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rach - September 30


I just found a new website to talk about ovulex after being directed there by another site and although its not very busy right now it looks like it could be a good source of info. The address is http://ovulex.19.forumer.com/
I haven't registered myself yet but intend to next time I visit.

ps I used to post as pinky212 (from Utah) on here but I tried to re log in and it won't recognise my account so I'll now be known as Bobbysgirl :)


wantababylots - September 30

Bobby-- where in utah do you live??


bobby1 - September 30

Hey wantababylots.

I had to re register yet again!!!! Drives ya nuts don't it! I am from SLC, why? (rachael)x


jay_nelle - September 30


I had a pelvic ultra sound done and a cateter done last year would they have know if I had pcos when they did that? They have neverdone any tests on me for it...but would they have see if when they checked out all my girl parts?

I started spotting today!! Yipee...been on Ovulex almost a month think it might be working....cross your fingers everyone:-) I would love to have AF come visit...that way I can calculate..at least:-)

Cali I have been married a little over a year we got married in June of last year....been TTC not very long...but I didn't wanna try if my AF and everything is off...want to get things straight before I try I guess..want to be healthy. And sense I have no AF nothing to gauge when to do the baby dance:-)

How is your weekend? How long have you been with your guy?


wantababylots - September 30

Jenelle-- Yes they would have seen the pcos if they did a pelvic ultrasound for sure. that is what they were looking for when they did mine and thankfully they saw nothing.
Good for spotting today-- I should be starting anyday now. I think Ovulex is working for me too. We have been on ovulex about the same amount of time.
when AF starts i am going to start calculating too and doing my temps.. do you do that??
I have been marrid since Dec. so just about 9 months now. and we have been trying since Feb. I know it wont happen till i get all regulated and get stuff figured out like you said--
We have alot in common--
Blood tests will tell you alot. My doctor had no idea what was wrong and she couldnt expain the infertility and other things. I wasnt even ovulating but i went and got blood test done and believe me it can be so many mor things than you think. My doctor was telling me that alot of women infertility has nothing to do with "girl parts"
I was happy to find out that i wasnt "broken", I was just disfunctional for a while. so good luck with the blood tests.
My weekend is going ok so far. I was sick yeserday and i dont knwo why but I feel better today.
I have conferance for my church going on this weekend so I am watching that.. How is your weekend?

I live in Orem so I just wondered..



tross - October 1

Lili and other pregs.......

here's the info on what to take if you choose not to go the pre-natal vitamin route.....

-basic multi vit.(folic acid 400mcg, calcium 100 mg, Iron 18mg)
-B-Complex( if you are vegan, or even if you don't much meat and dairy)
-Iron(if vegetarian)
-Cod liver oil or flax seed oil(good healthy fat and good source of omegas)
-Liquid Coral Calcium with 72 trace minerals(because our soil is so depleated of minerals, this is a good supplement:meaning...even as you eat plenty of fruits and vegies, many of them have been striped of their most benificial properties because of bad soil. Also this is good for absorbable calcium.)
-Sometimes: Liquid Calcium Magnesium Citrate(for magnesium, helps headaches, most people are deficient in this)

She took these things even as she was not preg. Her doctor feels confident with her choice to use these instead of prenatals.

thats all folks...

Renee...Good luck this weekend with the results.



hopeluck - October 1

[quote author=RNORST link=board=4;threadid=3005;start=135#25781 date=1159452609]
Hopeluck, I had a utrlasound and thats how she found the retain tissue. My Re said it can cause your uterus to be inflammed, I don't even know if I can get preg. until that is taken care of. They did not put me on any med. I have to go back on the 5th day of my next cycle and they are going to do another test to see if its on my lining or in the muscle. If its on the lining she will scrap it off that day and hopefully we can get preg. on our own. If its in the mucsle, we will have to do fertility treatments. And yes, the retain plcanta tissuse is from after I had my son, he is 4 1/2. I also read if you have your baby early that can happen, I went in to labor with Will 3 1/2 weeks early. Yes, I have read "miracle do happen" I bought it, it had some interesting thing. Did you buy the copy? I will send you a copy instead of paying 30 or 40 dollars.



Renee so much for your sweet offer. Dont worry about sending the book now.. I will surely bug you if I need more help. Thankyou so much. Good luck and baby dust.


hopeluck - October 1

[quote author=babybop link=board=4;threadid=3005;start=90#25664 date=1159298586]

I just came back from the clinic and I took a urine and blood test. BFP++++++++++++++++++++++++++

I can't believe it.

Thank you all very much for the much needed support. I I am passing my dust to you all.

We have been TTC for 2 yrs and 3 months. I have been consistently taking liquid geritol, fertility blend for the past four cycles. Waaaa laaaa....

Keep the faith, we'll all be on the other board pretty soon!

Luv you guys!


Hi Monique

Congrats on your pregnancy and have a happy nine months!!
I am new to this board, but sometimes visit it.
I have been taking liquid geritol for the past 2 months from day 1 till ovulation, but no result yet. Were you taking Geritol and FB together and for how long?
As for me I have unexplained infertility, did you have any specific problems like irregular periods etc, as Fertility blend contains vitex which induces ovulation. Please let me know.
WIsh you good luck and happy pregnancy. Thanks a lot.


babyluv2 - October 1

[quote author=RNORST link=board=4;threadid=3005;start=180#25860 date=1159548376]
Babyluv2, thank you so much for the encourgment. We all need that from time to time. Do you have regular cycles, are you taking your temps?

I apollogize for taking aminute to answer your question. To tel you the truth, I do not take my temps, but before I was taking Ovulex my cycles were not regular at all. The first month on Ovulex my cycle came a perfect 28 days which has never happened before, and the next month it was the same. Also, I noticed that I haven't been having horrible cramps either. [/quote]


babybop - October 1

Hello ladies! I just wanted to check on all my sisters and make sure you are all hanging in there!

tross - thank you very much for the well wishes. Liquid Geritol is a form of a vitamin that seniors take for promotion of overall good health. Because they are SENIORS, their deficiencies tend to be a little more drastic than that of someone under 65. So the vitamin is designed for the "geri"atric years. Its very high potency, especially with Iron. I was told that if you take the liquid form from CD1 - CD14 or whichever day you ovulate, it helps to promote egg white-type cervical mucus which is VITAL to conceiving. The Fertility Blend is a much cheaper (and some believe to be much less potent) natural vitamin supplement that strengthens reproductive muscles and helps regulate your cycle. It encourages a consistent cycle, ovulation, healthier periods, and benefits women's general needs, aside from baby making. I am also told by several other women that it may also help ease the stress and symptons of menopause, and perhaps slow it from happening. I refused to try Ovulex because it seemed to cost too much to be "natural" to me, but it has almost the exact same ingredients as FB.

I took geritol every cycle for the past 3 months, when I didn't use geritol, before that, I used robitussin.

I took FB for women for the last 6 months consistently. My husband took it for two weeks and gave up, and that was earlier this year. He has a hard time being consistent with stuff like that.

Have faith.

Hopeluck....thanks girlfriend! Ask any questions you'd like. I don't know if the above info helps but ask away.


babybop - October 1

Hopeluck - we had unexplained fertility as well. We just put our faith in a higher power and did what we could to support our efforts.

We are not on our own time and I realize that now. We have to wait for our "season". Even if your not religious, which I really am not either.......we all have a season for good, bad, and indifferent. Things happen in cycles. Yours will happen!


carryanne - October 1

Can I ask on which CD people ovulated on ovulex?


tross - October 2

Babybop/Monique, thanx for the info about liquid geritol. I will check into getting that right away. I am just now at the point of O. So if nothing this month, then I will try liquid geritol with ovulex. I still have 4 more bottles of ovulex. So I'll keep trying with that before I get fertility blend. Again congradulations. ,tross


sammy71 - October 2

Happy Birthday to your son. My son, Colin, is seven tomorrow and I thank his birthmom everyday for the sacrifice she gave in order for me to raise her son. Hug your boy and enjoy the day!

I o'd on CD17 the first month on Ovulex. Every month after I o'd on my normal day of 15.

Good Luck, Sammy71


twinsmum - October 2

Good morning ladies,
Thanks for you warm welcome.

Renee, Thank you so much for your encouragement may the good Lord bless and meet your needs. Amen

Ange, Thank you also and pray thay God will bless in every area of your life and Ange Yes I have a lovely God sent and a supportive husband that gives me every reason to hold on to God's promises that none shall be barren in the land. God is good and his timing is perfect.

Ladies, I am praying for all and I pray that all our heart desires will be met by God soon.

Yes is Monday, you all have lovely week and keep smiling.
Got to go to work will talk to you later


twinky - October 2

hi again..still haven't had the chance to check DH's count coz he's always at work...grrrrrrrr..but i will keep you all posted..that's a promise..



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