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wantababylots - September 21


I am on Metaformin and spironolactone for my hormone and insulin levels and ovulex also.

I dont knwo what cd i am on-- i dont really keep track.. im pretty sure i cant get preg right now because of my levels-- so im not paying attention this month. but my periods are regulating and that is awesome!!

Good luck to you Denise! i Everything is ok with your tests and your lining.. its a hard thing but it will all be ok and get better!!


RNORST - September 21

Lili, how's everything. That one time I had a hard time logging on also. There is a button when you log on, that you can click to stay logged on all the time. Thats what I did. Well good luck with your insurance. I believe that I O on the 15th. My temps went from 97.7 to 98.1. My temps have been above 98.0, but they seem low this cycle usual they are up more, but then today it was up to 98.5, sure wish it would keep going up and stay up. My boobs are not sore yet, that ok, wish they would get sore about 5 days before af should come. When did your boobs start to hurt? When I was preg. with my son it was like 4-5 before af was suppost to come. I don't even know if I could get preg. yet? Af should come around Oct. 1st, I'm excitied to get it, so I can take that other test. Keep me posted on how you and your blessing are. Good luck and God bless your family!!!!

Thanks for the encourgment! We need to help each other get though thing. Thanks!! That is awsome if your period are getting more regular. I will keep you in my prays.



ticklinivory - September 21

They just did a whole bunch of hormone test and my doc noticed more hair on my body than most women during my pap about 4 years ago. It is when you don't get af every month and your ovum that matures but doesn't come out because your not ovulating and then it turns into cysts due to your hormones being so off and most women have more testosterone.

Well, I know I already see a difference with my ovulex(it's only been 4 days) and as far as the spiro goes, I'm getting laser done for my excess hair issue. Metformin didn't really work for me, it just made me sick. We will all be pg soon!

I found that logging in and clicking always logged in and then close the browser and reopening to here keeps you logged in but it works.


springs - September 22


THANK YOU so much for writing how you were able to keep yourself logged in. I have been trying for a while now to get logged into the site. Now I finally am!!!

Well I have been on ovulex for almost 2 months. So far so good. I have at least ovulated the last 2 months on it so that is something. This month I o'd on cd 26 so this is a long cycle for me. I am 5 dpo today so at least 5-6 more days before I can test.

The wait is killing me........Best of luck to everyone!!!!


tross - September 22

hi everyone, Since a couple of you mentioned how tierd you had been recently....that reminded me.... The first couple of weeks on ovulex, I slept all the time. My poor kid watch way too much t.v. at that time.....and I felt sick to my stomach, alot.....I think there's something in the herbal mix that must cause drowsiness and (I'm going to puke) like symptoms. I read through my basal thermomitor instructions to help me to unerstand better, this whole temperature thing. So...I'm going to get started tomarrow.

Good luck everyone. I know we are all on different days in our cycle, but it's exciting to know where you are all at, and to be able to pray for the specifics that you're going through.

I have a prayer request: It's of news that we don't want to hear....but, we need your prayers. A friend of mine through Church, just had her baby on Sunday...A beautiful baby girl. Well, she at this point can not breath on her own, and is in a comma, with the possibility of brain damage. I have friends whose situations were so bleak, and doctors so sure of the outcome, that overcame and completey turned for the better against all odds, i believe because of prayer. Please pray for her. Her name is Jasmine. Much love,Tross


wantababylots - September 22

Tross- wow that is a sad story. i cant imagine.. I will pray for her.
I think the tired thing is wearing off little by little. i still throw up about everynight after dinner but that is before i take my meds for the night. i twill get better-- im sure.
Im about 5 days till my period is due. so we will see if she is normal this month. Im hopeing that everything is regulating so that maybe i have a chance next month with getting preg.
I have been babysitting my friends little baby lately and i love babies-- he did puke all ove my DH so he wasnt too happy. But its all a part of mother and fatherhood.
Good luck to everyone close to testing time and everyone else.
baby dust..


RNORST - September 22

Are you on any meds for that? I will keep you in my prayers that God will heal your body and bless you with fertility.

Good luck keep us posted the wait is terrible.

I will say my prayers for you friend. Pray is a powerful thing. Lets keep it going!
You will find out alot about your cycle when you take your temps. Good luck and if you have any questions let me know. I have been taking my temps for a long time. And it really helped me my first two times I got preg.

Good luck and alot of baby dust!

Lili, how are you feeling? I'm so happy for you and I have been saying my prays for you ever day!

I also pray every day for everyone on here. Prayer is Powerful!




RNORST - September 22

Leslie, are you still out there? Lets me know how you are done.


lili246 - September 22

We will keep your friend in our prayers for sure. God will help this lil girl Jasmine. She will go through all this with success.

Thank You for the advise I will give it a try and hope I don't have nay more problems logging ing.

Thank You very much for all your support and your prayers. I am still thinking of you and that your turn is getting closer. Hopefully this month you give us the big news. I will also keep you in my prayers God bless you and your family aswell.
I started with my sore boobs past a few days of ovulation and then stayed that way till I tested. they weren't hurting as much as the first time I got pregnant. They actually don't hurt as much now. But I didn't had anyother symptoms of PG when I tested. So it was weired I tested becausemy temps. kept high for 14 days and thats when I got the BFP. Hope you get lucky this month. Take good care of yourself.

Well girls I just got stop by a cop while driving to my work with my husband. the red light caught me in the middle of the street, and that cop happen to be right i front of the lane. So yeah he stopped me and gave me a BF ticket..lol This is my first violation ever since I started driving and it was alright because my husband told me what to do. it's ok now I know that I should stop when I see the yellow light on...haha.
Well wanted to share my dilema of the day. Hope I don't have to pay that much. Since I am busy getting ready for my son's birthday party next saturday and then saving some money for the new baby. Owell it happen and there's no way back.

Take Good care and god bless all of you trying to concieve.

keep your heads up and have faith!

your friend, Lili


RNORST - September 22

Lili, how do you get your tickler thing at the bottom of your message to stay. I finally firugred out how to get it on mine, but I doesn't stay, I have to redo it every time???

Love Renee


moira - September 22

i started back on ovulex again, i was diagnosed with PCOS, am on metformin and my HSG just came back clear as well as my husbands test was normal. I figure all the help we can get right.


lili246 - September 22

I just do the copy and paste thing. and if it doesn't work I just do it again. usually in the baby gaga they give you three options to copy and paste, I usually try eachone until on of them works? Keep trying you'll get it there eventually.
So on what DPO are you in Renee?
I know that before I notice that I was pregnant my temp. was low around 98.0 to 98.2 and then it went up days after and stayed mostly at 98.7, so they weren't that high at the begining until days after.
I hope you get good results soon.
Take care.



RNORST - September 22

Thanks Lili,
I will try it again. I'm 7 DPO. I should start around Oct. 1st. Other cycles that you had before you got preg., did you ever notice temps being that low in the beginning before? This cycle was kind of weriod, usually my temps go from 97.7 before O than up to 98.3. 98.4, 98.3, 98.1, 98.5,etc. This time it was like 97.7, 98.1, 98.0, 98.2, 98.1, 98.0, 98.5, 98.4 (today).
Since this is different, sure wish it would be a good sign.

With love and prays for that lil one



lili246 - September 22

The rest of my cycles were after Ovulation then would raise high up and stayed that way til Af came. but this last time was weired because after O they didn't go that high they would be from 98.2 to 98.5 then back to 98.3 and the highest was after past DPO 10 I think raised to 98.7 but thats all and it would come up and down for some reason well actually that reason came that I was PG.
So hopefully your temps. are going that way because of a reason and hopefully because you are PG. I will be praying for you my friend, have the faith and God will bless you soon. If it's not this month there's always next month but don't give up.

God Bless you renee.



springs - September 23

Hey everyone!

Well today is 6 DPO and I have some spotting. I don't know what to make of it?? It wasn't much just after a BM (TMI)?! Nothing on my panties.

Yesterday I had a really bad cramp on my right side for a few minutes and since then I have felt fine. I don't know what is going on.



Ange - September 25

Hello everyone I am new to this forum. I found it when I was doing research on Ovulex. I have been told but Doctors that I have a 3% chance of ever conceiving when I was 20 so that is 14 years ago. I have never been pregnant once. Early this year I found out I have hypothyroidism. I am now on synthroid and feeling better. My levels are still not yet normal but they are getting closer I am still at 4.23. I hear that I must try to get it to at least 2 for a better chance of conceiving. I also lost my left ovary and tube due to an infection to my ovary. The doctors say it was because I was taken clomid for 3months and my ovarys have always been cystic. SO I do not want to try clomid again.
SO when I saw this herbal Ovulex I want to try it but the only thing I am afraid that I won't be able to take it because I take the meds for my thyroid. Can anyone tell me if they used it with synthroid?



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