will they do IVF this month or next. I'm praying for you. How exciting. After you do ivf, please keep us posted on how it goes. My ticker says 9 days, but my lutal phase is always 15 days and I'm 4 dpo, but who knows? 9 sounds alot better.

Love you all and God bless you. God will make our dreams come true.



lili246 - November 22

I had the d&c in 11-2-06 so that is just about three weeks this thursday but like you said I've never been so anxious about af to come hope that it does soon.
I am not sure when it will come I guess I still have about two or three more weeks to go. I am not sure if it's going to come on time because I am so irregular as well so who knows when.
I sometimes get some spotting but it's only when I wipe I see red not like blood but it's like red cm. I don't know when it's going to spot for completely so I can get my normal af.
Thanks for the info. Good Luck tomorrow and hope that everything goes well.

Love you.


Stacey85 - November 22

Hi, everyone well af started today so take it all funny side affects have eaither been Ovulex or my body fooling me, oh well start again this month! Lil I fully agree with you about felling like always waiting but hearing from all you guys fives me so much hope you are very strong and exeptionaly kind I feel privileged to be part of this group.I'm sure you willl all agree this emotional journey will be so worth it when we have our babies in our arms, you guys have given me the stregth to belivr and rather than say IF I get pregnant but WHEN, and I belive the same for all of you.



Ange - November 22


Jade we are still going to try till Ivf. it will be my last shot I am going to see a new RE on dec 21 and find out what he says. I will try one cycle of IVF since it is so expensive but it is hard not to try three. On the web site of their pricing 1 is 4,800 and 3 is 8,900 plus meds of course! so we will see maybe my sweet daughter will bring us babydust before then. I have to have a bunch of tests again cause it has been so long since I have had them.
Goodluck on your AF I wish you to get it ASAP! So you can try again.

Renee, I think the IVF will be more like January-February since I was reading the list I got in the mail last night of all the tests I have to redue. ANyways I am glad it is after the holidays this way less stress. I am sending you more babydust today and everyday till testing.

Stacey85 sorry to hear about AF!


lili246 - November 22

Goodmorning ladies,
Hows everyone doing, hope that everyone is having a rgeat day today and hope that it goes by fast so that we can get that thrusday off from work. I have to work on friday to bad hope that we get off early.

Well DH couldn't wait yesturday night and we bd. I am not bleeding or spotting anymore so I went for it. I want to keep him happy and stay together thats what we need to do right now we had gone through lots of sad emotions and we haven't talked about us or be atleast a second together. So here we are hope that everything is ok with no problems.
We are just waiting for af to come and hope it does soon so atleast we are half on our waiting period.

Have a great and safe holiday we are all here for a reason and you'll see that god will bless us soon. He knows how much we are looking forward to get pregnant and I just know it because I have a big feeling that he will bless us soon.

Love you all


LeslieAnn - November 22

Hey everyone! How is everyone doing today?

SBooth~ Good luck this month! Hopefully you will get your bfp!

NikiEric~ Welcome to the group. I have thought many times that I could be pg and then find out I'm not, I even got a bfp once and then AF came a few days later. I know how disappointing it can be. Just hang in there! You will get your bfp soon!

Lili~ That's too bad that AF is taking forever to show up, but it's still good that you and your DH are spending some time together. I just entered tww, I o'ed yesterday. We BD'ed last night and probably will again tonight, and then it's two weeks of waiting and probably obsessing. :) Hopefully you will be able to relax a bit over the holiday. Do you have to travel anywhere?

Renee~ Good luck in the two week wait this month, and be sure to keep us posted. Your temps sound promising. I am still on clomid, I hate the side effects so I probably won't do it another cycle. I had terrible cramps with O this month, almost as bad as my period. I don't know if this is yet another side effect or not but it was not fun.

Ange~ Are you going to do IVF then, or were you going to keep ttc on your own for awhile?

Stacey85~ I had some weird symptoms my first few months of Ovulex, too. I got very sore bbs when I was on it, and I would break out like crazy. You are right, this is a tough time, but it will be worth it in the end. Good luck this month!

Everyone have a great thanksgiving! I will be out of town for a few days at family things, so I will post again when we get back!

Love and baby dust,



SBOOTH96 - November 22

Hello to all!! Looking forward to not working for the rest of the week!! Lilli~ thanks for your info... you do make a good point there, maybe we should chill a little bit at least a little... because yes that would be awful if we missed our "prime time".. Yes it is definetly hard waiting around, but like you say i am confident that our patience will pay off. I really hope that things start to look up for you too.. Im hoping you get your af and you can start trying immediatley!

Renee~ ok, i just wanted to make sure i was giving him the right vitamins.. Hopefully everything will work for you too this month.

Leslie~ thanks for the luck hopefully it will pay off this month! Im really looking forward to that BFP!! Come on baby!! Patience is running a little low!! Just have to remember that "good things come to those who wait!" im defintly waiting, but am i waiting patiently? not so much!! but im trying!

Good luck to everyone this month, may god bless all of us with our dreams to become mommies!!! love you all, and if i dont talk to you, have a great and safe holiday!!!


lili246 - November 22

no I am not traveling anywhere I am just going tostay home and relax. I need that day off and I will spend it with my wonderful baby boy. I am happy that I will get that day off and spend it with him. Have a safe holiday and take it easy. Hope that you get that bfp soon! I'll be thinking of you.

I know it gets so frustrated that you don't want to miss any days and you might want to try every day so that you be in the safe side. It's ok as long as you bot are willing to do it all the way through. But in my case that has happen to me getting tired at the time of O and thats when it kills everything. But you go ahead and do what you think it's best for you and the best way you might have higher chances. I will be cheering for you either way. I hope that you get that bfp soon. We all need it. I will wait to normal periods before I try again and it seems forever. I guess I need to relax and take it easy and think about the holidays this way time will go by fast and once I notice I will be able to start trying again.

Have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving!
I'll be praying for you all and hope that we get more of those bfp!

Mega healthy baby dust to all of us!
God bless your family!

Love, Lili


RNORST - November 22

Ange, I hope it happen this month for you so you don't have to do it. I'm praying for you. Your Ivf is alot cheaper than where I live. One IVF here is $10,000.00. If you don't mind me asking how much was your IUI? Where do you live, that is 1/2 the price than here in Nebraska?
Are you still drinking that stuff? Good luck.

Leslieann, Good luck this month. Do you ever get cramps when you O? I usual do, they were not as bad this month, I did have some pains, it felt like growing pains down there and though my legs. I have had them so bad before, that my legs are cramping from waist down and cramps worst that af. And it's alot of presurre when bd. That's not fun. Are you taking your temps this month. I'm praying that this will be our month. If you don't do clomid again, what will your next step be with the re?

sbooth96, What cd are you on? Good luck this month.

Lili, Hi, how's it going. We have so many jobs already and we always have to keep the dh happy. I'm sure you were ok to do that, since you are done bleeding. Try to relax and almost forget about af, if your worrying about it to much, it will just take longer to get here. I'm praying that af comes soon and is regular.




Ange - November 22

Renee, My IUI were free done by the hospital. I only paid the clomid. That was 7 years ago. I looked to see if they charged out patients but I didn't see the price listing only for the sperm wash. Here is the link so you can check it out. http://www.mcgillivf.com/M


SBOOTH96 - November 22

thanks lil.. i hope i get tha bfp soon too. thanks for all your thoughts and prayers.. you are in mine as well..

renee~ on cd 5!!! slowly approaching o. thanks for the luck and best of it to you also!!

may we all get what we really want for christmas this year........................................ A BUNDLE OF JOY!!! Blessed holidays for everyone!


RNORST - November 22

Ange, thanks for the info. I'm going to check it out now. Thanks again. So what if you bought the 3 ivf and it worked after the first one, are you just out that money? To bad you are so far away, alot cheaper then here.

sbooth96, My dream is to tell every one on Christams also, It has to happen this month, or no surprize on Christmas.

Good luck



lili246 - November 22

You are so right. I will relax and let af comes when ever she wants. I know the more I think about it the more time will be for her to get here. So I will relax and take it easy and let her appear when she wants.
The same way with you try to relax and don't stress about the day of your testing. Please relax and let those days comes by and then test if af hasn't appear. Stressing will just make things worse and I know because I have experience it.
Have a great thanksgiving!
I am thankful that I have met all of you throught his forum because you are all my light to proceed for what I want without giving up.
I love you all girls and god bless you!




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