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wantababylots - September 17

i really dont know much of the termonology either..
im sorry that you started-- i know is is heartbreaking.
It said that ovulex will take up to 3 months to regulate you so dont worry-- just have faith in it adn keep going.
i dont think i have a chance of being preg this month but maybe just maybe by some chance i do ovulate this month and the meds are helping-- im just hoping for the best.
tross-- where are you from??

THere are some really good sccriptures to study adn that always makes me feel better too. good luck tross- dont get too down. we all have bad days and rough patches but that is why we are here and we are here for you....



tross - September 18

Cali, Thanx for the encouragment. Yah I'm gonna keep going with the Ovulex.....I'm from California. Born in Santa Monica, grew up in Orange Country. I've been in Michigan for the past 10 years..Stuck here cause this is where I met my boy..How about you? Tross is not my real name. It was though, when I was with my girls.....talk to soon.


RNORST - September 18

CD is what cycle day you are on. O means ovulate. Dh means husband. BD means baby dacning (sex). AF means your period. The first day of your cycle would be cd 1, your cd end with the start of a new period. Then your cd start over with cd 1 again. After you O you are in the luteal stage. This is usual the same amount of days each cycle. The first day of the luteal stage is the day after O. This is the amount of days that your temp. would stay high, probably around 98.1 and up. Then the day of your period, your temp will drop back down to 97.7? If you haven't started taking your temps, you need to start now. The first 2 times I got preg. I did it by taking my temps. If your are like me, you will notice temps before O will be like 97.6-97.9. After O temps will jump up to 98.3-98.9, then the day of my period it drops back down to 97.7. My luteal phase is always 15 day. Days that my temps are above 98.0. If you are preg your temps will not drop, they will stay high like 98.8 and up. The only other thing that I'm doing beside taking ovulex is drinking green tea and red clover tea, and also doing opk (ovulation perdictor kits).
Hope this helps.

Lili, thanks girl for all the support, I love your encorgement. I feel like I'am going to get lucky, I feel peace inside. I know my turn is right around the coner. Lets keep praying for each other. Thanks for your help. God bless you and your lil one!!!!!
Its so nice to have such a wonderful friend, even though I have never even met you.
Love Renee


ticklinivory - September 18

I'm excited, I just got my ovulex and took my first one. I've been almost two weeks on vitex so I hope that gave me a kick start on my ovulex. I too have the same feeling that Renee does that my time is around the corner. I just need my af to start and O to come. I will be temping to see what happens. My temp has been hanging out at about 97.3 for the past 4 to 5 days and was 97.6 for a week before that. So what you think? AF coming soon? Thank for all your support ladies. I've been drinking a lot of green tea lately too and taking some prenatals. Renee, you are in my thoughts and prayers. I can't wait until we are all prego and sharing our stories and symptoms.


wantababylots - September 18

i am in Utah-- have been my whole life met my boy here-- he live down the street and we are still here-- we might move out east for him to go to law school but thats not for a bit longer.
i havent really got any good ideas for things to take along with ovulex-- the girls here drink green tea but my religion doesnt allow that so i am on ovulex alone and hoping that its enough.


KeepHopeAlive - September 18

hi everyone
ive been reading this post for the past couple weeks since i ordered my ovulex and i finally got the courage to share my story. my fiance and i have been trying ttc for almost a year now with no success. my cycle is as irregular as they come. it has always been that way since i first started my af. i saw the add about ovulex and i read all the success stories and decided to give it a try. i believe its working already because the day i took my first pill, three days later i got my af for the first time in three months. im keepin my fingers crossed and waiting to see what will happen. i will keep prayin for you all.


RNORST - September 18

Denise, thank you so much for your prayers. Prayer really changes things. I have been praying for all of you ladies also. It just makes me feel so good and such a peace inside when I know someone is praying for me. God will bless us all with our dreams as long as we keep the faith and believe in Him. Thank you Denise, I'am also praying hard for you. Denise what cd are you on? To me your temps don't look like you have O yet? Are you real irregular? Good Luck!!!!

KeepHopeAlive, Welcome it's nice to have you here. I will add you to my pray list.



ticklinivory - September 18

I don't really know what cd I'm on I lost count the beginning July haven't af since then so I hope af comes soon because no pg. Thank you for praying for me. You girls are truly a blessing to me and are the reason that I'm going to get through this.


cov1929 - September 19

Hello everyone,

I have been reading the post for a couple of weeks and decided to order some ovulex. I have been ttc for over a year. As most in here I also have very irregular periods. I have always had this problem. As soon as I started taking my ovulex I noticed a difference because I got my period. I hope this will help me get pregnant and everyone else on the board. If anything its helping with my periods and am happy with that. :D Good Luck to everyone trying to have a baby.


RNORST - September 19

Welcome, cov1929, Good luck.



tross - September 19

Good news....My friend whom I said had gone through IVF over the summer, with no success. Just ordered her first ovulex. I'm excited for her to try this with us. Hopfully she will join us on the forum.

Also...welcome newcomers.

Renee, thanx for all the information.

As for me...I've been having a pepsi fest since the af came...now it's time to get serious again....Talk to you soon,Tross.


ticklinivory - September 21

I've been taking ovulex for about 4 days now and I already see a little bit of a difference. my temp is starting to go up so I think I will see O any day now. I guess I will O before af comes and hopefully af doesn't come at all and get a bfp I will keep my fingers crossed. My cm has thinned out a little too(tmi). Welcome to cov1929. Has anyone else gotten a little queezy from the ovulex. I know it's working but I get queezy every now and then and am always tired which I know that some of that has to do with my PCOS. Well, prayers to all of you!


wantababylots - September 21

i have been so tired lately--i dont know if it has to do with ovulex but i get up for school then i get home and have to take a nap everyday cause im so tired. I have never had to do that before.. it could be any one of the new meds im on though.
I have been quezzy lately too. Sometimes out of nowhere I have the urge to throw up and I do. I have never had this problem before either but again-- it could be due to a few different things.
Welcome cov-- We are happy to have you here.
good luck everyone!!


RNORST - September 21

Cali, what cd are you on? What kind of meds are you on?

Denise, how did you find out that you had PCOS? and what is it?

Well I'm on cd 21. I'm looking forward to af this month, I know that sound stupid, but after af I will have that other test done, to see if thats on my lining. I don't know if I can get preg. with that on there. My cycle is a little different this month, my boobs are not sore yet, and my temps after O usual go up right away to at least 98.4, this time they were only 98.0-98.1 and then today it jumped up to 98.5. That would be nice if I was preg. this month so I wouldn't have to go though that test. Since I'm having a different cycle that usual. I know when I was preg with my son, my boobs didn't get sore till about 4-5 days before af was suppost to come.

Good luck ladies and I will keep you in my prayers.

Lets keep the forum, going so we can support each other.



lili246 - September 21

Hey Girls,
How is everyone doing. I am still praying for you all. I hope you give us good news soon.

Renee, How is everything with you, have you O yet?

Well ladies take Care and sorry i haven't posted any comments because I have been having problems logging in. I log in and when I want to reply it sayd that I am not log in, :/, it gets frustrated because I've been having the same problem since last week so I will try to reply and hopefully I don't have this difficulty.

Take Care,

In my side I haven't been to have me checked at the doctor because I am still waiting for the approval of an insurance, hopefully I get it approve soon so I can start going to the doctor and get my check ups so I can listen to my baby heartbeats.

Take Care and have faith! your turn is around the corner.

Lots of baby dust!!!



wantababylots - September 21


I am on Metaformin and spironolactone for my hormone and insulin levels and ovulex also.

I dont knwo what cd i am on-- i dont really keep track.. im pretty sure i cant get preg right now because of my levels-- so im not paying attention this month. but my periods are regulating and that is awesome!!

Good luck to you Denise! i Everything is ok with your tests and your lining.. its a hard thing but it will all be ok and get better!!



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