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cin - January 19

Hey Mheart
if your on here today send me an email directly, have NEW bout Ovulex coming from my FERTILITY DR. !!!!!
and will let you know how my visit went yesterday.


Andrea - January 19

Ok everyone don't freak out but i'm back - for a moment.

I'm sure you have all thought by now that i dropped off the face of the earth....but just off the face of the worl wide web for a while...had some computer problems and my computer is still on the fritz.
but most importantly why i have been gone is that i have been in and out of hospital with "hyperemesis"....a pregnancy related condition referring to sever nausea and vomiting in pregnancy. i'm 13 weeks now and starting to show!!!! still very very sick and daily chores are...well a chore.

just getting really excited to see the baby and start feeling better. solid food is high on my list of goals!!! doc says my condition will not effect the baby - but it's really taking a toll on me (i get sick about every hour for the last 6 weeks or so) i know all the maternity ward nurses by name - i've been on intervenous fluids more times than i'd like to count the last month and a half.

but i'm persevering and still just really happy to be having my baby!!!
had a sonogram and got a picture of the baby last week - all looks well.

sorry i won't have the energy to sit for more than a short while here, so i won't be able to catch up on all the ovulex reading - tell me do we have any more success stories???

Your long lost sister ANDREA


Mahogany Heart - January 19


Check your email!!!


I miss you so!!!! Hey we understand just take care of yourself!!! When you get enough strength please check your emails. I'm sure you have alot from everyone. Peaches is pregnant and Amanda. Peaches got pregnant while on Ovulex and Amanda pre-seed after stopping the ovulex for two months. I'm glad everything is fine with the baby. Take care of yourself and we love you. Sorry about your sickness hey check this site out when you feel up to it. http://www.angelfire.com/nt/hugs/ Here is something from the site:

[center]What Everyone With HG Should Know[/center]

[center][list][*]Stay hydrated...if you can't keep anything down for 24 hours, call your doctor[*]Surround yourself with people who can give you emotional support [*]Accept that you can't do everything you once could...don't fight it [*]You are not alone! [*]It *will* end![/list][/center]


chynnadoll - January 20

Mahogany Heart, Hey girl, How you doin? Just checking in with you....Love Ya...China


Mahogany Heart - January 20

I'm fine and you China? Just waiting for my next cycle. My ticker says to test in 11 days. I haven't counted it up, my Doctor told me to test Cycle day 34.


chynnadoll - January 20

Mahogany, I'm blessed girl, you know God is good all the time, I'm still in this 2ww, I have an doc apt on Monday so you I no I will keep you guys updated, You are in my prayers, I pray that cycle comes down ;), talk with you later...China


chynnadoll - January 20

Andrea, Don't feel bad my computer was down for almost 2 months and I also hoped my sisters here did'nt think I forgot about them, The main thing is that you and the baby are okay, just rest and don't overdue anything, Keep us updated whenever you get sometime you know we are always here for you...Much Love....China and the sisterhood ;)


Monica - January 20

Goodmorning Ladies,

Well, I am still waiting for my AF to start. This is the first time that I have ever been late in my life, but I am still somewhat hesitant to test....because I feel that it could still be the ovulex that has thrown my cycle off. I don't know, but I will keep everyone posted. I have my annual doctor's appt. on next Friday, so if I don't come on by then, I will just have them to give me a test.

On another note; there is this AWESOME book that I just started reading entitled "Supernatural Childbirth" by Jackie Mize. This book was recommended to me by a friend who just had a baby 3 weeks ago, and IT IS AMAZING. The lady who wrote the book, was barren & was told by her doctors that she would never be able to conceive & to carry children in her womb; but she now has 4 very healthy children. In this book, she talks about what GOD says about having children, and that it is His will that every woman that wants children, should have them....especially those women that are in a convenant relationship with Him. She explains that it was His idea that we as humans, "Go forth & multiply"....and that it is definitely not His will for ANYONE to be infertile. She mentions all of the ladies in the Old Testament that were barren, and then later conceived with God's intervention; and she gives all of the scripture references and some confessions & declarations to speak over your body, so that it will line up & function the way God intended for it to function. She is literally declaring the Word of God over her ovaries, her eggs, her fallopian tubes, and her womb....and commands for them to operate in divine order.
After reading this book, your faith will be so accelerated.....that everyone on this board should end up pregnant. This book also has a testimony section where she has some ladies to share there infertility stories. Many of the stories seem VERY similar to the circumstances on this Ovulex board. Including PCOS & blocked tubes. All of the women, after speaking God's Word over their situations, were able to conceive.
She also mentions that she did not have ANY morning sickness or pains during childbirth because of her faith in the Word of God that says that "we are redeemed from the curse of the law", and that means even when it comes to conception, the process of pregnancy, and childbirth. She also gives the specific scriptures to speak over your when you seem to be going through a possible miscarriage. I'm telling you, this is an awesome book & I would encourage all of you to get it. It only costs $7.99 at Borders Books & at Barnes-N-Nobles. The only thing is, they did not have any more books in stock when I went, so they had to order it for me...in which it only took me 7 days to get it.

Well, I had to share that with you.....because anything that I KNOW will change my life (regarding conception), I wanted to definitely share the information with my sisters, and anyone else who may be reading this post.

Baby Dust To You All & God Bless!!! :)


jackie - January 20

Andrea...try something called Baby's Bliss morning sickness magic. They say it helps. My ob/gyn also told me about taking 25mg vitamin B6 with a half a tablet of unisom. I wanna know if it works. I didn't know about it in my other pregnancies and I was sssssssssoooooooooooooo sick. Worse with the boy than with the girl. I had serious HG and kept losing weight till my second trimester. Try either one of these lemme know if it helps. Cause if this works for me I'm gonna be in your shoes. I do know how you feel believe me. Eating small bland meals doesn't help.


Monica - January 20

[b][/b] Did anyone else have headaches after they stopped taking Ovulex? I took my last pill on Tuesday night, and ever since then...I have been having horrible headaches. Could it be that my body is going through withdrawal from stopping those pills?
I am not too sure who on this board has stopped taking ovulex to pursue other avenues, but anyone that has....please let me know if you had persistent headaches associated with your stopping.



WishingandHoping - January 20

Monica - I stopped taking Ovulex after a month and half and didn't seem to have any headaches that weren't normal. Hope that helps.

Jackie - My sister-in-law has taken the b6 and unisom for both her children and she says it works wonders.

Tosha - where are you?

Anyways, DH and I went to our first appt with infertility doctor and we are waiting for test results back on Tuesday. It is exciting as we are finally seeing why we can't get pregnant. I know that God's Will is perfect and I am at peace with His timing finally. :) Have a great day!


FAith76 - January 20

Hey Sisters...

Well, I haven't stopped by for some time but I'm here now to wish everyone success while taking ovulex.

For me, I stopped taking Ovulex for about a week. I visited my OB last week, who recommended that I stop. He plans to put me on something else...but I don't know what it is yet.

Anyway, I hope everyone's doing fine. Lots and lots of baby dust to you all!


Jennilynn - January 20

I'm new to this post, I have been reading your posts over the past several days. There is so much information and so much support. My husband and I have been trying for 6 months and as we are in the military our medical care won't pay for fertility testing until 1 year. I am just worried because I come from a huge family of women who just look at a guy are are pregnant and work with another gaggle of girls who drank too much at the wrong party and woke up pregnant. I am looking into fertilitea and got my husband on a multi-vitamin and a vitamin C supplement. I read that in a study, 1000mg per day for 60 days of vitamin c increased sperm count by 140%. Does anyone know if it's safe to drink fertilitea and take vitex? How much of each herb ends up being in an actual glass of tea?
Best wishes for all of you!!


Tosha - January 20

Hi Ladies,

I too have been MIA for the past while. Sorry!

WishingandHoping - I am so glad you are in to see an infertility doctor already! I have my fingers crossed for you!!! Thursdays aren't the same with no Alias!!

I was at my Dr. this morning and she likes my hormone levels and is happy with the effects of Clomid on me. I still have not heard when we are able to get into a fertility clinic.. I presume in a few months. It's just another chapter of the very, very long waiting game.

Monica - I did not have headaches when I stopped Ovulex and I was on it almost 4 months I guess? I wouldn't doubt that is what triggered your headaches though?

Have a great week-end :)


WishingandHoping - January 20

Glad to see you back Tosha!! Ok so how did Clomid affect you. I think that might be what the doctor will have me do and I have heard good and bad things. Keep me posted on your adventures at the clinic.

Any words from anyone else that has been on it? Thanks for the help!!


Tosha - January 20

Hi Wishing!

Truthfully, I heard A LOT more negativity about Clomid than anything positive. I had worried myself sick for no reason. It wasn't bad to me at all. The only two side effects I have experienced so far are very, very sensitive (and enlarged.... not needed for me! hehe) breasts and wildly vivid dreams. Nothing at all to be scared about like I was. I'm not sure if some women have zero tolerance for things or what? hehe

We will have to keep each other posted! We sound to be in similar boats! Have a great week-end, it's home time for me (from work)! :)



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