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Les23 - January 5

Hello all!! MH is right I am checking in today!!!

Well like MH said I have super busy. I am working like crazy. With the new Medicare Part D out now I am writing insurance like crazy. And nothing bad towards the older generation but it takes a lot of them to understand things. The govenment of course has to make everything so difficult. But it is a good program and is going to save lots of money for people.

So what is new with me. I kicked the puppies out of my house. The are the cutest little creatures but they sure do know how to get them selves in a world of trouble. SO for now they are in the barn. I absolutely refuse to feed them so now this sis in law is gruppy since she has to go outside to feed the little shits. Oh well her butt is about to be booted too!! Actually the house she is moving into is almost finished with the remodeling and the carpet is being laid this coming Monday so very very soon she will be out. It it a good thing because I was getting ready to initiate WW3 on her.

As far as the baby making business is concerned I am still doing my part of taking of the Ovulex, and I got the Preseed and I am sure we are going to enjoy using it this month for the first time. I am still using the FM and I have a funny story about that. I must have dreampt last night that I needed to pee on a stick because I got up this morning and peed on the stick then turned to FM on and it was like HELLO WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!! IT IS NOT TIME FOR YOU TO TEST YOU IDIOT! I mean really it had both those sentences on the screen. I am just kidding it did not say that to me. I said that to me. Because it wasn't time to test. So I just wasted a whole test stick.

Well I hope you all had a great NEW YEAR


jackie - January 5

Peaches don't you worry at all. I've had pregnancies and I've had miscarriages. The sign of a miscarriage is spotting. Discharging alot is common in pregnancy. So are uterine cramps. My second most telltale sign of a miscarriage is that my breasts felt engorged and then they stopped feeling that way. All of a sudden just went back to normal. If you stopped feeling sick it would be something to pay attention to also. The uterine cramps are not only normal..I've got news for ya...THEY'RE GONNA GET WORSE!! That baby is gonna grow and stretch those ligaments and sit all over every internal organ you have (-:. Lungs, stomach all are fair game for the little sucker. The good news is that by that time the nausea will be gone and you will not mind the cramps so much (-:


Peaches - January 5

Jackie Thank you so much..I feel better..

Sisters, I went to the Dr. and he checked the baby and everything is fine. He did tell me that cramps are normal and the discharge if perfectly normal too, unless it's blood color. WOW ladies I feel so relived I just want anything to happen to my baby.

Thank you Amanda for that info. My due date is 8/22, I must of put it wrong on my ticker, gotta fix it


Monica - January 5

Hi Jackie,

I have been on ovulex since 11/1/05, and the major changes that I have noticed are my AF cramps are not as bad. I have also noticed ALOT of fluttering in my lower abdomen, almost as if my stomach has come alive somehow (strange isn't it?). Has anyone else that has been taking ovulex for awhile noticed that? I had alot of fluttering in December, so much so, that it prompted me to take a pregnancy test, but of course I got a BFN. I don't know exactly what the ovulex is doing to me, but something is going on in my stomach. I really hope that it is a sign that it is working.
Jackie, if you are experiencing cramps at day 13, then that could mean that you are ovulating right now. I always know when I am ovulating because I always have pressure & AF like cramps around day 14 of my cycle. Do you usually have cramping when you are ovulating? I think that you should give the ovulex a chance, because as mentioned earlier....there have been several ladies on this site that have conceived while using Ovulex. I wish you the very best!
Baby Dust!!


Shara - January 5

Hello Sisters,

Quick announcement before I go back to bed-
I recently purchased what I thought was a fm and it was just the sticks (smart huh). So I have a 3month supply of clearblue fm sticks brand new sealed. So if anyone wants them let me know!!

[email protected]

Well sisters, if you know my story you know I need rest again!!!

Talk to you later.


nik - January 5

mahogany heart, how do you become a member?

..............has anyone noticed fuller breast from ovulex?


jackie - January 5

Thank you for your encouragement Monica. I hope you are right. I never had periodlike cramping when I ovulated...only when I was expecting my period. I know a few ladies got pregnant. Given my age, I'm so afraid that I"m going to be one of the ones who somehow gets damaged by it or ends up with a shorter cycle. I guess I'm scared. My mother kept telling me not to have anymore and says this is the menopause coming on. She told me my father (died april 4, 2005) did not want me to try again and I sometimes feel that maybe he really didn't. As I said I try not to think this way and to stay cheerful. I hope G-d will grant me another chance.


YaBB - January 5

Jackie I too have different stomach cramps on one or both sides of my ovaries. I think it the ovulox taking care of what the problem is why your not getting PG! I think it's cleaning everything out! I also can feel my ovaries when I'm O.

Peaches I'm very happy for u that everything is okay!

I hope everyone had a good day! Mine was okay! I still feel lighheaded and nausea off and on. It seems to be normal any more! I'm not sure still want is going on! My body might be playing tricks on me!


Mahogany Heart - January 5

Jackie and Nik,

Hello Ladies!! Email me your interest in the Sisterhood and we will start from there.


Mahogany Heart - January 6

[move] :) ;) :D ;D 8) :P :-* :) ;) :D ;D 8) :P :-* :) ;) :D ;D 8) :P :-* [/move]

[size=3][glow=yellow,2,300]HELLO SISTERS!!![/glow][/size]

[size=3][move][glow=red,2,300]THIS IS AN ALL CALL TO ALL SISTERS THAT IS IN THE CLUB!!![/glow][/move][/size]

[size=3][glow=blue,2,300]I'M TRYING TO SET UP TOP SECRET 01142006!!![/glow][/size]

[size=3][move][glow=orange,2,300]I NEED TO KNOW WHO HAS MICROSOFT POWERPOINT?[/glow][/move][/size]


[size=3][move][glow=green,2,300]THANK YOU FOR ONLY RESPONDING VIA EMAIL.[/glow][/move][/size]


Shara - January 6

Good Morning Ladies,

I am happy for you Peaches!! I am glad that everything is ok. I pray that all goes well!!

Just checking in to say high to everyone and I hope everyone feels as fantastic as I do today!!

Make sure no matter what you encounter today smile, whoever bothers you - smile, whatever hardships you encounter - smile. This is the day the Lord has made and you have another chance to overcome-

Have a Good Day talk to everyone later.


jackie - January 6

Mahogany Heart where do we find your email. Unfortunately the few minutes I have when I am at work are the only time I can really go online. Maybe I can try Saturday night. Shara your messages really make my day. Hugs, are you sure that the nausea is not FROM the ovulex? I'm not trying to be a downer here. I'm just wondering what it is doing to me since now I am getting more severe PMS and earlier periods. It scares me. It's been about 5 weeks now that I'm on the stuff. Sorry to be so nervous.


Morgan01 - January 6

Hello, ladies. Still no AF and it has been over 40 days. I bought a hpt to take this morning, but I was in such a rush to get to work that I didn't take it yet. I guess I am afraid...I have no pg symptoms, so I don't think I will get a +. I will suck it up and take it when I need to pee.

I have been on ovulex for a month, and I still have no AF. My cycle had been about 38 days, but I was on clomid prior to this cycle, so ovulex hasn't shortened my cycle...it still isn't here. I have noticed some positive things from it though. Unlike clomid, which makes you feel horrible, ovulex has improved cm and keeps my body cleaned out. I did experience headaches when I started it, but I haven't had one in 3 weeks. I am taking the advice of the company and I will try it for a few months to give it time to work...if it doesn't, then I am back to the Dr. I did get pg on clomid, the first time I took it, but it ended in m/c. Hopefully you will be granted permission to try earlier if your body has you oving earlier. I am praying for you.

Baby dust to all!!!


Tosha - January 6

Happy New Year Ladies,

Sorry I have been MIA for so long. It's been a very busy holiday season and today is Ukrainian Christmas Eve so equally just as busy.

Hello to all the newbies and welcome aboard.

I had an appointment with my Dr. on December 23rd and she pulled me off of Ovulex (I had been on regularly since September) and put me on Clomid. She says I'm not "regular" even though I certainly think I am with cycles averaging 26-34 days.

She looked at DH's numbers and reassured me they are "terrible". So we are waiting to hear about an appointment at the fertility clinic and that has a wait time of 4-6 months.

We are trying to stay positive because something tells me 2006 is the year.

So I am no longer on Ovulex. I did have very short periods on Ovulex... shorter than ever before. I haven't noticed a single side effect on Clomid which I hear I should be grateful for because I have heard some horrific stories from other women.

Have a great day ladies!

P.S. WishingandHoping I read through the board and you have MIA too!


Tosha - January 6

I haven't been on these boards for so long I screwed up my ticker! Now I think I got it right :)


sarah soveran - January 6

hey guys,,,

mh thanks for caring :)

peaches thats alot to cross and you better be doing all that cause im going ot take a test write after work... im scared though it just might be like everyother time but i gotta stay positive cause for about a week now i have been feeling sick in the stomoch and its not just me this time or in my head i really always feel like sore and sometimes i will get butterflies its wierd but im trying not to get my hopes up that much you know peaches send your babydust my way :D

hope you all are doing great im sure tired but im ok just trying to get the day by day thing going ive just been feeling down lately then i just think of you guys and remember i took the pleadge for one reason to keep my head held high and thats what i have been doing..

well have a good day everyone and pray for me that i get that bfp



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