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sarah soveran - January 6

hey guys,,,

mh thanks for caring :)

peaches thats alot to cross and you better be doing all that cause im going ot take a test write after work... im scared though it just might be like everyother time but i gotta stay positive cause for about a week now i have been feeling sick in the stomoch and its not just me this time or in my head i really always feel like sore and sometimes i will get butterflies its wierd but im trying not to get my hopes up that much you know peaches send your babydust my way :D

hope you all are doing great im sure tired but im ok just trying to get the day by day thing going ive just been feeling down lately then i just think of you guys and remember i took the pleadge for one reason to keep my head held high and thats what i have been doing..

well have a good day everyone and pray for me that i get that bfp


WishingandHoping - January 6

Tosha - here I am!!

Like everyone else the holidays seem to be a very busy time. Had a very Merry Christmas and a great New Year and am looking forward to a wonderful 2006.

As I had mentioned before, I went off Ovulex back in the middle of November as DH and I have decided to go see an infertility doctor to see what is going on. We do that the 17th. I am excited, hopeful and relieved as hopefully we will get some answers of what is going on.

I am so happy for all of you who are starting their pregnancy journey and praying for all who are still trying. God has a plan and it is GREAT. His timing not ours is what I always remember. :)

Keep on trying everyone!! Take care.


nik - January 6

i gave a girl at my salon a bottle of ovulex, and now shes pregnant...how come it wont work for me???????????????///i guess im just having a bad day


Mahogany Heart - January 7

Hello to everyone. I working on TOP SERCRET 01142006 so I must make this short.


Baby please don't let that discourage you. I could feel your emotions just by reading it and I can honestly say I know how you are feeling and this too shall pass.

Life has no problem that Heaven can't solve. I say that to say, I don't know how long you been on this journey of TTC but joy come in the morning and your time is coming soon. So in the mean time prepare for it. Prepare your mind, body and soul.

I use to be an emotional wreck, ask my DH. I had to find away to channel these emotions in a more positive way. Not only that I was seeing what it was doing to people around me and other women I heard about.

I will tell you this, you have to have a vision and see your baby in your life. You have to believe in your heart and doubt not that your time will come. Your baby is on its way. TTC is a very emotional thing and being depress can lead to a lot of things. That is why it is so important to get a hold of your negative emotions so when that time comes you will be full of love and joy so you won't be depress or even get post partum depression. I'm not saying that TTC can cause post partum depression what I'm saying is depression of any kind can effect TTC and if you are already in a deep depression who's to say it is going to go away after becoming pregnant. If you don't change your thought pattern it will BIRTH other negative thought patterns which might lead into Post Partum Depression after your gift has arrived.

Your son or daughter is coming soon while you are waiting and trusting the Lord start by walking in Faith and continue to find away to CONQUER THIS INFERTILITY.

Hugs and Love


Peaches - January 7

Sarah trust me girly i'm keeping everything I can crossed for you.. BABY DUST IS COMING UR WAY...by the way did you test already? If so what's going on..

Ladies I'm gaining so much weigh..before I got preg I weight 120 and now I weight 128, but i'm loving it, because I know my little love is growing and doing just fine :-* ;D :D ;) :) ::) :P

Nik, dont loose ur hopes, god only knows why things happen..you must NOT loose faith..I'm sorry to hear that u are having a bad day..but always remember that god has a plan for all of us, and god is wonderful in every way and he and only knows why things happen to us when they do..KEEP THE FAITH MY FRIEND AND GOOD / BEAUTIFUL THINGS ARE GOING TO HAPPEN TO ALL OF US ;)

"Never cry for the lack of the sun...
Your tears won't allow you enjoy the wonders of the stars."

MH, your sooo wonderful :D


Peaches - January 7

Something for all my SISTERS ! LET'S KEEP THE FAITH

Truly, "all things are possible."
All you do is...
Believe when you pray
and pray each day.
In great times, hard times,
sad times, fantastic times,
all time~
River Road Miracles
I have seen, and yes I do believe,
"all things are possible."
All you do is believe.
life's filled with disappointments,
shattered dreams which have created great pain;
There are times we have to lose it all,
But those are the times when we can gain!
When we have learned to be content
and let God have control;
Then we'll have gained that which will bring,
peace and contentment to heart and soul!
We tend to want to hold on to that
which we have always known;
It may be that we fear the thought
of having to face the future alone!
But our God will never forsake us
He's faithful and He's just;
He'll see us through the darkest night,
if in Him we will place our trust!
He is One Whom we can depend on
and He'll never leave our side;
In Him we'll find the strength we need
when at times we are sorely tempted and tried!
When we've reached a place
where we can't seem to cope,
We want to give up, for we've lost all hope;
If we'll call on His name, He will hear our plea
And will cause all the darkness of despair to flee!


Mahogany Heart - January 7


Thank you so much but to God be the Glory!!!


Peaches - January 7

MH, we just need to keep the faith sister

:) ;) :D ;D ::) :P :) ;) :D ;D ::) :-* :) ;) :D :P :-*


Mahogany Heart - January 7

Ok Sisters,

For the next couple of days I will be working on TOP SECRET 01142006. If any need to ask me anything or need anything you know how to reach me. If not see Nanci, Les23 or Shara they can reach me.

The upcoming week is very vital and I will be very busy. Those who I gave out projects I need them by Tuesday January 10, 2006.

In other words I will be MIA. I need to know who has PowerPoint or not.

Baby Dust to all
Twins Baby Dust to some


nik - January 7

goodmorning ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
okay...time to start the day absolutely different than how i started it yesterday. im gonna stay positive.

has anybody else here heard of fertili- tea


nik - January 7

okay, so; i got my preseed and fertili-tea today. Yeah! im wondering though; can you take ovulex and fertili-tea together. ovulex is just herbs and so is the tea.

give me some feed back please. let me know what you guys think.

can you take too much vitex? (vitex, green tea and raspberry leaf are found in both.)

what do you guys think???let me know

p.s. the fertili-tea really does have a great taste! i think its the peppermint


Shara - January 9

Hello Ladies,

I hope everyone is feeling good and had an excellent day.

I have heard of the fertilitea and this what I can tell you. Anything in excess can result in your system becoming toxic. What I mean is, if you take too much of one particular thing "natural" or not is not very wise and could end up working against you in the long run. Even too much of the same vitamins can hurt you. For example, too much Vitamin C causes nausea because your body is trying to expel the access. Just because it is natural, doesn't mean that too much can't hurt you. Keep that in mind when taking the Fertilitea with the Ovulex because they contain some of the same herbs. Also, Ovulex and Fertilitea contains properties that is an uterine stimulant that contracts the uterus to allow for menstrual flow. If you become pregnant before you quit your intake and overstimulate it could work as an abortificant and end your pregnancy. So please keep this in mind before you start. Everyone here wants their ttc journey to end as quickly as possible, but Nik we care about you so do some research before you jump in.

Well ladies, I Dr. Shara (lol) will see you all later. If you need anything please don't hesitate to email. Talk to you guys later!!


Monica - January 9

Hi Everyone!

How is everyone? I have been gone for the last couple of days.....I attended a wedding in San Diego, so my weekend was pretty busy. I just wanted to say once more, how great this board really is. Everyone seems sooo positive, and I was telling my husband how much I wished that we all lived in the same city so that we could all get together in person sometimes to chat.

Jackie, please keep your head up....If it is meant for you to have a child...then you shall definitely have one. The Lord doesn't care about your age at all; that definitely does not limit Him from blessing you. After all, look at Abraham & Sarah in the Bible. They were 90 & 100 years old when they conceived....so just remember, with God..ALL things are possible!!!!

Peaches I am so very happy for you. I can feel your excitement through your posts...and I know that you must wake up excited & overjoyed everyday; with the thought that you have your little "Angelpop" growing on the inside of you.

Mahogany Heart, you are such a blessing with all of your diligent hard work that you are putting into the group...and you will surely be blessed for what you are doing. Also, thanks for sending that "Twin" baby dust my way, because my husband & I have been praying for twins for the last year or so. I figure, hey I'm already asking the Lord to enable me to conceive...so why not go ALL out & ask Him for 2 babies. He is an Ephesians 3:20 God after all, because He will give you more than you could ever ask or think.

Baby Dust to you all!!!


nik - January 9

my sister "the rn"has schooled me also. im not taking both together. haven't even opened fertilitea yet. and shara you and my sis said the same thing...so im not mixin'

thanks for your advice


nik - January 9

my sis is the one who told me about fertili tea. i tried hers-just loved the taste. it must have really been a big concern because when she found out im takin ovulex too she was mad!

and i did have a little cramping right after like a few sips of hers. it felt like i was cramping again like ovulating but i just ovulated from the 1st through the 5th so i even felt some thing was wrong.

god i feel so stupid. atleast now i know


Shara - January 9


Sister don't feel stupid, feel informed. Trust me, I have had my share the master concoctions, you are not in that boat alone. This journey will get you very educated and like the saying goes "if you don't know, ask-no question is a stupid one". We are here for you, so don't hesitate to solicit help. We don't want you just doing things all willy nilly (lol) It will take time to see what works, so don't get discouraged, just look at the bright side if for some reason ovulex don't work for you, you already have a second line of defense, or vice verses. I am praying for you!!! Much Babydust your way girl.



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