Ovulex V
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admin - December 19

Let's close Ovulex IV and start V :)


sarah soveran - December 19

hey there ladies how is everyone doing today im just going to get ready to head over to my moms house to help her cook and make goodies for xmas my grandma is down and we are going to have lots of fun doing this its like the best part of the year you know spending time with your family it used to be better before my grandpa past away we used to go to my grandmas for xmas now we cant cause she moved away out of that big house she said it was to lonely for her i guess i could understand..... well i hope you all are doing good


Tosha - December 19

Hello Ladies!

I'm sorry I have been absent for so long! It's just been a very hectic life with the holidays upon us. MH sent me an email saying I was treating everyone "badly" so I want to apologize for my absence.

I will be rarely on the boards until after January 3rd as we will be going out of town for the holidays and I will be no where near a computer.

Congratulations Peaches!! What wonderful news for Christmas! That has to be the ultimate gift! I wish we all could have that wonderful news to share on the biggest day of the year!

I am going to see my Dr. on Friday (23rd) bad timing with Christmas! Oh well, I want to see what we are going to proceed with in 2006. I am tired of waiting and want to move along with whatever is necessary to get to our destination. Wish me luck!

WishingandHoping - Did you like Alias? I think Vaughn is still alive!! Should be an interesting end to the series! Too bad it's not on again until March 2006!

If I don't come on again beforehand, I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a healthy happy New Year with BFP!


nik - December 19

hey first time here. i'm 24 i have a 3 yr. old already. takin ovulex for 3weeks (correctly) i have been taking it since september-but i was taking it sooooo incorrectly. and that will effect how they work. my p was jumping all over the place. one month i'd start on the 14th then the next month i'd start like onthe 11th. it was so off track.i understood it was me not the ovulex. (there were even days where i only took one capsule) now i'm on track i get up at 5:53a.m.;but i don't take it until 8:30am(to keep it exactly 12 hours apart)with green tea. i go to bed at around 9:30pm so i take my last pill at exactly 8:30 w\green tea everyday. i really really feel the differance. ican even feel exactly when im ovulating-its so weird. my p is not due till xmas(the luck of that) so we'll see what happens....and if nothing happens i'll just keep on keepin on.
hey my dr. told me because i had this "serious" hernia operation that there might be problems w/pregnance
my daughters going on 4 and happy healthy and strong.
everybody keep your heads up its gonna happen for us


beans - December 19

Good evening Ladies,
How was everyone's weekend?
TTA - Thanks for the Christmas Card
DH and I will be traveling to see the family this holiday. Sometimes the holidays are a little stressful while ttc and I'd rather be by myself. Dh has 6 siblings and they all have kids. I love playing with them. Sometimes I'd rather just hang out with the kids and avoid the adults. I few months ago I told his mother that I fely like I was a disappointment and cried to her. She's a wonderful lady and told me that I could never be a disappointment and that she loves me no matter, but sometimes I feel bad when I'm with the entire family or I see the picture with all the grandchildren. Thanksgiving went well, didn't feel bad once and I hope that will be the case with this hoiliday.
My sister in law had infertility issues and I thought she would be the most understanding but it turns out she's the worst. She told me that my drs. didn't know what they were doing, that I probably had this problem and that problem and a lot of other disheartening comments. I felt like she didn't give a #@!! what I was going through, but instead used it as a platform to talk about her success. She used to make me upset and feel hopeless. When I see her at a family function she always wants to talk about it but I tell her I'm fine and don't feel like talking about it (WITH YOU! - i never say WITH YOU but that's what I mean). DH is very supportiveand never wants me to stress, he told me that we could do whatever I wanted. But I am going to go the the family functions, I am not going to let this interfere with my life. I refuse to let anyone make me feel bad and I'll never avoid a function because of someone elses issues.
Sorry for rambling on, just wanted to vent. Does anyone else fell this way especially around the holidays?
Well, I am off to finish Christmas shopping. Thanks for listening.
We will conquer Infertility!


Mahogany Heart - December 20

I been trying yo log in all day. Thanks TTA for the card. Thanks Nik for your reply. Baby Dust to all.


Peaches - December 20

Hey there ladies..how is everyone doing..

Tosha thank you. I couldnt wish for a better x-mas present and a beautifulway to start a fresh new year.

Ladies I found out i'm 4 weeks along and my due date is August 22nd. I'm so excited that my little on is going o be born before next Christmas... So exciting :)


A.J. - December 20

I just wanted to thank everyone for welcoming me to the board. I am so excited for all of you expecting mothers! Like I said before you make the rest of of believe it is possible.

Anyhow would anyone mind repeating the info on preseed? I would really appreciate it. I can't seem to find those posts. Thanks again, A.J.


amanda - December 20

Hey all,
How are all of you guys. Pst I have a sister in law just like that and I always said much mean and nastier dirty things about her. First off last week she asked me did I want her baby monitor b/c she had 2 and "she knows I won't be needing it anytime soon" but just for hope I can have it" Well funny thing is she doesn't know that we are pregnant and hubby doesn't want her to know yet either. Trust me I feel your pain I don't think she used to do it to hurt me but it was still so insensitive.

I am due Aug 23 wow we are back to back I already had my initial also. I go back on the 27th though. I have a male gyno, but unlike the other over cocky male know it all doctors he actually seems really nice and caring. We are like back to back. That's awesome.


amanda - December 20

What's your email?


WishingandHoping - December 20

Tosha - i watched. I sure hope that Vaughn is still alive, but you just never know. Who would have thought Sidney's mom would be in on everything?

Anyways, DH and I are doing well. Still trying. Like you Tosha we are setting up an appt with an infertility dr for the beginning of the year to begin tests etc

I have gone off Ovulex so that my body is exactly where it was before so the dr can see whats up. We are looking forward to finding out more.

Merry Christmas everyone!!


sarah soveran - December 20

hey guys i really hope you all are doing well..

nik you said you were taking your ovulex wrong what was it really what you were doing wrong i only wanna know cause i think i might be taking mine wrong cause i havent seen af yet wich is very wierd i just really dont get it at all.... like i mean nothing really different is going on with me

mh do you think that it has to be exactly 12 hours apart cause i take mine sooner then that do you think i could be effecting it i really wonder whats going on hmmm..

peaches i am sooooooo happy for you i just wish i could have so much success like you that would be great ive been praying and praying and nothing yet but hope all is good.. by the way what times were you taking your ovulex at and how long were you taking it for


Peaches - December 20

Hello ladies...

Sarah my dear dont let yourself get down..look @ me, i tought that I wouldnt be able to ever say that i'm going to have a baby, and look at me, i have a baby inside of me growing. Remember i told you before that god has a plan for all of us, and only he knows what he is doing. Trust me my dear, it's going to happen to everyone one on this site, especially because we all want it sooooo bad... keep your head up..

Amanda, oh wow, we are both due @ the same time..that's so awesome..wow I wonder what you'll have, a boy or girl,..uummmm, i wonder what i will have...

Ladies i'm feeling alot of funny things in my stomach...I swear, I can feel my baby move, but I think that it's only my guts moving..I dont know, I just feel like I'm walking in air...

Thank you ladies so much, you all have kept my spirits up and now i can honestly say that I'm going to be a mommy. LOVE YOU SISTERS


Peaches - December 20

Ladies I love you all..Please take the time to read the poem below...All of our dreams and wishes will come trued I PROMISE :)

to all my sister, Don't give Up!
Your Dreams May Be Closer
Than You Think!

There may be times when you feel
as if you have taken a million steps towards
your dreams, and acted on your plans, only to find
yourself in the same place that you began from.
At times like this, you must not give up.

You must continue on. Though you may feel
lost, bewildered, and alone, continue to believe
in yourself. Do not allow discouragement and
doubt to blur your vision and wash away
your dreams. Visualize your way beyond the
detours, standstills, and obstacles.

You will realize your dreams. You have
worked hard and taken so many productive
steps in a positive direction that you are bound
to succeed. Whatever the hurt of the moment
may be, it will pass. Tomorrow is always a
new dawn. Today, you must pause, rest, catch
your breath, and then look ahead. Each step
will bring you closer to your dreams. The
rainbows and the love that you deserve are in
sight. Happiness is just around the next turn.


tta - December 20

Good poem Peaches
just popping in to say hello to all.

so sad today i've been teary since morning- dh and i had a quarrel last night over a small issue: i came home from work yesterday and found the whole place unkempt and because i complained the work was getting too much for me he flared up. the long and short of it is that he said if i am tired i can leave that it is not too late. i got the message quite alright: if i had a child then it may be too late but since i did not have any it is not too late.

my brother in law's wife put to bed last week and because i closed late from work and couldn't attend the naming ceremony on time was another excuse to get angry with me. i really don't know what to do.

sorry it's been a me me post. i just wanted to get things off my mind.



Shara - December 20

Hello All- I hope everyone is doing well, if not hold your head up and remember that stress is not good for your efforts. You will hurt them more than help.

PST23 I have experienced that too, the only thing is that none of my in-laws know that I have infertility concerns, so they say things that are like a dagger sometimes. What you have to understand is that they have those stupid a?* views because everytime they lay down they get pg and don't understand it. Ignorance causes people to say and do things that they wouldn't normally say or do if they understood. But then you just have those that need a swift kick.

Welcome Nik,
I am glad to see that you are takng your ovulex properly and having good results.

Congratulations Again to you Peaches- Like I always say I live for the good news. Take care and pamper yourself- its your time to show off that radiant pg glow.

Hi A.J.
The site for pre-seed is www.pre-seed.com. When I went to this site it re-roued me to www.early-pregnancy-tests.com. I have ordered from the latter site for all my other needs. They are dependable, cheap and it takes no time to get your things. I have received mine but just waiting for my AF.

Sarah- The directions I read was in the am and before bed-not necessarily 12 hours apart, but with any medications, staying consistent with the time intervals keeps steady levels of it in your system and give the optimal results.

Hello TTA- every marriage hits road bumps. I am not going to offer advice because I am not sure of the situation, but I am going to say this- every problem has a solution, but everybody can't always come up with that solution on their own. You have to reach to your higher power and ask him to step in for you. Then you have to trust that he will with no doubt. Trust me- there is no power greater than a person who believes and trust that their situation will be rectified. Whatever the issue was did not happen overnight, if you want to savour your marriage- endurance and patience are two virtues you need to become best friends with.

Well Ladies, I have talked(typed-lol) too much - I will talk to you all again later!!!


beans - December 20

Amanda & Peaches - I'm very happy for you both, please keep us posted on your progress. What a wonderful Christmas gift! I like the poem Peaches.

TTA - I'm sorry to hear your having a bad day. Sometimes the stress of ttc and the holidays makes us say things we don't mean or create arguments - trying to release our frustrations. Dh and I often argued over the littliest things and said a lot of not-so-nice things to each other, especially when we had many dr's appts. We eventually sat down and really talked about what we was going on inside (it was never really about the dishes or house being clean) and we began arguing a lot less. We still have our moments but are more understanding and it take less time to makeup. I think both of us needed to talk out our frustrations (I am thankful to have found you ladies to help me do that & I try to remember that DH doesn't really talk with anyone about this). I'm not sure if your situation is the same, if so, I hope this helps a little. Please know, you are in my thoughts and prayers.
Much Love.



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