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SBOOTH96 - November 21

Hello ange,

My cycle is between 26-28 days long. Honestly I don't do anything to check my signs.. We just be sure to "get together" if you will, 11 days after my af all through the week... I know thats obviously not the right way, but we've never actually taken the trying that far... we just did what we did and waited to see what happened. but now i'm sick of "waiting"!!! we're really ready to "REALLY try" so i will definetly check out that link.. thanks for your help!


LeslieAnn - November 21

Hey everyone!

It's been a few days since I've posted. I had a horrible week last week at work. I'm behind on everything! :( How is everyone doing?

Lili~ How are things going for you? Has AF come yet?

Renee~ How are things going for you?

Sbooth~ If you have a 26-28 day cycle, I think you should be fine if you start BD'ing every other day around day 11. Or, if you want to be really sure, you could test with an opk. I like the Answer brand because they are fairly cheap and accurate.

According to my opk kit, I should be o'ing today. I also got a good color change, which my RE said is a good sign, but I am going to get my hormone levels tested in about a week to be sure I'm getting a good ovulation.

Wishing everybody lots of luck this month,



lili246 - November 21

No af hasn't come yet and it's taking forever. I hope that it comes soon because I want to start trying again. So hows everything with you. Hope that you get that bfp soon.

I should start taking my temps. again and I will just so that I can get an idea when af will show up. I am so anxious to start trying again and this af will not show up. well I guess I have to be patient and everything will come sooner and with good condition..lol

Take care,

Love, Lili


SBOOTH96 - November 21


Thanks for your info! Why do they say to do it, every other day? not to be too straight forward or anything but me and DH get to it every day! is that bad? i was also wondering if there was certain viatmins my husband should be taking.. if we dont have any luck this month, i am going to buy him the amberoz.. but is there any other vitamin supplement he can take?

Lots of baby luck!!


NikiEric - November 21

Hi, i was looking around on the net and stumbled onto Ovulex. My hubby and i have been trying for the past 2 years to have a baby. We are scared because i had a tubal ligation reversal 2 years ago and they had to remove 3cm of my right tube. I am hoping that the ovulex will work. Anyone had any luck yet with it?

Nicole & Eric
[email protected]


LeslieAnn - November 21

SBooth~ There's nothing wrong with doing it every day. That's even better, in my humble opinion. The only reason some ppl say to do it every other day is so the man has time to "recharge," so his sperm count doesn't drop too low. However, if the man has a normal sperm count this is probably not an issue and this isn't an issue for most people. So I think you are probably increasing your chances by doing it every day.

Lili~ That's too bad that AF hasn't come yet, I'm sure she will show up soon. It's just aggravating waiting for her sometimes! Hopefully thnings are going well for you otherwise.

NikiEric~ There have been a few success stories from Ovulex on this board. However, I'm not one of them. I think there might be a separate thread started about BFP Success Stories if you want to check it out.



NikiEric - November 21

Thank you so much for the reply Leslie, it's very nice to meet you. I am so glad i found this forum. It's nice (maybe not the best way to put it, lol) to know that there are other women out there who are feeling like i am. I want a baby so bad that my body actually fooled me into thinking i was, the only way the docs were able to see i wasn't was by ultrasound. let me say that was an aweful experience, i almost lost my mind! That was about a year ago. Now i feel that ovulex is my last chance!

Thank you so much Ladies!
Nicole and Eric


lili246 - November 21

I can say that I was one of the success stories from ovulex. The sad part was that my baby didn't make it all the way and loss it. I am blaming everything up to this point and won't use ovulex anymore because of what happen. But I know that there are other ladies with success stories and almost to the point of giving birth, for them everything was a success whic I can't say the same but I have faith that I will be able to concieve soon.

I know it seems forever hope that she showz up soon. I can't wait and all I can do is wait. I think that after Christmas I will be able to start trying again so hopefully I get those two af that I am waiting for. Before I can start trying again. So how is your cycle? You had af already right. Have faith sister and your turn will come sooner than you think.

Where's my other sister Renee, take it easy and relax don't stress alot on thinking for that days of testing just wait and think positive try to put your things on something else and let that day come by without any stress I am cheering for you and hope that you get that BFP soon!



SBOOTH96 - November 21


i agree with you and will continue to do it everyday.. i'm very hopeful that this will work and as long as i have ppl like you to talk to about it, i just know that everything will work out.. thanks for everything and i'll keep you posted!

best wishes!


RNORST - November 21

sbooth96, I have my dh taking a mutil-vitiamin. You can bd everyday as long as dh don't have a low sprem count. Welcome and good luck.

Wantababylots, I was on 50 mg of clomid, but next time it will be 100 mg. The differce is that one is strong and will make you make more eggs? Don't know for sure. I was on 50 mg and only made one egg. Good luck.

Romy, Welcome to our family. I got my opk and preg test at www.earlypregnacytest.com. I got 15 opk and 5 preg test for 16.95 with free shipping.

Moosha21, Have you taken a preg test? Good luck.

NikiEric, Welcome and Good luck.

Lili, Hi girl, I have been trying to relax and just let the days go by. Thanksgiving will help time go by a little faster, I have thru and friday off. Start taking your temps and let me know.

Ange, I'm so happy that the u/s came out fine, and also congrats on af. What test will you start this month? is it to get ready for ivf? is it with a re? Good luck. I had a nice date with dh, we bd after work and statan was trying to stop us, we had someone come to the door and then the phone rang twice, we knew it was the right time since statan was trying to stop us. We bd again that night and the on Sat. I think I O for sure on friday. Now I have 11 days to wait. Trying to relax and not think about it.

Stacy85, If I was you I would test again in the morning. Good luck and keep us posted.

Leslieann, Hi, it's good to hear from you. I O on the 17th we bd every day about 3-4 days before and then twice on friday and again on sat. My temps went up on sat. 98.0, sun. 98.0, mon. 98.1, tues. 98.3. Now I have 11 days to wait. I'm trying to be really relaxed and not worry about it. God has it all under control. Are you still in clomid? Good luck this month and with O. Remeber to relax and enjoy bd.

I love all you girls, thanks for being there for me. I can't image going though this by myself. I'm praying for all of you.God bless.



SBOOTH96 - November 21


Hello.. ok so just a regular mutlivitamin is ok.. i used to buy him the one a day mens and he actually took them, but is there any other that you know of thats more natural? Have you been taking ovulex for a while?
thanks for responding! good luck to you too!


Ange - November 21

If you know dh has excellent sperm then you go girl everynight bd is the way to go.

Welcome have you had a hsg since you started ttc to see if your tubes are open. Do you have an RE? What cycle day are you on? DO you know when you O? I wish you all the best.

Glad to hear all is well with you and by your ticker you have 9 days till testing wow time is going by fast. I am excited about my U/S being good I was very worried so was DH he came with me. He was too cute he was looking at the screen trying to figure out what everything was. I was happy to hear that there were no cysts on my ovary. Yes I am happy for AF today cause I was able to call the ivf clinique to make my 1st test appoinment for my sonogram on cd4 and blood test for I have no clue but I will find out on friday. I am very excited about the IVF.
I wish you lot and lots of BABYDUST



SBOOTH96 - November 21


Alright!!! Thank you! I will, everynight until i'm preggo! I'm focused and ready for baby makin'! Best of luck to everyone! We're all in this together and I believe together is how we will get through it! hang in there and try to be patient... I am but it's killing me!!!

talk to ya'll later!


Jade - November 21

Have ladies!
Lili~ I havent had af since beginning of oct. 50+ days now. No i havent had it since after mc. Hopefully dr. tomorrow will help with that.

Summer~Is there any side affects from Provera. I hope the re will give it to me tomorrow. I will let ya know.

Ange~ Great news about AF. Now the cycle begins again. Are you going to continue to try or wait for IVF???


lili246 - November 21

wow that has been a long time. I hope that my af comes soon and doesn't take that long. I know it gets very frustrated when it takes forever to come when you want it to come. I hope that your doctor gives you something so that you can get it right away. So are you going to try to get pregnant? Or are you going to wait another normal period after you get this one?
I want to start right away but doctor told me that after my mc I have to wait atleast two normal periods. WHat are your plans?
Let me know.

Love Ya,


lili246 - November 21

I know that you don't wnat to miss any chances but one time I BD all nights and by the time that O was getting close I and DH got tired and would miss those important days. Are you taking your temps? I would suggest that you start BD by the time you are getting very close to O then you would want to start BD all nights until pass O.
ofcourse you can do what ever you want, but in my case thats what happened and would not want you to get tired ont that important day.

I know how hard it gets when you are trying and no success but you have to take away all that stress out and relax, stressing will not help at all.

take Care
best wishes.




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