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twinky - October 2

hi again..still haven't had the chance to check DH's count coz he's always at work...grrrrrrrr..but i will keep you all posted..that's a promise..


babybop - October 2

tross - liquid geritol comes in a Red and White box and you can find it at the pharmacy in your local Walmart. It cost about $3-$4.

Good luck....


tross - October 2

Hey everyone, Thanx for the details Monique.

I think I may have ovulated, but I'm not sure....I had the guwy symtoms and my temp dropped to 96.9 for two days then went to 97.3 for two days. This wasn't even the highest temp in the last 6 days, but the shift came at about the right time. I exspected my temp to be in the high 97's....so maybe I just normally have lower temps. Anyhow,I'll keep taking my temp to see what happens. I did feel crampy during this time. My husbands so silly....I keep telling him."just one more night, because I'm not sure when I'm ovulating yet."He goes with it. He knows the efforts I've gone to to understand my cycle. Anyways,talk to you soon,tross


Les23 - October 2

Hello everyone. I do not know a lot of the people on here anymore. I have been MIA for a while.
Well nothing really new with me. We have stopped taking medications and all that jazz for now. We thought we would let things happen naturally if need be.

For all those who do not know me here is a short version of my story...

Married 05/01 trying since then. Tried Clomid, Metformin, and Ovulex, Ovulater Prediction Kits, Temp Control, other vitamins and things nothing helped. So now are not on anything. I am now actually having periods without any meds. I am not regular by any means but I am averaging 40-45 days on my own. This is a big accompishment for me.

We are going to Mexico at the end of this month and the hubby is worried that aunt flow will be visiting me then. It is in the 40-41 day window.

So I am looking forward to reconnecting to this site and all the wonderful people here.


sammy71 - October 2

Hey all.
I got some great news from the doctor. All my tests came back negative. No thyroid problems and no early menopause. My TSH level as 0.9, my FSH level was 4.3 and my progesterone level was 14.5 so.....he has no idea why I'm still not pregnant after 13 years. He did find signs of endometriosis during my pelvic so that's a possiblity but at least there's nothing wrong that I have to take meds for. Still no explaination as to extreme fatigue and exhaustion among other things. I took a pregnancy test and it was a BFN. My mom keeps reminding me that she never got a BFP with me and had five periods so who knows.

Well take care and keep the faith!!! Sammy71


gavinsmommy - October 2

Hi sammy,

I am so glad to hear that all of your levels came back fine. I had a friend like you who was trying to concieve for over ten years. She did the IVF's and everything. She finally took my advice and changed Dr.'s after such a long time. Her new Dr. discovered like yours that she had some endo going on. He set her up for the procedure and removed the majority of it and I believe 2 months later she was pregnant on her own. She also had a slight problem with her cm attacking her dh's sperm. The best part of all was in the end she ended up with a beautiful lil girl. I just thought maybe it was something you could ponder over.

Best wishes and tons of baby dust your way!!!!


P.S. are you still taking the ovulex?


RNORST - October 2

Well girls, af came on sunday. Oh, well still have high hopes, I will go back to the RE this week and take that other test. Looking forward to finding out about my test results. This cycle was like no other I have ever had. I thought for sure I was preg., way to many symptoms. I'm wondering if I could have been, but with this plcenta tissue it just didn't take. I hope for the best. I have the best Re in the world. I go on thursday morn. I would apperate any prayers. Still hoping that this tissue is on my lining rather than the muscle.



lili246 - October 2

Sammy and Linda,
Thank You very for the birthday wishes for my son. We had a great party last saturday. My baby had lots of fun and he got very tired that he slept early yesturday sunday and slept all the way though till today monday. He enjoyed his birthday and hit the pinata and blow off his candle I was surprise. He kinda got scared of the clowns for a while at the begining but he got used to them and enjoyed the show. It's all over now and I feel very tired. I am so sore all over my legs back and everything. I still feel very tired and hope that I can get all the rest I need from now on. The idea was to have fun and we did especially my son.
So thank you very much for everything.



lili246 - October 2

With those symptoms you were having I was very sure that you were pregnant. But don't lose the faith and keep on trying. hopefully everything will turn out fine on thrusday when you go to see your RE.
On saturday night I was so tired after the party was over that I was trying to clean when I felt something was coming out of my vagina, like water and for sure it wsa watery I got scared and since I was doing lots of running areound that day I got scared that something might be wrong so what I did was run to my bed and relax and went stright to bed and sleep all that night. I got so worry about my baby that today I am feeling better. I will try to relax and have all the rest I can get.
Take good care and I will keep praying for you my friend.



sammy71 - October 2

Thanks Gavinsmom,
It sounds like your friend and I have alot in common. I've done all of the above and nothing. My doc has wanted me to have the laproscopic surgery for 10 years but I'm afraid. I had my tonsils out about 12 years ago and had a problem with the anestesia (sp) and swore I would never have any elective surgery unless it was life threatening. I guess I'm a big baby but I don't want to not wake up. I'd hate to think that the wrong decision all this time has kept me from having a beautiful baby.

I'll think about it but first I've got to find out why I'm exhausted all the time. Sammy


Ange - October 2

Hello Everyone,

No blessing for me this month. I just went through all the postings from this weekend. I have got to say that I laughed out loud when I saw moniques baby ticker. It is so funny (the paris hilton joke).
Well I am on day two is now and I feel like crap. CRAMPS.... errrrr! I believe we get pain too forget how sad we are LOL!

Sorry to hear about your AF Renee.



RNORST - October 2

Ange, sorry about your af, lets make next month ours. Good luck and I'm still praying for everyone.

Lili, you better get alot of rest now that the partys over. Have you been back to the doc. yet?



jay_nelle - October 2

Hi everyone,

Sounds like everyone has had a busy weekend. I started spotting slighlty on Saturday forsure AF was comming but them on Sunday and today NOTHING so strange. It gets so annoying! I got to the doctor on friday but I can't mention too much about it being reaccuring because I will have to pay because its a pre existing condition....dumb!

Lilli, I have never heard of the geritol thing...I am going to try that.

How was everyones weekend?



jay_nelle - October 2


Are you sure they would have seen the PCOS? I would be so excited if I knew I didn't have that.....

How was your weekend?


wantababylots - October 2

that is why they gave me the ultra sound. they would have seen it if they were there for sure so i wouldnt worry about that unless its been a long time since you did it.
how was your weekend-- sorry AF didnt come. mine didnt either. Last month it came on the 30th and when I am normal, which I havent been for a while I had 28 day cycles so-- i thought i would start this weekend but she didnt come.
I have been so sick the last few days-- especially in the mornign when i wake up. I had to up my dose cause its been a month since I have been on it and that is making me really sick. I was sick like this when I started taking them too. I hate being sick. Im sitting at home watching the discovery health channel and all they ever show are baby shows... which I love watching but I hate being sick.

Im so annoyed with my cycles-- I wish I would just regulate.

good luck to everyone


lili246 - October 2

I am still waiting for the insurance to respond back to me and see if I qualify. I haven't seen a doctor yet I am still waiting for the insurance to accept me and then I will go to the doctor and check up. I hope this is soon I want to make sure everything is alright.

God Bless!




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