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megzrahh - July 18

opk, bd, ewcm ??????????????????? cd??? im completely lost ..... Can someone please help me out with the terminology, sorry ???


ambersparkle - July 18

opk- Ovulation predictor kit
bd- "baby dancing" (making love)
ewcm- egg white cervical mucous
cd-cycle day

* There is a link on the main bulletin board page at the top right hand side that says "abbreviations" click on it and it will show you a list of all of them!

Hope this helps! ;D


Inga - July 18


OPK- Ovulation predictor Kit (usually ovulation test strips)
BD- Baby Dance (use your imagination ;-)
EWCM- Egg White Cervical Mucus (the consistency of what your cervical mucus is or should be around the time of ovulation in order to help sperm travel safely to the follicles)
CD- Cycle Day

Maggiesmom- Are you in the NY area b/c I can refer you to a GREAT clinic in Manhattan that doesn't have too long of a wait. This place is amazing and soo patient. All the nurses are always sweet and answer all the silly questions I have. I never have to wait for more than 10 mins to be seen. If anyone is interested I'd be happy to refer. No success yet for me but the process is more bareable when your doctor and the staff are caring people. (My previous doctor left me in tears as I was walking out of his office)


Inga - July 18

ECarroll-Good Luck. I hope you get a BFP.

RNORST- Does your insurance cover the injectables. Some insurance companies cover the IUI with injectables. Luckily my insurance company covers that stuff or else I don't know how I would be able to afford this stuff. Actually I wouldnt be able to. I just started the injectables a few days ago for the first time. I hope it helps. I tried Clomid last month and produced three good follicles but no luck. I am wondering how many follicles I am going to need in order to get pregnant.

I know this sounds childish but it's just not fair. I don't understand it most of the time. But I just keep telling myself to roll with the punches. Thanks for letting me vent ladies.


megzrahh - July 18

Thank you so much !!!! it really helped alot.


MaggiesMom - July 18

[quote author=Inga link=board=4;threadid=2624;start=180#22273 date=1153189623]
Maggiesmom- Are you in the NY area b/c I can refer you to a GREAT clinic in Manhattan that doesn't have too long of a wait.

Unfortunately I am not in the Manhattan area. I'm in Washington, DC. There is a wonderful, nationally reknown clinic here, which is where I'm going. They were wonderful on the phone, didn't make me feel stupid or anything. They're just very, very popular and therefore hard to see. Of course, requesting a female doctor also made my wait time longer, but that's okay. I'm willing to wait. Thanks, though, and I'm sure there are lots in your area who would love to know who you would recomment.

Baby dust to you! And to all of us! :)


MaggiesMom - July 18

And big thanks to LeslieAnn, RNORST, and ambersparkle. Your comments made me smile and gave me the encouragement I need. I told a friend the other day that if I'd known it woudl be this difficult to get pregnant I wouldn't have spent all my life trying to avoid it. Now I'm 36 years old and I have this deep fear that I won't be able to. What irony. I wait this long, avoid it all my life, only to find out that I can't. That'd be my luck.

And on the Ovulex, I've only been taking it since Saturday and I haven't really noticed anything different except perhaps an elevated temperature. No sore BBs, no nausea, no nothing. I haven't been taking it long enough to know if it's affected AF or CM, but I'll be sure and let ya'll know.

Hugs and bucket loads of baby dust to all!


LeslieAnn - July 18


I know exactly what you mean about the irony of getting pregnant. All my life I thought if I had unprotected sex one time I would definitely get pregnant, so I spent bucket loads of money trying to make sure I didn't get pregnant, and now I'm spending tons of money to try and get pregnant!

My mother had me when she was almost 38 and I was a surprise pregnancy, so just because you're 36 doesn't mean it won't happen. There is a lot that can be done to help people get pregnant now, I'm sure it will happen for you! Just don't give up.

Well, I ovulated yesterday according to my chart. I had really bad cramps last night and...how weird is this? Today my right bb is sore, only the right one. I usually don't get sore bbs but I'm trying not to read too much into it, since it's like 1 dpo and I probably wouldn't feel any different yet even if I was pg. Plus it's not so much sore as it just feels weird, like when I was a preteen and I was about to get a growth spurt. That kind of feeling. It could be the Ovulex maybe.

Good luck everyone, and have a great Tuesday!



ECARROLL - July 18

Hi Ladies,
I didn't test yet, I bought First Response last night, got very nervous and decided to wait till today, I promise guys I will do it tonight, dh is so sweet, he said don't worry honey I will be right there with you and if we get a BFN we can BD!!!!! He's so silly. Thanks ladies for your concerns and encouragement!!!!!! Tons and Tons of BABY DUST!!!!!!!!!!


Mist - July 18

Thanks for the encouragment RN. Your right I just need to trust in the Lord!

[quote author=RNORST link=board=4;threadid=2624;start=165#22214 date=1153155909]
Hi, I have had a m/c before to it is really hard. To me it was like God was testing me to see how I would handle it. Becuase when I got preg. I prayed every day, Lord, this is your baby, and I pray for it to be heathly and I trust in you to do what ever is in your will. I had a m/c at 6 weeks, which isn't very far along, but it still hurts. I even had a jerk ask me what I done to lose the baby! Please dont blame yourself. When ever I would get down I would think of the pray that I prayed, and that would help me, I tried to stay postive, by think that this was Gods chose for now. And I thanked him for helping me thought it. The very next month I got preg. with my beatiful son which is now 4 1/2. You need to put all of your trust in him, he has things planed for you!

Leslie Ann,
I'm so happy that you had a + opk. I'm hoping I will get a + in a couple of days. Thanks for the info. This last year we have gone to a RE and after this last month I asked them if they thought I might not be O and they said that could be why. So I asked them about meds. to make me O, and they said the next step was to do IUI with injectables, which is $1500.00 I think I should have the chose on what step I want to do next. Thats why I started to take Ovulex. I have a 3 month supply and then if that doesn't work I'm going to go see a OBGYN and see if the can get me started on some meds. But I'm going to think postive and not have to worry about going that far. Keep me posted, we are really close on our cycles. Mine are usually 30-31 day and I'm on day 14. Right in the middle just like you. I think you will be ok if you don't BD tonight, they say sperm can live for 5 days. Hopefully you can BD the next day to be safe. Did you get ewcm a couple of days before your + OPK or was it the same day?

Good luck to all the ladies and I pray for all of you a couple times a day.



Honey - July 18


I didn't get your private message. Can you email me your info so I can try to send you that OM a.s.a.p?

My son's 3rd B-Day is this weekend so I might have to wait but I don't think it will cost that mich to send it to you.




lili246 - July 18

Thank You very much, your information helped me alot! So I'll get busy..lol
[quote author=LeslieAnn link=board=4;threadid=2624;start=180#22266 date=1153183176]

When your test line is as dark as or darker than the control line, it means you got a + opk. This means that you should ovulate within the next 12-36 hours. So you can BD now and you'll have the best chances of getting pg! GL!

To everyone else~ good luck with everything and tons of baby dust!



MaggiesMom - July 18

Thanks so much for your sweet words of encouragement, LeslieAnn. I am trying to stay positive, especially after seeing that some on this message board have been ttc for years. I'm gonna just stay calm, take my Ovulex (who knew it would kick up my sex drive like this?!?!?) and enjoy BD'ing.

Hugs and baby dust to all!


RNORST - July 18

Inga, my insurance doesn't cover fertility treatments, we got lucky with them paying for the HCG test.

I have been having pains and cramps off and on, on my left side today, so hopefully I will be O very soon, I took a opk today and it was almost +, so hopefully it will be tommorrow.

Has anyone ever notcied pressure when you are BD and its close to O? I always seem to have a lot of pressure when its close to O? Is this normal?

MaggiesMom, I have only been on Ovulex a week and I have had that same (good for my DH) side effect. :) :)

Good luck to all and Ecarroll keep us posted.




babybop - July 18

Good afternoon ladies!

You all are not going to believe this! For the past two weeks I have been taking Fertility Blend, Geritol, and Robitussin faithfully. All to fall asleep on O day. I had family members over until the wee hours of the morning.

My husband went out and had a few drinks with his uncle and by the time he returned, I was asleep. Of course, he didn't know that it was O day because he would have awakened me. I know what you're saying.....well you have like a 36 hour window, right? Wrong, because when I awoke, he was still sleeping and I went to run errands, completely forgetting what day it was.

So, my harrowing efforts of taking all of that stuff was all in vane! I know that it can only better my chances for next cycle but what a disappointment. I can always look at the bright side and say, "atleast I don't have the terrible two week wait that I was anticipating" but then you can look at it on the bad side too.....I don't have a TWW, I know AF is definitely coming in 13 more days.

Anyways.......enough about me! How's everyone else doing?

The ribbon idea is a good one because if your ttc and you don't know that we are here for you, the ribbon would raise awareness! Not only that, but if enough women are wearing them, it will show that infertility is a common thing that we all need to be aware of (not waiting until we're forty to find out) and also sensitive to. Like Breast Cancer and HIV.

I am so glad to see our roster re-buiding itself. Welcome all new, and seasoned who have returned.

No big fat positives lately? Maybe they're on vacation this summer too!

Dust...........don't sneeze!



soon2bmommy - July 18

Oh my babybop:

I know that must suck - well just be patient - it will happen next month now you can just bd for pleasure :D



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