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Peaches - January 14

Hello Amanda you stranger...check ur e-mail..I hope u doing good...how is everything with the little one..Girl ur always in my prayers


Shara - January 15

Hi Amanda Ivey,

Hope you are feeling well. I am a travel agent so if you need assitance for a vacation, post your email address and i will contact you if you need help.

Well ladies, I hope everyone is in good spirits, I know I am. I had a good day and my daughter is celebrating her 9th birthday today. She asked that dreaded question today: when am i going to have a baby brother or sister? I started to tell her - when your father start giving me some lol. But I just told her it will come soon!!

Much prayers and love to you all - Babydust is in the air and we are smothering in it!!


Shara - January 15

Good Morning Ladies,

A good day "yes" I am feeling on top of the world and I hope that for all of you that are feeling in the dumps realize that you are a blessing to me. Even though you may feel that this is a hard journey to take, it is well worth it. Ladies you have to understand that you will get whatever you ask for if you only believe it will happen. No one said that it will be easy and no one said it would be quick. You have to reach to your higher power and have patience. He understands your situation and even when you feel he doesnt hear you, he does.

Think of this analogy, GOD is your father just like you view your earthly father. When you ask for something, you didn't get it from him right away, he waited to reward you with it when you did something excellent!! It was not always quick and sometimes it was even after you forgot you asked for it - but you got it. When you are consumed with something you forget the most important things like:
If you have children, when was the last time you spent that quality time with them and was not thinking about having another baby. If you don't appreciate what you have, how can you appreciate an addition.
If you don't have children, when was the last time you made love to your dh because you loved him and not think about the schedule of BDing or when was the last time you just woke up and thanked GOD for breathing and seeing the sunrise.

What I am trying to say to you sisters is that you can not take for granted all that GOD has give us already. When you appreciate what you have, only then can you open a door for GOD to come and bless you with what you want. Understanding this is half the battle. Don't feel hopeless, feel rejuvenated for the New Year with a fresh new ttc slate!!!!!!!!


Shara - January 15


Try this:

Wake up 30 minutes early and talk to your higher power. Make that the time where all your efforts are for him and no one else. Tell him the truth: tell him that you have not put him first or you are mad about your inferitility. Tell him to answer your questions in terms you can understand. Let him know your feelings and let him know that you love him and understand his decisions. Ask for forgiveness and beg for mercy. Wipe your slate clean and tell him you are not perfect. Even though he may know it, admit it for yourself. Then you can start with a fresh day, a renewed mind and a harnessed spirit. Babydust may be in the air, but can it touch you if you are blocking the one that can smother you in it!

I loe you sisters, we will conquer this...


Shara - January 15

One more thing sisters,

I love you and I pray for you. I know this journey is a hard and something you feel the next person doesnt understand. But I love you when- the doctor tells you, you cant conceive or if your mother told you, it will happen when it is suppose to - listen I love you and when you are waiting and your AF comes- know that your sisters is here and when you go to the doctor and your doctor tell you "you can't do it" know that your sisters are here and when tears fall from your face for no reason, know "that your sisters is here"
I know we will do this and if you have doubt, just remember that you were put here to multiply and bare offsprings amd wen you bare offsprings, just know that you are here to enlighten another sister in this journey of infertility.

I am available through email if you would like to talk - I love you sisters and I am praying constantly!!!!


chynnadoll - January 15

Shara, Girl I needed those words of wisdom from you this Sunday afternoon, Everything you said is so true, We just have to believe, put it and Gods hands and not worry about it, when you worry and are stressed out about something you have prayed on and are believing for then you really are not putting in Gods hands, because it will be taken care of, like you said maybe not when we think it's the right time, but he sees and knows the bigger picture, far better than we do! And I know I have gotten so consumed in TTC that making love is not even enjoyable anymore, and also like you said if you have other children you can't forget to spend quaility time with them, This was so perfect what you brought to the board today...Thank you so much....China


chynnadoll - January 16

Sha, Sorry it me so long to respond it did'nt see your post, My dh is a multi vitiamin, vitiamin c, folic acid, and b-12, and know my diel really has not changed, I'm not what you call a "healthy" eater, I try to eat more veggies, but truthfully nothing has changed, I do try to eat a little something for for breakfast because I never do, and I believe I told you what I was taking....feel free to ask what questions you need, we will help you as best we can...we are here for you....Take Care....China


Mahogany Heart - January 16

Beautiful Shara!!!

Hello Sisters, Newbies and Visitors,


If any one hear from Monica please tell her to check her email. I really need to talk to her.


Peaches - January 16

Good Morning Ladies,

This weekend was just a roller coaster of emotions for me. One day I’m crying, the next I'm super happy, and then the next I'm mad (poor dh) I'm doing well this morning.. I looked @ my belly this morning and I feel so overwhelmed. Even though I have a lot nausea and all these different emotions I would go through this 100 more times



Les23 - January 16

Well good afternoon to everyone. I am having a pretty good day even though it is Monday!!!

I am with you I have had a pretty emotional weekend myself.

Saturday night I had dinner plans with a long time friend of mine who lives out of town. She had come to town to throw her sister a baby shower. So we all met up including another mutual friend of our for dinner. Well I ordered a Bud Light along with my friend Julie, DH and Robyn's DH. Robyn is the living out of town friend. Well Robyn ordered a Dt Pepsi. I was like what is up with that are you pregnant of just the DD. I was kidding and she was like no I am pregnant. I was so freakin shocked. Robyn has had no plans on getting pregnant and she said that back in October her and Dh decided they would try and Bam there they are a little one on the way. It is so frustrating. She was like the only friend I had left that did not have a baby. Well Julie and Robyn talked baby stuff all through dinner. I just sat there and talked to the boys and ate without really having much to say. SO then we left and I went to the car and DH was like are you okay? He knew I was upset. I told him I did not want to talk about it.
Well we stopped by Walmart so I could pick up my Christmas pictures and the whole role of film was messed up so I did not get any christmas pictures. that is when i made a spectical of myseld in Walmart and started to cry hysterically. I was so freaking upset.
I told him I wanted to go to Krista's house. She is one of my best friends. She has 2 beautiful children that I adore. The little girl was born last month before christmas. Well we called ahead and I was like I want to drink some beer and I want Krista!!!!

SO I mad DH and Krista's Dh stay there and me and Krista went for a drive. She is like my rock. She totally made me feel 100% better. She said she has a feeling I will be pg by APril. I hope she is right.

Anyway that was my saturday after the conference call.

I was thinking about taking my dr up on trying another round of clomid. What do you all think. I have not tried the clomid for about 2 years.


Monica - January 16


Les23, I say go for it in regards to using the Clomid again. My motto is "By Any Means Necessary". I ALSO have this gut feeling that alot of us will be pregnant by this March or April......so whatever you feel may work for you....then use it.
I have 3 more Ovulex pills to take & then that will be it. I have decided to not continue using the product, because for me, I feel that it is messing up my monthly cycles that were usually very regular & normal. I have decided that I am just going to stick with my pre-natal vitamins, the green tea, the pre-seed during ovulation, and GOOD OL' PRAYER. With all of that....something is bound to happen soon.
I am also considering that "baby in a bottle" liquid that peaches told us about earlier. As a matter of fact, I probably will replace the ovulex with that this time.....

I too had a very emotional night on last night. I watched the 2-hour special of "Extreme Home Makeover" on ABC on last night.....and I literally cried through the entire program. It just feels so good these days to know that there are still people in this world that genuinely still care about the well-being of others. To me that show is one of the best reality shows on television these days....because it is actually a show contains real substanence.

Oh well, I really enjoyed talking to everyone on Saturday night and you all are definitely in my prayers.



nik - January 16



nik - January 16



Mahogany Heart - January 16


You are welcome.


You are welcome as well.


I was looking at my tickers and it is funny how one says I'm a day after OV and the other says I OV on tomorrow. Wow which one is right!!! lol... It felt like I OV last Monday if the truth was told.


jackie - January 17

Hi guys,

You all sound so good. If anyone wants to know how the ovulex affects me here it is. I've been taking it for about six weeks now. On CD14 I had terrible PMS cramps. Had em for close to 1 week. Now they've stopped. I'm on CD23 now. This is the first cycle I can really know if there's an effect. Last cycle was when I started taking it and my period came on day 25 more or less as always. So we'll see. I haven't even been testing my ovulation. I don't think I will until my little guy decides stop being my baby and starts walking and talking. My husband is going away for the week. I already feel wiped out (-: . My daughter's 3 and my son is 18 months so it's alot at night but we survive it (-:. As always it's great to hear from you guys and Shara thanks for your words.


Amanda Ivey - January 17


Take it easy on yourself, if you don't feel up to anything no matter what someone says don't do it. Still praying for our two little angels. I was like that before with dh, but now I have decided to take it out on coworkers and get it all out of my system b4 coming home I am in the army so they can't really fire me. lol I think it makes dh a lot happier with me. It's just so weird because we are so close with edd that all of our symptoms nearly come at the same time. I always said when I got pregnant I may be mean, but I was never going to be one of those big fat cry babies, spoke way to soon. I feel like a little punk lol. I never imagined me crying over small happy sentimental stuff or chick flicks. OMGosh what's happened to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!lol I will email you as soon as my computers stops taking so long to open new web pages yahoo mail is a bit much to wait for right now I don't know if it's a virus I may have dl on kazaa or what I will let dh look at it when he gets back home.



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