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RNORST - August 2

Well today is cd 30 for me and I think af might just show up tomorrow. My temps yesterday was 98.6 and today 98.0. I was cramping a little off and on last night and also this morning. Very different cramps than usual, usually if I start to cramp I keep cramping until I start.
Well if I get af today or thursday, at least I'll be thankful that it didn't make me late. I'm also having a very different feeling its like a light pressure on one side that comes and goes.

lili246, how's things going, what was you temp?

Leslie, I have taken fertili-blend from GNC before, and didn't have any luck, but maybe you will. Best of luck. Keep us posted on what you find out at RE.

Springs, I have never had irr. cycles. It has to be even harder not knowing when she coming.

God bless all of you with fertility.


lili246 - August 2

Thank You for asking about my son. He is doing better, that thrust and blister are going away, thank god. He is back to normal and eating alot like he used to.
So hows everything with you?
Hope that this is your month and get bless, keep the faith! Love ya!

My temp. went up to 98.9. I am confuse because my fertility chart doesn't show a clear O day. But I am counting from when my temp. raised. From what the calendar says I am in luteal phase # 12. So I don't know what to be looking for. I am confused about this calendar. But it seems that my temp. is about the same, from 98.6 to 98.9. What should I do? I guess I should wait until friday and test. But am kinda scared cause if I test and get a negative and it was all because it wasn't time to test? Well who knows, I guess I'll test anyways if not I'll just wait longer.

Take Care and Baby Dust to all of You Ladies.



lucyw - August 2

I just wanted to let all you ladies know how happy and hopeful it makes me to not only read all you comments and experiences but see your strong faith in God and that you pray for so many people. It really makes me feel great that I can talk with Godly women about my infertility concerns. I am so glad on got on this board!!!

God Bless!!!


lucyw - August 2

I was wondering how your experience with IVF was. Also, did you do any injections or other "drastic" fertility stuff before IVF. I am also wondering about the cost. I know it is not cheap. I don't really think I wanna take that route, but I was just curious.



lucyw - August 2

hey ladies, me again!!! i was wondering what you all know about the advantages of green tea and fertility, and also geritol tonic??? just trying to gather as much info as possible. thanks


LeslieAnn - August 2

Amie~ I'm not sure what the green tea does except decrease stress (supposedly). But it has some other herbal effects, I think, I just don't know what they are. :) The geritol tonic, from what I understand, helps make your CM better for conception.

Anybody else have any info on this stuff?



LeslieAnn - August 2

Hey guys~ I never really paid attention to my luteal phase before but it looks like last cycle's was only 11 days. I thought that I used to have a 13 day luteal phase but I'm not sure because I don't have my old charts (I haven't charted in awhile). Does an 11 day luteal phase mean I have a defect and can't get pregnant? Maybe that's the problem. :( Does anybody know?




Honey - August 2

Hey everyone! Just popped in to see how everyone was doing!

I hope you have babies on the brain! :)

Take care!

God Bless and Baby Dust to all!


Mahogany Heart - August 2

See you guys on Ovulex X. We are really going.


poohbear221 - August 4

Hello to all!!!

I recently joined this site, but read your posts from the older theads regularly. I have been ttc (I also have PCOS) for about a year now. I am getting quite frustrated, but trying my best to get it together. I have been taking Ovulex for about 3 months now with no luck yet. I just bought some Geritol to take with it and have been drinking green tea (decaf) regularly. Are there any other suggestions??? Thanks so much for the indirect inspiration that your posts have given to me (as an "outsider" looking in).



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