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babyluv2 - September 29

Hello everyone I am new to this site and for the longest I have been trying to post a comment. My DH and I have been TTC for about two years now. So far no luck! I have been on ovulex for about two months now and it has made a difference in my cycle. So hopefully this month something will happen. I just want to encourage everyone on this site to just keep your head up and try not to stress each month about the situation. I know that this can be a hard thing not to do, but try to do things to keep you from stressing because good stress and bad stress can keep your body from doing things that you want it to do!


jay_nelle - September 29

Good Morning Ladies!! its friday!The inlaws are intown so I don't know how much baby making we are going to be doing but I will try and get some in. hahaha.

I just rememberd I forgot to take my pill this am...does anyone else do that? I know the bottle says to try and take it at the same time....I try but sometimes forget....darnit.



Ange - September 29

Wow 5 IVF that be hard to deal with. You must have a very supportive husband and family. I have done 4 IUI with no bfp and that almost threw me over the edge. But somehow I got up every morning and it was another day. Keep Staying stronge!!!

Renee, YES ONE MORE DAY! I found out I have a slipped disc in my back so that could be why I have cramping. My back has been very sore for 2 weeks now and just thought is was my cycle. The little girl on my lap is another story lol I am going to charge her rent soon.

Welcome Babyluv2, keep that attitude girl you are on the right path.

And how are our new BFP doing today (babybop, Lili)?

Babydust to all take care


tross - September 29

Dang.....it took me forever just getting through all the pages that I missed and it's only been a couple days since I longed on....Well I guess alot has happened.

Lili...about prenatals. A friend who is preg with her 3rd is a strong natural remidy advocate. She says that certain prenatals that doctors prescribe have the same ingrediant that antifreeze has....So she takes a combination of things. I put a call into her....and will let you know the ingredients when she calls back.

Renee....I have to say.So far you have proven great follow-up with us all. I have started taking notes as I read so that I don't forget what's going on, and who to write to when I respond. Stay encouraged..And remember who have us to go to regardless the outcome. Look forward to hearing your news!

Monique, congradulations! What is liquid geritol? And were you on ovulex? And what is the other fertility blend that you were on?

Leslie...I took clomid and got preg the first month. I have a 3 year old. Then I took it for 5 months with no luck. I felt sick the whole time. Stong stomach cramps....but it regulated me, and I had seriously painful ovulation times...At least I knew it was doing something....after other fertility methods and no luck...and the fact that I wanted to feel healthy again...I started ovulex. Hope clomid works for you as it did for me.

Denise...hope all is well for you. We are in this together,don't get discouraged. Thanks for being open about your feelings. Forgive me for not reponding sooner.

to all the new comers.....welcome.

And about me.....I've been tracking my temp for the past several days. I think I will be ovulating soon. My temps have been 97.5, 97.2, 97.1, 97.3, 97.0, and 96.9. all at 6am. Today is day 14. I think I o between 15 and 20. As far as I know this is normal for pre-o temps. Starting to have cramps, and other symptoms. We've been praying together more often about getting preg again. Very open to adopting, but not sure how to get fundage for that. Still will keep trying. talk soon,tross


RNORST - September 29

Babyluv2, thank you so much for the encourgment. We all need that from time to time. Do you have regular cycles, are you taking your temps?

Jay-nelle, I try to take my pills around the same time too, but I also forget to take them at the same time each day. Good luck with the in-laws.

Ange, Hahahaha, that is so funny, I might start to charge rent also. I'm sorry about your 4 ivf's, you are such a strong women to keep pushing though. Hope for the best for you tommorrow!

Tross, I also get very bad O cramps, it some times even hurts all the way though my legs. Do you get it every time you O? I think I have it every time some times are more painfull then other, oh, well at least we know we are O. Good luck these next couple of day. Happy bd'ing!!! To me your pre-o temps are normal.

I'm still praying hard for everyone, baby dust to all.




cov1929 - September 29

Hello everyone,

As for Amberoz my DH is on it. Am taking Ovulex and him Amberoz I mean after 2 years and half of ttc we are willing to try anything now. If this doesnt work am going to have to go to the doctors and see what really is wrong. :-\ Not really looking forward to that. Hopefully taking ovulex and amberoz will finally help us.

Baby Dust to all of us! :)


wantababylots - September 29

Wow alot hs happened the last few days. It took me a long time to catch up to everyone.

Jenelle-- My name is cali I live in Utah and I have been married for almost 10 months now and ttc for 9 of those. I heard about ovulex and decided that it was worth a try and I am almost through with my first bottle. I havent had a period on ovulex yet but its due to come anydya now.. I have been so irregular that i dont even know when its supposed to come. I too went months with out a period and went to the doctors and had a blood test done- many actually and it came back that I have Metabolic Syndrome which is that my pancreas is working double time so my insulin levels are way too high and its caused my metabolism to get thrown off and my fertility too. So they put me on medications to regulate and said that once i am regular it will be a lot easier to get PG. I hope ovulex can regulate me even more. I have been on all the meds for a month including ovulex and I feel great-- finally being able to loose weight because this caused me to gain so much so -- I am regulating, i feel it.
My sister in law went off birth control a month after i did and her baby is due next month so that is kinda hard-- her baby shower is tomorrow- Im so happy for her but upset too.

Can i just say that I love this site!! I learn alot everyday and you are all such great women!

Good luck to everyone and Welcome to the newbies! Its so great to have you here.

After this cycle I will start to take my temps (something i have never tried so i will give that a try) So maybe next month is my month!!

I Know everything happens for a reason so I try to have as much patience as I can.

Baby dust!!


lili246 - September 29

Happy Birthday!!!!
I wish you the best and have fun today in this special day for you. Take care and Good Luck!



lili246 - September 29

Keep the faith your turn will come when God thinks it is time! Keep praying and don't give up.

I was hoping you would give us the news today. Well anyways let us know what happens, I should be back till monday but can't wait to hear the good news. I will be praying for you and thinking of you my friend. I will be busy tomorrow at my son't birthday party but I'll keep you in mind.
Good Bless you!
Lots of baby dust!!

Keep the faith girls and don't give up. I am still having those nauseas each day and thats all basically except that I have to be eating every hour it seems like it. If I don't eat it seems that I will starve to death...lol
Yeah it's weired and this same thing happen to me at my first pregnancy. Hopefully it will get better.
My belly is starting to show and I am excited but hope that this nauseas go away soon and everything else will be perfect.

Take care..



lili246 - September 29

Thank you, about the prenatals I went back to the same doctor where I had my pregnancy test done and I bought some vitamins from them and started taking them right away. So I have that settle. I am only waiting the response from the insurance, I shoudl know what's going on sometime next week. I can't wait to go at my first doctors appoint. and hopefully hear my baby's heart.



jay_nelle - September 29

Sounds like we have a lot in common on that area. I envy women who have a AF ....I wish I could. I have had quite a few tests on why I dont have a period....they say Possible PCOS...( I am about 50lbs overweight) I see heavier women have kids all the time....I dont know about you guys but I wake up every morning and check out my breasts to see if they changed color (heard they ge darker when your preg) hahaha does anyone else do that or am I just obbessed? hahaha

I hope getting through this first bottle of Ovulex will let me have a period....I just want one at least to clean myself out.

Anyone have any big plans for the weekend?



RNORST - September 29

Lili, tell you son happy birthday. Have fun tommorrow.
I hope to have high temps tommorrow and write you some good news on Monday. For some reason I'm very groucy this afternoon, I first had a headache and now very groucy. I sure hope it's not pms. Thank you for the thoughts and prays.

Talk to you all on Monday.




wantababylots - September 29

its good you are going to see a doctor-- it surely isnt good for you to not have AF.
I had an ultasound done last month to check my ovarys for PCOS and it can out clean. They can also tell by doing that if you ovulate regularly. They told me I looked good in that area so Im grateful it was what it was instead of something worse.

Good Luck with everything!

Where are you from?? how long have you been married??



lili246 - September 29

I sure will let him know. And yeah we are going to have lots of fun tomorrow. Have a great weekend and take good care of yourself.
Good Luck and TTY on monday.

God Bless you all and lots of Baby dust your way!



cov1929 - September 30


Thank you so much for the birthday wishes. Tell your son Happy Birthday for me! Wish he has a terrific day tomorrow and enjoys it to the fullest. Have a great time tomorrow.



rach - September 30


I just found a new website to talk about ovulex after being directed there by another site and although its not very busy right now it looks like it could be a good source of info. The address is http://ovulex.19.forumer.com/
I haven't registered myself yet but intend to next time I visit.

ps I used to post as pinky212 (from Utah) on here but I tried to re log in and it won't recognise my account so I'll now be known as Bobbysgirl :)



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