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Amanda Ivey - January 17


Take it easy on yourself, if you don't feel up to anything no matter what someone says don't do it. Still praying for our two little angels. I was like that before with dh, but now I have decided to take it out on coworkers and get it all out of my system b4 coming home I am in the army so they can't really fire me. lol I think it makes dh a lot happier with me. It's just so weird because we are so close with edd that all of our symptoms nearly come at the same time. I always said when I got pregnant I may be mean, but I was never going to be one of those big fat cry babies, spoke way to soon. I feel like a little punk lol. I never imagined me crying over small happy sentimental stuff or chick flicks. OMGosh what's happened to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!lol I will email you as soon as my computers stops taking so long to open new web pages yahoo mail is a bit much to wait for right now I don't know if it's a virus I may have dl on kazaa or what I will let dh look at it when he gets back home.


Amanda Ivey - January 17

Oh yeah those t-shirts were funny. lol. Some of them I was like who would put that on a child. lol


beans - January 17

For the past 2 days, I've gotten motion sickness in the car. I didn't think anything of it, but I just finished yoga and I noticed I couldn't do a lot of the positions because I started getting really dizzy and nausea. That never happen before. I'm still pretty dizzy. I started my 3rd bottle of ovulex today. I'm wondering if it could be that. I know some of you have experienced lightheadedness and nausea. When did your symptoms start? I think I'm going to skip it tonight and tomorrow and see what happens. What do you think? Did anyone stop taking ovulex and feel better? Thanks for your help.


Peaches - January 17

Amanda thank you so much. You along with everyone else are always in prayers all day long. I feel real good today, no cramps or mood swings ;) I went to target to get some stuff and I saw so many baby things oh my god. I swear to you I can feel my baby move. I dont know if it's all in my head or my guts moving, but sometimes i can feel this little one move.. wow **check ur e-mail

Nik you're welcome my dear. I had a lot of fun too.

Monica I was watching Extreme Home Makeover last night too, and I was crying like a baby..I feel you sister


Peaches - January 17

Ladies I read this poem and I tought it was the most cutest thing.

[glow=red,2,300]GOD BLESS ALL MY SISTERS[/glow]
Lord Please Bless My Computer

Every night I lie in bed
This little prayer inside my head
God bless my mom and dad
and bless my children
and take care of my spouse
who brings me so much joy...
God, there's just one more thing
I wish that you would do
if you don't mind my asking
to bless my 'puter, too?
Now I know that it's not normal
to bless a small machine
but listen just a second
and I'll try to explain...
You see, that little metal box
holds more than odds and ends
Inside those small components
rest a hundred loving friends.
Some it's true I've never seen
and most I've never met...
never shaken hands or
ever truly hugged, and yet...
I know for sure they love me
by the kindnesses they give,
and this little scrap of metal
is how I get to where they live.
By faith is how I know them,
Much the same as I know You.
I share in life it brings them,
So if it's OK with you...
Just take an extra minute
from your duties up above...
to bless this little hunk of steel
that's filled with so much love.
So God, Please Bless My Puter...


sha - January 17


MH, can please send the free ttc magazine to my email address and also I would like to take a part in your survey. I am new to this website. I have on the ovulex for 6 days now and DH on amberoz has low motility and sperm counts. I have been ttc for four years now. I have mild pcos syndrome but have regular periods. Lots of baby dust to all my sisters.


sha - January 17


Also any advice on food. I guess I don't eat healthy does that have anything to do with getting pregnant. I have trying for four years with no sucess starting ovulex about a week ago DH has male fertility factor. Has anyone partner had the same problem and had a pregnancy following amberoz and ovulex? Please can anyone help me with these quries. I would really appreciated I feel really depreesed where is all my sister in law get pregnant without any trying and here is me with no succes of after proper trying. Any tips on the best position to get pregnant in or diet or anything to improve conceiving chances. Lots of baby dust to all.


Monica - January 17

Peaches, that is THE CUTEST poem that I have read in a long time. That was wonderful! I especially loved this part...."I know for sure they love me by the kindnesses they give, and this little scrap of metal is how I get to where they live. By faith is how I know them, Much the same as I know You." Wow, very cute!

Question for everyone: Since the ovulex altered my cycle this month and caused me to ovulate a week later than normal......Does that mean that my perid will come a week later than usual as well? I am asking because I am due to start my AF on tomorrow, but I don't feel ANY symptoms at all.....so does that mean that I will start my AF later this month (if I am not pregnant)? I have never had to deal with this sort of thing before, so I don't know. Any incite on this would be great. ;)

Welcome Sha! First of all, you sound a little anxious right now....so that is definitely NOT good if you are trying to conceive. "Be anxious for nothing, but in everything...with prayer and supplication, WITH THANKSGIVING, make your requests known unto the Lord".
On the food tip; try to add more vegetables to your diet and less sodas if you normally drink them.
Don't be depressed that your sister-in-law has gotten pregnant without even really trying, or caring for that matter.....but just know that your time will come when it is "the right time" for you & your DH.
On the best position tip: If your uterus is normal & is not tilted...then the standard missionary position should do the trick. If you have a tilted uterus, then having intercourse with your DH behind you is better.

Continue to get your life in order Sha, and keep your eyes on the ONLY ONE that can really help you with this.....and oneday you will look up & you will have your heart's desire.

Baby Dust!


Mahogany Heart - January 17


Check your email.


From my understanding and observation your cycle will be late. That happened to Les23 last month I think. We were around the same cd time and hers came on cd45. I think. You can ask her as well but like I said over phone its not helping my cycles at all.


Monica - January 17

Oh, Okay. I won't get excited tomorrow then if my AF doesn't show up like clockwork :-\. I will just expect it to come next week sometimes.

Les23, if you have any input as well...it would be greatly appreciated. We will see what happens.

Keeping the Faith,


Les23 - January 17

Yeah I did ovulate later and my period was late too. So I think that you will have a longer cycle. I am going to have a long one this time to again. I have not ovulated yet so I am sure the cycle will be long again.


nik - January 17

good day ladies!
i only have 2 days of waiting left. AF is due in two days...and if she comes this will be the weirdest period ever. i never feel like this before AF. my boos are unbelievably tender i feel like im catching a cold or something and i keep having the weirdest cramps ever. they have never ever lasted sooooo long and they don't hurt it just irritating...we'll just see what happens in a couple days....if shes coming she needs to get here. im not testing(fear of dissappointment)so im just waiting to see if she comes or not


Mahogany Heart - January 17


How is your caffeine intake?

In 2004 my breast was hurting like H E L L and I was telling Gail about it. After she examined me and did a breast check she told me that the reason my breast was hurting so bad was because of my caffeine intake. She told me to stop for about two weeks and I will see a difference and I did and they stop hurting. They would hurt so bad until I didn't want anyone to walk by me too fast. That is why I ask you about your caffeine intake.


nik - January 18

i don't drink any caffeine. i've been on this "pregnancy diet" now for like about 7 and a half weeks now. my green tea is even decaffeniated. i had a pepsi today and yesterday. i havent had my favorite ice cream in so long because its coffee...this sucks i just don't know whats wrong. i just keep going to the bathroom checking and checking for spotting ....im going crazy!


nik - January 18

gosh it almost feels like im already on my period. thats what the cramps feel like....does that make any sense?...geez i sound like im going crazy


Mahogany Heart - January 18


Are you drinking Caffeine Free Pepsi?



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