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Tosha - January 20

Hi Wishing!

Truthfully, I heard A LOT more negativity about Clomid than anything positive. I had worried myself sick for no reason. It wasn't bad to me at all. The only two side effects I have experienced so far are very, very sensitive (and enlarged.... not needed for me! hehe) breasts and wildly vivid dreams. Nothing at all to be scared about like I was. I'm not sure if some women have zero tolerance for things or what? hehe

We will have to keep each other posted! We sound to be in similar boats! Have a great week-end, it's home time for me (from work)! :)


chynnadoll - January 21

Monica, Thanks so much for all that good powerful information, I'm going this weekend to pick up or order the book! I am a believer 100%, Sometimes we just want things to happen right at that moment, But as I always you have to pray and believe and put it in GODS hands and never question him WHY and never blame him! Girl that info is a winner once again thanks so much....China


Mahogany Heart - January 21

To my Sisters,

Thank God for the Sister Hood. I need you to all come together and Pray for our Peaches. This is an email from her:

[b]hey you..sorry, I made a trip to the hospital last night because i was not feeling well, and had some bleeding. Dr. took me off work for 3 weeks. He said I need to take care of myself. Oh my god Valencia and I'm so scared. He said everything is ok for now, but he said that it was going to be hard for me to have my baby..oh my god i wanted to die...I've been in bed all day crying...i'm not feeling good. pray for me[/b]

Second email from her:
[b]I just dont know what to think..i'm just so scared..I dont want to loose my baby..i'll die..I've been praying all day..i dont know what i'm going to do.. I want this baby more than anything in the world.. I'm so scared[/b]

Please Sisters we need to all pray for our Peaches. Lets give her sometime to rest and get back on her feet but when you get on your knees Pray for her.


chynnadoll - January 21

Mahogany, Thanks for keep us updated on Peaches, I was wondering how she was I know she usually leaves a post everyday, She will be in my prayers as always, My heart goes out to her I pray that all continues to go well for Peaches and that the bleeding stops, I feel her pain, I have been in her shoes several times before I won't worry I will just keep her lifted up in prayer! Peaches, We are so here for you, I know it's hard I've been there let's not think the worst, I will keep you and that beautiful baby in my prayers, I am here for you little sister...Love you, Your sister China MH, keep me posted please when you here something, you have my e-mail address, Thank you, Love China


Shara - January 21

Hello All,

I hope everyone is in good spirits today - I know I am!!!

Monica, I stopped taking ovulex about 2 weeks ago and I experienced the headaches also. I use to get migraines in the past and the headaches I have been weren't that bad, but they were quite uncomfortable. I am going to start the master cleanser next month, I was going to start this month, but I am going on vacation and I know I will not be fasting on the trip. I found out that the colon and intestines encases the reproductive organs and when it is not functioning properly it will effect reproduction. It will also not enable your body to absorb the supplements you may be taking and also leads to hormonal imbalances. (Just a tip!!!) Anyways, I am going to lay off the meds or "herbs" until I get my insides together and see what happens. I am also going to look into reflexology and I have had colonics in the past that really helped but I never maintained a healthy lifestyle afterwards.

I am glad you finally went to see a doctor. I hope everything works out for you.

Don't be down that your AF came, just think of that as another opportunity and not as a let down. We all get anxious and need direction at times, just know that we are here for you!!!

Ladies, I wish everyone the best of luck in their endeavors and for those that have gotten up and taken initiative - Congrats! TTC is not just about bding, temps and charting. You have to be mentally capable and it does get hard. Lower the stress and enjoy!!!!!
This is our year ladies and we will do it.


Monica L. - January 21

Hi Ladies,

I would like for all of us to come into agreement with Exodus 23: 25-26 for Peaches. This particular scripture states: "And ye shall serve the Lord your God, and He shall bless thy bread, and thy water; and I will take sickness away from the midst of thee. There shall NOTHING cast their young, nor be barren, in thy land: the number of thy days I WILL fulfill." Again this is Exodus 23: 25-26.
This is one of the many scriptures that is in that book, "Supernatural Childbirth" that I was telling everyone about. As a matter a fact, the author has an entire chapter devoted to prayers & declarations that you can make if you are threatening to miscarriage. It is NOT God's will for any of us to miscarry......so if you really believe His Word, then please stand on that scripture for Peaches.

Baby Dust to Everyone!!!


Monica L. - January 21

Hi, this is Monica again. For some reason, I am not able to login as I normally do to this post from my husband's computer......so I am having to login as the guest "Monica L".
I just wanted to let you all know so that you wouldn't be confused as to who Monica L. was. When I return to work on Monday, I will login as normal.

I am still awaiting my period, so please keep me in your prayers as well for a BFP next week.



chynnadoll - January 21

Monica, I love that you have joined us you are such a positive person, and that is so true we have to pray and believe once you pray on it you can't worry or be stressed, And I stand in prayer with you for Peaches as well as ourselves. I'm am also believing for you that BFP keep us informed, you stay in my prayers.....Take care....China


chynnadoll - January 21

Shara, Thank you for all the great information, my mom always tells me that we have to start with our general health, there are so many people that getting colon cancer, I do take a herbal colon cleanse, at least once a week, we have some many toxins in our body it's unbelieveable, I will be having a a procedure done where they go through the back side and use this thin hose like instrument that cleans out the colon and the intestines, I know several people that have had it, you can even lose up to like 15 pounds, You have it done at 3 different times within 7 days and it's around $200 but you can't put a price on your life! Once again thank you for all the excellent information, Take Care.....China


beans - January 22

Hi ladies,
Hope youre all doing well.
Peaches - I am praying for you and your little one.
Shara and Chynnadoll - I agree about getting our general health in order first. My diet used to be terrible up. I had given up artificial everything about 8 months ago. I didn't realize how bad I ate until I starting researching and reading food lables. I'm doing yoga too. Some poses help release the toxins from your body. Also trying to only eat orgainc and shop at Wholefoods - nothing in the store has artificial colors/flavors, hydrogenated oils, transfats, bleached flour. It makes shopping so much easier.
I used to have bowel movements like twice a week, if that (i know that's not good) until I started eating more fruits and veggies. I wonder if that has something to do with my infertility. So now I'm eating an organic fiber bar everyday along with the fruits/vegs and lots of bottled water. And now I have movements at least every other day. So thats a big improvement.
Chynnadoll - what herbal colon cleanse do you use? Do you know the name of the procedure? I think I will look into it too. Thanks for the info.
Shara - Do you know how much daily dietary fiber is recommended/day? I know beans and rasin bran have alot. So, I'm trying to incorporate those into my diet too. Where are you going for vacay?
I love hearing that we're taking charge of our health. Thanks for sharing all the great info.
Monica - I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.
Have a great weekend.


Shara - January 22

Hell all,
I am glad you all are pooling to together for Peaches. I can proclaim to know how "she" feels, but the fear of it is too much.

Peaches - when you feel better and can read this, you know I am praying for you girl and you are going to make it happen. Don't let the Devil win your spirits!! We love you and will be here when you need us.

Chynnadall - that is what a colonic is, but be careful. Due to colonics being the new wave some colon therapists will overcharge because people believe it is a cure all. Before the procedure, be sure to ask how many passes they perform and if they allow you to massage your stomach with a massager before the procedure. If for some reason, they do not know what passes are, it is how many time they fill their water container to run through your bowels. It is good to get at least three to four buckets ran especially for your first time. After your first colonic, they should give you a consultation on what they found ( are you parasitic - do you have parasites living in your intestinal tract) They should also recommend some type of eating lifestyle for you. In my opinion, colonics are excellent with at least 25 grams of daily fiber intake if you are going to continue solid foods- do not purchase some overly expensive fiber program unless you want to. If not, then you should do a fast (Master Cleanser is the best) or if you do not want to be that strict, do a juice (if you have a juicer) or a fruit fast until you can go cold turkey. This will not only cut down on the outrageous amounts of colonics your therapist may suggest, but it will also speed up the process and give your body a break from food and an opportunity to rejuvenate. But I will tell you this, do not waste your money on colonics if you are not going to continue doing what you are supposed to do. You will lose a lot of weight with colonics but will put on twice as much if you don't do right!!!

Pst23- 15-25 grams of fiber should do it, too much will make you sick. I also use Detox 7 formula for herbal cleansing. It is otc at walgreens or CVS and it comes with your acidophilus (friendly bacteria) and your detox tablets. It is a intense 7 day cleanse that jumpstarts the process. When I say intense I mean it after day 5 I was hopeless and then the floodgates flew open LOL!! After that you can use, herbal detox tea (smooth move) at night and can incorporate salt water intestinal flushes in the morning. If you really want to go gungho-add a p&b shake (psyllium husks and bentonite!! I know in the past you asked me about the liver and gallbladder flushes- did I respond to that I can't remember. If I didn't I apologize greatly - you know I don't ignore my sisters- send me an email and I will send you the information!!!

Until then sisters - we will get through this - Babydust is in the air and prays for us to smother in it!!


chynnadoll - January 22

Pst23, I am right with you on this health thing, I have also cut alot of artifical things from my diet, I also shop at whole foods and trader joe's. The name of the procedure is called a COLONIC, ever one that I no that has had it done love it and continue to have them done, my mom,dad and my aunt have been having them for over 20 years. The colon cleanse is called Intestinal Formula #1 I have been takin it for years it is excellent, They also have something called Superfood it's 100% organic it's also excellent let me give you the website so you can check it out I just went to yahoo and typed in the doctorrs name, Dr. Richard Schulzes and it's called American Botanical Pharmacy the number is 1-800-HERBDOC OR 1-800-437-2362, check it out and let me know what you think, all of family have been using his products for over 5 years there all natural. Let me know what you think, I guess I will get up and make fajitas my brother in law is coming over! Take Care and keep me posted.....Love China


beans - January 22

China - I love Trader Joes, but they don't have any stores where I live. I will definitely check it out . Thank you.
Shara - It was a lot of fun chatting. Thanks for the info. Have a Good night.


Shara - January 22


2-3 movements a day suggest good intestinal function, so keep that in mind when you are trying to gage what works for you.


chynnadoll - January 22

Shara, as always thank you so much for all the great information, What is a master cleanser? Is there a certain brand? and where can I purchase it? Girl I see you are really into healthy, how long have you been into it? All the good info you share with us you remind me of my cousin :) shes a veggin and I love her dearly shes the sister I never had! Thanks again, have a wonderful and a blessed weekend....Love China


chynnadoll - January 22

Pst23, I love Trader Joes too, I'm from California and we have several, but when I moved to Florida for a short time I could'nt find one there, I will be moving back there this year and I sure am going to miss Trader Joe's, be sure to let me know what you think about the info we you check out the website! Have a wonderful and blessed weekend....Love China



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