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soon2bmommy - February 21


I would love to read it, if you have it. Considering all the other stuff I have purchased just the last few months, I really can't afford it. So if you still have I would greatly appreciate. The scripture says "Let us not be weary in well doing, for we shall reap if we faint now" I keep trying to remind myself of this and to have patience. Hope it helps.

Thanks soooooo much Monica


LEA - February 21

Hi Iam looking in to using Ovulex. I live in Canada and I dont think they sell it here, where would I be able to bye Ovulex ? I need all the help I can get, my husband and I have been trying now for 4 year.
Please help..........

Thank you


jackie - February 21

The answer to both Monica is yes. Yes I was at work. No it wasn't just a little. I called Zack and then I called my MD. He basically said that there was nothing to do but come in for a test tomorrow. Zack knew about the m/c well before I got home. My MD wanted me to come in but I can't because he had hours between 6 and 7:30 pm and there is noone to watch my kids at that hour. My mother offered and then when I accepted the help she said she really didn't want to do it after all because she gets home at 5:30, then she wants to eat lunch etc. If my sister called and offered to take her shopping she'd have found the time. She started to tell me how Zack should come home early because it was his responsibility. I lost it. I told her I hadn't asked for her help, I didn't appreciate her offering and withdrawing her help (which is not uncommon for her) and that if she couldn't offer help she shouldn't page me at work and offer opinions. I don't know how I feel Monica. I feel overwhelmed, but at the age of 40 there is no time other than now. Now is the time. Not a good day I guess I can't stop crying. Mommy 2 be i'm sorry. Wish i have given you mine. The ovulex works though. Keep on.


jackie - February 21

Your problem with your DH is simple. YOU MOVED. Moving was never mentioned in the for better or worse part (-:. When we moved we were also at each others throats. I couldn't help so much because I had to look after my little one. Zack wanted to keep on unpacking and I had to put Tova to sleep she was exhausted. We did survive it though


Monica - February 22

Welcome Lea!!!! You can buy Ovulex from their website www.ovulex.com. Ovulex definitely works for some people. If you have the time, please go back and read all of the Ovulex boards......there you will see that there have been several success stories among the group. Good luck to you!!!

Soon2bmommy: Yaaaayy!! I found my printout of "Miracles Do Happen" by Carol Andrews. Please e-mail me with all of your contact information, and I will mail it out for you this afternoon. It is exactly 44 pages.

Jackie: Wow, I am sorry about the awful day that you had on Monday......and I KNOW that it was frustrating with the way that your mother handled the whole thing in regards to babysitting. I probably would have come home in an awful mood as well. Are you guys going to try again soon? Jackie you are definitely in my prayers & if you need anything from me (anything at all), please don't hesitate to ask. Take Care & Baby Dust!!



Monica - February 22

Well my AF is due on today :-\, and I know that she is on her way because my temperature has gone back down....BLAH.

Les23; Is your temperature still up? because if it is & you still haven't started your AF, then you know what that means. I know that you have taken several HPT's already, BUT if your temps are still up.....then you should definitely have a blood test done. I know that you said that you were going to the doctor soon, so Good Luck & I am sending much Baby Dust your way...


Andrea - February 22


I also live in Canada. I had to order it direct from Selmedica and it came the very next day!
I got pregnant my first month on Ovulex and Green Tea!!

I ordered 4 bottles so I have a three left over as I only used one bottle.

Jackie I am so sorry to hear about your loss. You are in my thoughts. Take care.


Mahogany Heart - February 22


Glad to read that you are up and around!!!


You are in my Prayers!!!

Sisters, Friends, Visitors and Newbie

Keep the Faith!!!


soon2bmommy - February 22

Thank you Monica - I am sending you my mailing information via e-mail if you for some reason don't get it, please let me know. You are awesome!!!!



Monica - February 22

Okay Soon2bmommy, I have all of your information & I will mail it this evening.....

Have a Great Day!


Mahogany Heart - February 22

[quote author=Monica link=board=4;threadid=1925;start=150#15358 date=1140549277]
I am honestly at the point now where I am feeling that NOTHING can be rushed because everything happens according to God's timing. Yes, I most definitely believe in miracles & healing - ABSOLUTELY - but I DO feel that it can't be rushed, no matter what we do........I don't know; maybe I am beginning to get a little weary myself..............What A Day..

Sorry it took me to long to reply.


I have not as yet met some one with such a FAITH as you Monica. I say this to say no matter how far it may seem only you can demand that mountain to move.

Your walk in God is not in Vain nor is it forgotten. Your faithfulness will see you through this and if you continue to plant seeds then you will reach a Harvest.

You continue to do what you are doing and don't doubt. Without Faith it is hard to please him. You have to know that it will happen for you and trust him anyway, praise him anyway and talk to your situation and tell it to line up under one accord. You know exactly what I'm talking about. When you feel that negative feeling of weariness coming your direction you stop it in its tracks. Think only of Good things. I know you do but I just need to share that with you. No weapon formed against you shall prosper. Its his will for us to be Merry and Multiply

Other meanings of Multiply
Increase - add to your life
Grow - raise a family
Develop - expand
Reproduce - to have children
Burgeon - prosper
Proliferate – produce offspring

Keep the Faith!!!

Somewhere we all got off track we just need to get back on track!!!

Let's get FOCUS they are waiting!!!
I Love My SisterHood


Nikki - February 23

Hi I am a new to this website. I was researching Ovulex and I ran across this site. I have PCOS and it seems to be all I think about lately. My haubby and I have ben trying to get pregnant for about 4 years now and I am trying to keep the faith but this situation has put a strain on me and my marraige. You ladies are so strong and your strength has made me feel so much better. Baby Dust to all.


Mahogany Heart - February 24

Smile and Keep the Faith!!!


Monica - February 27

Happy Monday Everyone!!

DianaEvans2: Congratulations on your BFP!! It is good that the Ovulex stabilized your hormone levels so quickly. That is awesome!!

Mahogany Heart: Thank you SO MUCH for your words of encouragement! I really needed that. I sometimes have my down days where it seems that no matter what I do; nothing is happening.....but I DO know that God is working behind the scenes on my behalf, and that oneday..........AND SUDDENLY...as Bishop T.D. Jakes says, my babies will manifest themselves.
Thanks again for your encouragment.......I truly love this sisterhood as well.

Soon2bmommy; How are you? Did you receive my package yet?

Jackie; How are you feeling these days? You have definitely been in my prayers....

Les23; Has your AF shown up yet? Have you found out anything?

Baby Dust To Everyone!!!!!!
Monica :)


Inika - February 27

AF has made a visit today.....Can't wait until I can send her packin'.


Monica - February 28

WHERE IS EVERYONE? This board has been so quiet lately......... ???



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