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babybop - July 25

Hi gals!!!

I miss you all. I haven't posted in a few days due to disappointment. I slept thru my ovulation. Gotta love it!

All the Geritol and stuff has been in vane and I am absolutely disgusted at myself. But anyway..........


Monica: Hey girlfriend! I am doing the Fertility Blend, Geritol, Robitussin, and OPK. I accidentally slept thru ovulation this cycle so it was all in vane but I am sure it will only better my conception chances next month. You may feel more than welcome to contact me at your leisure. I know life is busy, let alone life in GA!!! TRAFFIC, TRAFFIC, TRAFFIC.

Citygirl: You are welcome. We are all human. I get frustrated, jealous, emotionally exhausted, and the like....just like you all. I understand!!! Thank you for the reassurance that I am not crazy. Well......I am crazy, but it's my sanity I am trying to maintain, LOL!




babybop - July 25

Lambgal: I hope things are well with you. I haven't seen you post lately. Did you order the Ovulex?

Nancy: How's your jellybean? How are you?

LeslieAnn: Hi, sweetie! How are you, lately? I just noticed that we are on the same cycle....or maybe one day off, would you like to be cycle buddies? No Pressure!

So, I got a phone call this afternoon from my younger, unmarried, cousin. She's having a girl and she tried to have an abortion but it was too late. She doesn't want her baby and I want nothing more than to have a baby. She calls me crying atleast twice a week........am I supposed to be sympathetic? I hope not because I am really having a hard time with it. I am all for women's rights....but somehow this situation is beyond my logical thinking. I am sad. I am angry. I am jealous. I am her friend and family and I have to be oblivious to my own situation for her sake. Or do I?



ECARROLL - July 25

Hey ambersparkle and Rene,
I did make a appointment its for the 31July. I want to start clomid, but I can't until AF starts. Man this is soooooo much work. I'm gonna keep the Faith though, it will be rewarding in the end Baby Dust to all!!!!!!!!!!!


StephMalkowski - July 25

Hello Ladies,

It's been quite a while since I last posted. AF finally stopped after 24 days! Now I'm hoping that I will still O and not just skip this month. I was using my ovulation microscope even while af was here just in case. I have about another weeks worth of ovulex left and have decided that I'm done after that. The Ovulex has just messed up my cycle too much. I think I'd rather have a 34 days cycle and know I was O'ing than a 54 day cycle and not know when or IF I O'd! DH and I are both taking geritol and i'm taking the prenatal vitamins as well, so I think we're just going to stick to that. It will happen when it's meant to be.

On a happier note my sister just gave birth to a little boy on Wednesday night! We are all sooooo excited. He's just so precious. DH and I are enjoying being an aunt and uncle for the first time and will be ready to be parents, if and when God decides it's the right time for us.

Welcome to all the newcomers!

Hope everyone is doing well.....Stay Positive and Baby Dust to ALL!!!!!

Steph :)


NANCY - July 25

Hello Ladies!!

Steph congrats on being an Aunt!!

Ambersparkle I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers!

Babybop I don't even know where to start. That is a very difficult situation that you are in. Does your cousin know what you are going through? I wish that there was something to say that could help you but I can understand where you are coming from. You want what she doesn't want so it makes it very hard to be sympathetic to her feelings. I know that you are a friend and family to her but is there anyone else that she can talk to. If she knows what you are going through maybe you can talk to her and tell her how difficult it is for you to understand her feelings at this time that you would love to help her but you can't put your self in her situation to even begin to help her.
I hoped that helped some.

We are doing good. I go for and ultrasound on Aug 1 and DR apt on Aug 2. Can't beleive how fast it is going. Then I get ready for my vacation. I can't wait.

I am thinking of all you ladies!!Sprinkling much baby dust to you all!!!



lili246 - July 25

I can't believe how things are! Some womes trying to get PG and would do anything to get PG, where others are planning to have an abortion and get rid of there babys. That is so sad and I don't understand why God sometimes does this to us! But I guess he knows what he is doing and you cousin after she has her baby she will realize the importance of her baby, she is bless with a pregnancy and there is nothing better than that.

Thanks for the comment! I don;t understand why this is happening to me, I may think that it's cause of the ovluex, hope that this doesn't happen everytime. I am on cycle 36 now and last month I had my AF on CD 36, so I guess not this time, but I am starting to feel my boobs alittle not much weired like if they are going to start to hurt but I'll see what happens. I hope that I did ovulated when the fertility test stip showed and hope that I can concieve this month!!

I need Lots os Baby dust!!

I am so happy for you girl, that everything in your pregnancy is going well. I hope I can give you good news soon! Hope that this ovulex helps soon! I really need to get PG soon! I need another baby for Sure soon!
Please God bless us all with a Baby!!!

Keep fingers crossed and never lose the faith!



LeslieAnn - July 26

babybop~ Good to hear from you again! I am doing well, and I'd love to be cycle buddies. Are you testing this month? I am trying to wait until a few days after AF is due to avoid disappointment. I'm so tired of seeing those BFN's.

I'm sorry about the situation with your cousin. Sometimes it's hard to understand why women who don't want to get pregnant do while we're all trying so hard and can't. If it really bothers you when she talks about it, you could gently tell her so, and like the others said, maybe see if you can guide her to someone else she can talk to. It is important that she has some kind of support, especially if she is alone and scared. But there is no reason that you should have to torture yourself to provide that support for her. I guess I would talk to her and see if there is another relative or friend she could talk to. If there's not, a lot of cities have programs for single mothers, to help them cope with the situation.

Steph~ Congrats on being an aunt. Being an aunt is so much fun, because you get to do all the fun stuff and you don't have to worry about the not so fun stuff. ;) I'm so glad to hear that AF stopped for you. Now you can get a normal cycle back. :)

ambersparkle~ I will definitely keep you and your DH in my prayers. Good luck with everything!

Everyone else, good luck! I hope everyone is doing well.


lynn52377 - July 26

Good Evening all ....
Just started ovulex weeks ago...AF is very irregular last one was Feb 27th....Not too many symptoms that this is working I feel tired and am having trouble sleeping. i usually wake up a few times in the night but i am gonna start taking my ovulex earlier. I did have some crampy few days and i am gassy, Does this all sound normal??Is it working?...Thanks........Stacey
Good Luck to All -Praying for us all!!!


lucyw - July 26

Hello ladies i am new but have been reading this for a few weeks. i am thinking about starting Ovulex. seems i have heard more positive than negative. i have only been married and "ttc" (not using protection) for 8 months, but have always had irregular periods. my dr. tried clomid because she thought my chances of getting pg with an irreg. period would be slim... i was on clomid, for 3 months, 50mg, then100mg then 150mg, which is the most dr. recommend taking.... and no O. very frustrating.
I have a question for all you ladies who are taking Ovulex. This may sound stupid, but How big are the pills? I do not swallow pills well, and am worried that they will be horse pills and i wont be able to take them.

any comment are welcome!


lynn52377 - July 26

Hi Amie
I have the same problem. These are capsules and i havent had too much of a problem swallowing. I take it with milk seems to help me


lucyw - July 26

Thanks stacey. that helps. i think i will order them today!! how long have you been taking them? any side effects? notice any difference?


LeslieAnn - July 26

Lucy~ The capsules are not what I would call horsepills but they are fairly large. Maybe twice the size of most tylenol caps, I would guess. I haven't had any problem swallowing them as long as I take a big drink of water with them, and I am kind of squeamish about taking horsepills too.

How is everyone doing today? Is anybody testing this month? I don't think I'll need to, I have bad cramps and a bad backache today, so I'm sure AF is about to show up. :( Maybe next month.



RNORST - July 26

Hi lucyw and lynn52377,
It nice to have you ladies. The pills are in a gel type form, there are not hard to swallow, I havn't had any problem. I have been on ovulex for a little over 2 weeks and have not had any side effect.

don't get down just yet. Sometimes cramping is a sign of implantation and back ache are also a sign of preg.
What was your temp. this morning?
keep me posted

Good luck to all.
God bless


LeslieAnn - July 26

Hi Renee, how are you doing? My temp. was back down to 98.5 today, but that's still well above my coverline. I'm sure there's still a chance that I could be pg, but I usually know I'm going to get AF soon when I get a bad backache, so I took that as a bad sign. Of course I didn't get it last month when I was on the Ovulex, and now I'm having it, so I guess it may not really mean much. I'll have to wait and see. GL and baby dust to you! (and everyone else as well :) )



ambersparkle - July 26

Hey Lynn52377 and lucyw! Welcome to the board.

Lynn52377~ It seems that I have close to the same issues as you do...my last AF was the same week as yours...your Ovulex symptoms sound close to what I experienced in the 1st weeks as well...I am on day 38 with Ovulex and now AF yet...

Lucyw~I have major issues with swallowing big pills as well...The Ovulex is in capsule form, so it makes it easier for me...I also have tried all sorts of things and don't feel that I am "O"ing either....

Anyway, I am still in a sort of depressed state right now...Trying really hard to be positive. Things still aren't going so well with DH at work and for me at work either...plus the whole car thing and still no AF...I really need some powerful prayers.

Blessings and baby dust to everyone!


Honey - July 26


I'm so sad that you are in the situation that you are in right now I know it's hard but I think you should be there for your cousin. If it's really unbearable then maybe you should tell her in a nice way that you can't handle it. How old is your cousin? I was 18 and unmarried when I had my first child and it wasn't easy thats why I feel bad for her also. Do you think she would be willing to give the baby up for adoption? I have a few people who are going through the same thing that you guys are and what I was going through that would love a healthy newborn to call their own. Do you think she would be willing to do something like that? I would be happy to give you some contacts for her to get in touch with.

Thanks and God Bless


Remember that God puts us in certain situations for a reason.

God Bless you and your cousin and much much baby dust!




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