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Monica - February 16

O.K. I am sorry. I don't know HOW that happened. I was trying to type the number 8 & somehow the little smiley face man with the cool shades popped up...LOL. The reply from Jackie is Reply #119 on page 8, and my reply regarding the same issue is Reply #121 on page 9.



jackie - February 17

I will look Monica. Not saying for sure but I think there is another ovulex story. I feel depressed, anxious and tearful. Those are sure signs for me. I will neither confirm nor deny since it would be very early. I just feel something is happening to me.


Monica - February 17

Jackie: I hope that a "Congratulations" will be in order for you soon. I will continue to pray for you. PLEASE keep us posted..........Baby Dust!!


Mahogany Heart - February 17

Supernatural Baby Dust To All!!!

Keep The Faith!!!


Inika - February 19

Hi everyone,
I haven't been on the board for a couple of days. I just wanted to say hello and sprinkle baby dust in the room!


Monica - February 20

Wow, this board has been kind of quiet all weekend. How is everyone? We moved into our house this weekend, so it was a little hectic for me..........

Jackie, any news yet? What about Les23? I am really praying for some good news from somebody... (ANYBODY) very soon....

Baby Dust & Happy Monday To ALL!!!!
Monica ;)


Les23 - February 20

Well I have not called my doctor to make an appointment. I have taken 2 hpt and both said negative. So I am just waiting for AF to arrive. If I have not started my next Monday I am going to go to the doctor. I just hate going to the doctor and paying for an appointment and then walk out and AF shows up. I mean being the 2nd month of the new year I have not even come close to satisfying my insurance deductible to everything is coming out of pocket. This is all so frustrating.


jackie - February 21

okay guys....here it is. I had a positive pregnancy test last Thursday. I recognized the symptoms before that. Bigger breasts, fatigue and crippling depression. Wasn't gonna tell you guys because I'm superstitious and it was too soon. Also, I felt so overwhelmed. I was so eager but once it happened it hit me. I have a 3 year old daughter, a 19 month old son who doesn't want to walk and talk, though he should be doing both those things. All this in an apt with two bedrooms and a very tiny third. I was so scared and depressed. I swallowed it down as best I could and started to take my vitamin b6 tablets for nausea but it never got there. Yesterday at work the bleeding started. I knew what was happening. I came home from work and my husband had let the kids trash the house while he escaped into the kitchen and cooked. I broke down, said I didn't deserve it. I was working overtime for the pay and a comp day so that I could run errands. I was so tired. I didn't deserve to come home to that. I'm still crying today as I write this. I feel so confused I don't know what to do. I don't understand how I'm feeling what I'm feeling. I'm sorry to be burdening you ladies with this. For what it's worth though ovulex works. But I feel so depressed maybe I shouldn't have tried to get pregnant to begin with. Maybe I should just have said forget it and not tried again. It's good news for you guys though to stick with the ovulex. Les you should go to the doctor and bring your period on or get a blood test. Have you ever had this before, so long without a period?


jackie - February 21

When I walked into the trashed house all I could think of was what if there had been three kids there? How would the house have looked? If I hadn't miscarried at work would he have just expected me to start cleaning up. When I got upset he said it was better than just letting them watch videos. But I can't run around a hospital and come home to a trashed house. I just started crying.


Monica - February 21

OH MY GOSH Jackie, that is ALOT of information at one time. Okay, let me go back to the beginning. So you found out that you were pregnant on Thursday, but wasn't really happy about it.....You started to have negative thoughts about it all & then started to question whether or not you really should have prayed & asked for a baby after all. Then on yesterday; Are you saying that you had a miscarriage at work? Did you just bleed a little, or did you have a full miscarriage at work? Did you have to go to your doctor? Did you call & tell your husband about it?
I am SOOOO sorry about all of this Jackie because I know that it is very hard to go through all of that by yourself THEN have to go home to a chaotic household. Let me ask you though; Do you think that if your husband had known that you had a miscarriage at work....then maybe he would have helped you out a little more with the house & the kids before you got home? Try not to be too hard on him, but regarding your pregnancy......Do you want to try again, or do you now feel that this is the just the wrong time for more children? How do you feel right now?


soon2bmommy - February 21

Hello All:

Monica thank you researching and finding the information from the past threads that I inquired about - it is greatly appreciated.

I started my AF yesterday and I am very depressed, I thought for sure this would be my time. My BB is weary as well and at first wanted me to move in with him, but is now saying maybe we should just slow things down. Which caused me even more pain. Well sistahs I really need your prayers today that God will strengthen me through all of this - I am in a lot of pain (emotionally) right now and don't know what to do. I want to run, leave town even so I don't have to face anyone anymore, but I don't even know where I would go - sad huh?

Anyway still wishing for the best for all..... Baby dust


Monica - February 21

Hi Soon2bmommy; could you give me your e-mail address? Just click on my profile icon, and it will give you my e-mail adress so that you can e-mail it to me.

I will keep you in my prayers. The last 2 days haven't been all that good for me either. We just moved into a new house and everything, but for some reason my Dh and I have been at each others throats since yesterday........Girl, I don't know what is going on.... :-\


soon2bmommy - February 21


My heart goes out to you - I'm sorry about the news.


soon2bmommy - February 21

Hello Sistahs:

It's me again! I wanted to know (with urgency) has anyone every heard of the book "Miracles can Happen" it's by a women named Carol Andrews? - The book is only available on line (download) and it's suppose to tell you how to get pregnant naturally and have healthy babies. She charges $29.00 and she guarantees that if you read her book and don't think it will help you she will return your money. What do you guys think - is this a scam? HELP


Monica - February 21

Soon2bmommy: YES, I have heard of it & I actually bought it & printed it off of her website last April '05. I read it and from what I remember, I was a little disappointed because she wasn't saying anything that I hadn't heard before. She is basically talking about exercising, eating right, and taking herbs. There is nothing new about that. I saw my thick print-out on last week while I was packing to move, and if I still have it......(I am hoping that I did not throw it out while moving) I will be happy to mail it to you so that you won't have to pay the $29.00. I had the full booklet/printout.
When I get home tonight, I will look and see if it is still in one of my suitcases, and if it is......I will send it to you if you want me to. I am praying that I didn't throw it out with some of my other paperwork. I will definitely let you know on tomorrow A.M.

I am honestly at the point now where I am feeling that NOTHING can be rushed because everything happens according to God's timing. Yes, I most definitely believe in miracles & healing - ABSOLUTELY - but I DO feel that it can't be rushed, no matter what we do........I don't know; maybe I am beginning to get a little weary myself..............What A Day..


soon2bmommy - February 21


I would love to read it, if you have it. Considering all the other stuff I have purchased just the last few months, I really can't afford it. So if you still have I would greatly appreciate. The scripture says "Let us not be weary in well doing, for we shall reap if we faint now" I keep trying to remind myself of this and to have patience. Hope it helps.

Thanks soooooo much Monica



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