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Ange - September 25

Hello everyone I am new to this forum. I found it when I was doing research on Ovulex. I have been told but Doctors that I have a 3% chance of ever conceiving when I was 20 so that is 14 years ago. I have never been pregnant once. Early this year I found out I have hypothyroidism. I am now on synthroid and feeling better. My levels are still not yet normal but they are getting closer I am still at 4.23. I hear that I must try to get it to at least 2 for a better chance of conceiving. I also lost my left ovary and tube due to an infection to my ovary. The doctors say it was because I was taken clomid for 3months and my ovarys have always been cystic. SO I do not want to try clomid again.
SO when I saw this herbal Ovulex I want to try it but the only thing I am afraid that I won't be able to take it because I take the meds for my thyroid. Can anyone tell me if they used it with synthroid?


RNORST - September 25

Lili, thanks for the info. My temps are like yours this last time. Sat and Sunday they where 98.2 & 98.3, but I didn't take them at the same time and I did get up a hour before taking them. This morning it was 98.5. Yesterday I had some werid pretty bad pain on my right lower side, it only lasted a min. My boobs are started to get a little sore on Sunday and they are sore today. Sure wish I would be preg. but like I said before I don't even know if I can get preg. with this exrta tissue on my uterus. How are you feeling? Good luck and God bless you and your lil blessing.

Springs, I had pains like that on Sunday, I was DPO 9. I wish I knew what was going on.

Ange, Welcome to our group. I'm not on any thryiod med., but I did have thryiod problems for 3 month, my thryiod was leaking, it was also very high and I lost weight and my heart was about to jump out of my chest. My thryiod is back to normal now. I have a friend that has to take thryiod med. and she now has a little girl about 9 months old. Good luck to you. I will be praying for you and with God nothing is impossiable.




wantababylots - September 25

Ange- Welcome-- it is good to have you here.
I dont know about thyroid medicine. I am on meds for high insulin levels and am still on ovulex as well.. Ovulex ix natural so it wont effect your other meds. that is what my doctor told me. Im not sure if that is what you are wondering or not.

Good luck to you and everyone else.
You are all in my prayers.


Ange - September 25

Hello Renee and Cali,

Thanks for the kind welcome. I am going to give it a try I have nothing to lose. I wanted to try ovulex for the reason it is natural. How many people accually got pregnant that have been in this forum using ovulex?


lili246 - September 25

Hi Ange,
Well I can say that I am one of those success stories on trying ovulex. I was trying to concieve since December of last year with no luck. ofcourse my periods were so irregular and couldn't tell when I was most fertile. Until one friend suggested to take my temps. every morning, so I did start that on february. It still was hard for me until July, when I found this forum and saw that most of the ladies were taking ovulex, so I gave it a try and took it for almost two months. I was almost going to finish my second bottle when I found out that I was pregnant. And I think that 99% had to do with the ovulex. So I am very thankful that I gave ovulex a try because it did work for me and soon it will work for my other friends at this forum. It just takes time and faith it's all. I wish you the best and welcome!

I have notice that most of the girls are having problems trying to log in the forum. Isn't there something that we can do so we can fix this problem??
Well I am praying very hard for you. I hope that this weired temps. are for a reason just like they were for me. Well I wish you the best and have faith girl. God has you in the look and your turn will come soon.
You have most of the signs that I had before I found out that I was pregnant.
I have been alright with no vomiting only some nauseas at times and thats all. Today I woke up with a lil headache and hope it goes away soon.

Girls I will keep praying for all of you keep the faith and believe in ovulex because it does miracles for sure.

God Bless you all!



springs - September 25

Hi everyone!

Well I am 9 dpo today and I'm pretty sure that AF has arrived. This is really frustrating since I am taking propemtrium to beek up my luteal phase also. I had such high hopes. :o(

Now I don't know what to consider CD1, is it spotting or the first day of full flow? The spotting is red so it is definately fresh blood.

Thanks for letting me vent!

Ange-Sorry not about to give you any advice about ovulex and your thyroid meds.

Renee-I hope your pain was implantation. Im praying for you!

I'm praying for everyone! Best of luck!


Ange - September 25

Wow Lili congrats! I am very happy for you and your dh. I wish you much happiness with your blessing

Springs I am sorry to hear about your AF. I would say that if it is dark spotting that it is your first day. I sometimes have two days of spotting before it gets really heavy.


ticklinivory - September 25

Well things seem to be going fine with me so far on the ovulex. haven't had af yet though. Only some soreness in my chest and little cramps. My sex drive is about doubled and cm is a little thinner. At least I know it's helping. My temps haven't gone up high enough to O. The highest I saw was 97.7 on thursday or friday morning other than that they went back down to 97.3 since then. Could that have been O? I don't think so but who know. Ange, welcome to the board. I don't know about the thyroid meds but I don't think it would hurt anything. I know it seems to be helping me so far. I'm not even a success story and would recommend it to anyone trying. Well, ladies, talk to you all again soon.


RNORST - September 25

Lili, did you try to stay log on all the time. That really helped me. Did you have your son birthday party yet? Tell him happy birthday. Thanks for helping though all of this. I will make it, because of friends like you guys here!!!

Springs, sorry about the spotting, please keep your head up! Thanks for praying for me. I'm also praying for you and all the other girls. Pray really helps us thourgh things. Thank you, Springs. May God bless you with fertility. Keep your trust in Him and it will happen!




lili246 - September 25

Hey you still remember when I told you girls that I was going to put the attention to my son and his birthday party ha!
Well his birthday is September 29 which is this friday he is going to be 2 years old. And His birthday party is saturday the 30. I almost have everything ready and I am so excited to celebrate it. He loves balloons so I made sure he has lots of them for his birthday. I can't wait for saturday to get here.
And yes I did click on the stayed log on all the time so I wouldn't keep having those same problems everytime I wanted to log in. I notice that lots of our girls here were having the same problems and hopefully they have fixed the problem.
Well Renee I have a feeling that your turn is coming very soon. Have faith and keep heads up girl. I am always thinking of you. I wish you the best. Have you heard of leslieAnn it's been a while and I miss her.
Well take good care and keep it up girl.

Have faith on what ever you take and trust in it without trust nothing will work. Faith is the most important thing.
I wish you the best!



cov1929 - September 26

OMG I have been trying to get logged in for the last couple days thank god it finally worked lol

So far I have been feeling good on Ovulex horrible headaches. I have had them for the last week and omg I have been tired but my sex drive is crazy lol I dont know if this is the symtoms of ovulex or what.

I have been trying to figure out when am ovulating with those Ovulation Predictors but no luck yet.

Lili I hope you have a wonderful birthday party for your son. Your son and I have something in common our birthdays lol I hope he really enjoys his party ;D


tross - September 26

Hey guys, it's hard to keep up with all them news you guys are sharing.

Renee, hoping and praying that this is your time.
Lili, excited for you and your baby.
Cali, how's it in Utah?
Springs, thanx for venting...feel free that's what we're here for.

and to everyone else...thanx for your prayers with my friends baby. She's still hanging on. Has been doing better as of late. Please keep prayer for her.(Jasmine).

Welcome newbies....about the hypothyroid..I used to take stuff for that, maybe I need to take some also along with ovulex...Good question. I'll check into that.

2 days of charting my temp. At least so far it gets me up early.
talk to you soon,tross


twinky - September 26

hi, im a newbie here. i started taking ovulex for me and amberoz for DH last sept 12. nice to see people like all of you here and support each other..keep it up!


RNORST - September 26

Lili, thanks for the encourgement. My son liked balloons then and still does, hope the party is wonderful.
My temps were 98.7 today and my boobs are more sore then yesterday and they are also swollen now. I'm still having the pains and cramps every once in a while. I just hate the wait. If my temps are still high on friday I will test then. I hate having all these symptoms, every time I think its a good sign af is right around the coner. This cycle is different from most. My temps were low at the beginning and now up, usual they are high and then go down a bit before af. My boobs are usual sore and swollen before now, and I don't think I have every had these pains before, and I'm also very bloated, hope its not from af coming. I'm keeping my head up, if this isn't my month, its coming up, God has lead me to a wonderful doctor.

Cov1929, when you log in, hit the button that says stay log in all the time, So you wont have to log in again.

Tross, Thanks for your prays. Its so nice to have friends that you have never met, to be so faithfully and pray for one another. Thank you. I'm also praying you and all the other girls and also Jasmine is in my thoughts and prays. God will take care of her, she is His child!

Twinky, Good luck to you and your DH, and welcome to our group.




Ange - September 26

Goodmorning Ladies,
I am 4 days away from AF. The closer I get the sadder I get.
I try every month not to think about it but.......

I alway have something that feels different IE: my breast tenderness is from sore to not sore or sometimes they tingle.
This month my boobs started to hurt a bit then stopped for a few days and now they are slowly enlarging and getting a bit sore. I have had cramps on either side so I can't tell if I ovulated or not cause I don't have a left ovary or tube. I used to bt but had to stio my doctor told me that since I have hypothyroidism my chart may not be correct.

Also this cycle the length I think has changed for the last 3 months I have been 23 days and this month I am sure I will be 28. I was 28-30 for a long time. I just wish there was a button so I could stop wondering if maybe this is my turn?

I sent a msg to Dr. Jacobs and he thinks I should not take ovulex unless I speak to my doctors first. I hope I get an appointment soon. I wanted to buy it today.

I am sorry venting..... I just need to get this out.

Renee I wish you all the babydust in the world.


RNORST - September 26

Ange, Girl vent all you want, thats what were hear for. Please keep your head up. If this month isn't mine or yours we will just try again next month. What was your tyhriod? I know you said it was high, Is it below 5? Does your med help keep your thyriod level down? Maybe you need to get in to see your doc. and talk to him about all your conserns. Please don't give up. I'm praying for you. Trust in God and He will show you some answers. Our cycle are really close, lets get though this together!

God Bless You and keep smiling, nothing is impossible for God!





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