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andrea1974 - July 25

hi i am new here. My husband and i have been ttc about six months now. I am on my fourth bottle of ovulex and this month i am 6 days late. i am thinking to stop the ovulex but i cant decide whether i should could i please get some advise on what i should do. I also read that while taking ovulex there are two different types of discharge, a white lotion discharge and a eggwhite sticky discharge. i did experience athe white lotion discharge but i have never seen the eggwhite discharge


LeslieAnn - July 25

Renee~ AF is supposed to come for me around Jul. 31, but I'm not sure what the exact day will be with the Ovulex. If my cycle returns to normal this month AF should come on the 31st. I was actually a few days early with my first month of Ovulex, but I think I will be back to normal if not later this cycle because I ovulated too late to have a short cycle this month. I haven't had many other symptoms, except I got really hungry and a little light headed this afternoon, but I ate a light lunch so I think that may be explained away. Once I ate a snack I was fine. Be sure to let me know if you get any more symptoms, I am routing for you. :)

Hopefully we'll get some bfp's in the group this month, I think we are due for some. :) Good luck everyone!



andrea1974 - July 25

[quote author=ambersparkle link=board=4;threadid=2624;start=255#22728 date=1153776780]
Hi all!! Hope that everyone is doing well! :)

I am on day 33 with Ovulex...and no AF in sight. Should I be worried?? I am worried. I am going on a family trip this weekend and not exactly thrilled that AF may decide to come along for the journey. I don't know...I haven't had AF in a while and have no clue when she is coming.

Has anyone on ovulex been incredibly late with AF?

Has Ovulex successfully regulated anyone's AF?- this is my major hope and the reason I gave in and ordered it (besides obviously wanting to get pregnant).

Anyway, can anyone who has been on Ovulex for a month or more offer their AF experiences w/Ovulex???

hi amber i have been on ovulex for about four months now and af was quite regular but this month i was about six days late. i think i was late because of the ovulex[/quote]


summer - July 25

Hi all ..I am new to the forum and just wanted to say i have been following all the posts and contributions and they have been very educative and informative...

We have been TTC close to 2 years...and have just ordered our Ovulex today. i am very irregular.. Hoping this works .......Baby dust to all



summer - July 25


I just wanted to ask how do u deal with jealous. I find that i have a friend who is expecting and due this august and am happy for her but at the same time i find myself consumed with pangs of envy and jealous. we got married around the same time and have been trying to have babies and she got lucky and now is pg and am still not.

also i have juss found out that she is going to have two parties, 1 surprise baby shower from our frenz and 1 baby welcome from church pple. how do i deal with that green eyed monster :(


Mist - July 25

Hi Summer Welcome to the group :) I understand your feeling I am in the same boat. My best friend is due in September and we have both tried to concieve around the same time but here I am. No pregnancy YET! but I just decided not to worry about it anymore I gave it all to God and I am trusting in him because no matter what I do he knows exactly when my baby will come along.

Keep your head up girl don't let this get you down, because that is another factor that delays fertility.

oh yes for anyone keeping tab on me I should be starting my period the end of July or the first of August! Thank God for sore BB's lol

God Bless & Baby dust to all


PS Mist = Misty for short ;)


ECARROLL - July 25

Good Morning ladies!!

How's it going? Fine I hope. As for me AF still hasn't came. I wasn't regular before ovulex but I thought it was suppose to regulate a period. Has anyone else that's inregular had this problem??


RNORST - July 25

I got this off of fertilityfriend.com. Every one should check this out, you get a free month of charting.

This is from the website:
All my signs suggest ovulation (wet cervical fluid, increased sex drive, tender breasts) but my temperature has not risen and ovulation is not detected on my chart. Is it possible that I have already ovulated, but my chart is not showing it?

Only the thermal shift will help you pinpoint ovulation with any kind of certainty, while all other signs are good indicators that ovulation might be approaching and that you have increased fertility. While it is certainly possible to ovulate without your temperature showing it, (especially if your temperature-taking habits are less than ideal), ovulation can only be pinpointed by a thermal shift.

This is because progesterone, the hormone that is released only after ovulation, causes your temperature to shift slightly- so once you have a thermal shift, you can be reasonably sure that you ovulated on the previous day. Once you have a sustained thermal shift, the software will confirm ovulation for you and draw cross-hairs on your chart. You should keep having intercourse until ovulation is confirmed by a clear and sustained thermal shift.

Hope this helps you.

My temp. went up a little today 98.3, I hope it keeps going up. My symptoms are about the same, boobs very sore and very, very swollen and heavy. Dh sure has noticed them. My boob sometimes get sore a couple days after O and then sometimes like just a week before af, but they usaul don't get swollen until about 5 days before af. This time they were swollen 2 days after O. My boob also hurt the worst though my nipples.
Keep us posted. Good luck to you.

That is so ture what you wrote, we need to all just give it to God, He is the one who creates every thing in His timing.

I also deal with that problem. There are so many girls I went to school with that had a baby a few years after I had my son Will (4 1/2 years old) and it seem like all of them are preg. again. Also my cousin had endo. and they really don't even have enough money to feed them selves, and she has had 5 pregancy, and she just had the third baby,( which was an accident ). We need to keep our heads up and just wait for God perfect timing.



RNORST - July 25


Was you going to go to the doctor? If so did you find out any thing?



LeslieAnn - July 25

Hi everyone! How is everyone doing today?

Mist~ I am due for AF around the same time. Be sure to let us know how it's going!

Summer~ It can be so tough when someone close to you (or even just someone you know) gets pregnant. The first thing I do is remind myself that feeling jealous and hurt is a normal reaction, and it's okay, as long as you don't let the negative emotions guide your actions. I think ttc is a very frustrating journey when it's not easy to get pregnant, and having those emotions is normal and okay. I also have learned to stop analyzing everything I do and wondering what I am doing wrong or what I have done to deserve infertility. Just because it is hard to get pregnant doesn't mean I am less of a woman or I have done anything wrong, and that was hard for me to believe for a while. It also helps to pray about it, and ask God to give me the strength to deal with the struggle. It also helps that I can talk to other women who are facing the same struggles. Just remember that you are not alone, and there are others who are here for you. HTH.



lynn52377 - July 25

Good Morning all ..Day 14 on ovulex i started to get a little crampy but it seems like it is gone now..i am tired but have trouble sleeping. I wake up alot during the night...maybe its just nerves... Anyone else have that trouble?
Have a Great day!! Praying and hoping we all can get what we want....Babydust to all


LeslieAnn - July 25

Renee~ Glad to hear that your temp. went up. If your DH noticed the difference in your bbs it's probably a good sign. I took it as a good sign when DH noticed I was going to the bathroom a lot more, because before that I wasn't sure if I was just imagining it or not. Maybe you are really getting some pg symptoms! Let's hope! My temp. went back up today, it's at 98.89 now. I feel pretty good this morning, but I had a terrible headache last night and had to go to bed early. :(

I also use fertility friend and find it to be pretty helpful if you chart. Besides drawing your chart and calculating your coverline, it has a lot of advice and articles and you can even view other charts and do searches for charts that are similar to your own. So if you are a charter, I would highly recommend it.

GL and baby dust to everyone! Have a great day.


ambersparkle - July 25

lynn~ I had that problem when I first started Ovulex...I would find that I was exhausted, yet I couldn't sleep. I already deal with insomnia, so the added frustration was driving me crazy. I started taking my night-time pill earlier and the sleeplessness dissipated...no problems with Ovulex-related sleeplessness anymore- just have to deal with regular insomnia. :-\

ECarroll~ I just posted about that- I am on day 34 with Ovulex and don't really have any signs of AF... I am getting worried since that is what Ovulex is really supposed to do- regulate your AF. Anyway, are you going to go to the dr???

I need prayers from all of you faith sisters today. DH is experiencing some really discomforting changes at work and he is really upset. Also, we are being faced with immediate need of another car or I will have to quit my job so DH can have our existing car...we are really up against the wall right now and it's hard to keep the faith. We really need a blessing.

Welcome to all the newbies (lynn, summer, andrea, valleyb1)!!!

.·:*¨¨*:·Dust and blessings to all!.·:*¨¨*:·


lili246 - July 25


I am charting in fertility friend. I have been doing this for almost 6 months. I does help you know when you are ovulating, But it gets confusing sometimes like it is confusing now that I haven't showed any O sings. Mt Temp is going slighly up. I was at 97.6, 97.8, 97.9 and today 98.1 so It does keep going up but in a slow pace.
Has anyone had this problem. Does that mean that I am just O or I have already O. Well it does get frustrated at times.



RNORST - July 25

I just said a pray for you and will contuine to pray. Just remember God will always provide for you. There is a verse in the Bible and I'm not for sure were off the top of my head (maybee Matthew), where God talks about taking care of the birds and the flowers and how much more important are we to Him, then the birds and flowers.

Wow, that a good sign to me, if your temp. went up to 98.89. Hopefully it will stay that high and even get a little higher. Keep me posted.

I have no idea what to tell you????? My temp was also doing funny things it would go up and then back down. But it has been above 98.0 for 7 days.
Hopefully yours will keep raising each day.



babybop - July 25

Hi gals!!!

I miss you all. I haven't posted in a few days due to disappointment. I slept thru my ovulation. Gotta love it!

All the Geritol and stuff has been in vane and I am absolutely disgusted at myself. But anyway..........


Monica: Hey girlfriend! I am doing the Fertility Blend, Geritol, Robitussin, and OPK. I accidentally slept thru ovulation this cycle so it was all in vane but I am sure it will only better my conception chances next month. You may feel more than welcome to contact me at your leisure. I know life is busy, let alone life in GA!!! TRAFFIC, TRAFFIC, TRAFFIC.

Citygirl: You are welcome. We are all human. I get frustrated, jealous, emotionally exhausted, and the like....just like you all. I understand!!! Thank you for the reassurance that I am not crazy. Well......I am crazy, but it's my sanity I am trying to maintain, LOL!





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