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soon2bmommy - July 18

Oh my babybop:

I know that must suck - well just be patient - it will happen next month now you can just bd for pleasure :D


Citygirl - July 18

Hey everyone!

Well I got my AF on Friday - as predicted on Day 25. Am I the only one that has not seen any changes since starting Ovulex? No side effects - no longer cycle - Nothing! not even a cramp. :-( I had a long talk about giving up this weekend with my DH. Next month will be 2 years trying and I will be turning 36. I'm beginning to think it's not suppose to happen for me. He is very supportive and said that the decision is mine - he hates to see me on the emotional roller coaster. Any suggestions on how to make it up this hill? This one is a doosie. I was really hoping to see some changes - any changes- good or bad with the ovulex.

Babybop - I must admit, I giggled a little when reading your story. I did the same thing a couple of months ago. SLEPT right thru it :-) but don't fret about it. My doctor told me that the little swimmers can still be active up to 7 (sometimes 10) days---not sure how--- so as long as you had some bd in the last couple of days and tonight - you still might be ok. Baby Dust.

Any good news out there?

Baby dust to ALL !


ambersparkle - July 18


I sent you another message with my address and everything- sorry that you didn't get the first one...someone else told me they didn't get one of my messages. Has anyone else had this problem?


sammy71 - July 18

Hello all.
I'm back from vacation and hit the ground running today at work. I'll try to send an update tomorrow. I did get a chance to catch up on the five pages I missed while gone. Welcome new ladies...hello friends and TWW cycle buddies (Juel, YJ, AmberSparkle etc.)

Sending baby dust your way!!! Hugs to all. Sammy

PS. Citygirl, hang in there. I've been battling infertility for 12 years, I'm 35 years old, riding the emotional rollercoaster but still positive!!!


lili246 - July 18

City Girl,
Don't worry! I bet you are going to have better Luck next month!
This friday it will be two weeks that I started taking ovulex and I haven't had any side effects either.
I have been testing with a fertility test stip and both lines came dark So I guess I will ovulate anytime now. Ofcourse I have had bd during these days. I hope I'll get lucky this time.

I need lots of Baby Dust! ;) I still have faith and will never lose it!

baby dust to all of you!
Hang in there God will listen to our prayers! It just take time and he knows the right time!

I know it gets anxious at times and sometimes it gets to the point that you want to give up but all of you ladies have faith that you all will be reward soon!



Inga - July 19

Have you ever considered starting a journal about everything thats running through your mind during this process? I started one after three months of trying w/out success. It helped me alot. I think one day I might even consider having it published. So many women out there feel like they are alone in this. Anyhow, it might help as it can be therapuetic. Hang in there. It sounds like you've got a really caring husband and that always helps. Good luck. Lots of baby dust to everyone.


danahcam - July 19

Hi Girls,
Really need some help. Quick history, TTC for 5mnths, just been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovaries. started Ovulex and finished 1st bottle but doctor advised to stop taking it because AF was 7 days late and I have never been that late.(usually around 30-33days) Blood test done with result BFN! I stopped taking Ovulex about a week ago and i still haven't received AF with no sign of her coming. I am now at day 47, 17 days late. My nibbles have been really sore for about 4 days. Has anyone else experienced this. Please help as I am really concerned I have stuffed up my cycle by taking ovulex and my chances of conceiving.


ECARROLL - July 19

Moring ladies,
I tested and got a BFN, of course I cried, dh was very supportive and told me we will keep trying, I just feel like I'm not a woman, I mean I haven't given him the best gift a woman can give a man. I just don't understand my daughter was from a previous relationship and NOT planned, now I am praying to give this man a child and I can't. It hurts!!!!!! well AF still hasn't came I've started my second bottle of ovulex and will wait to see what happens next. Thanks for letting me vent ladies BABY DUST TO ALL!!!!!!!!!


MaggiesMom - July 19


I am so sorry. I'm sending big hugs and baby dust your way.


ECARROLL - July 19

Thanks Maggiesmom,
I appreciate it, baby dust and hugs right back at you.


lili246 - July 19

Hey Ladies,
Like I've mention before on Sunday I did a fertility test strip and both lines came dark. As that is a sign of O coming within 24 to 36 hours, and I am past that, it has been three days now! And my temperature is still low, no sign of high temp. which means that I have O.

Can anyone give me some feedback! Am I just beening late on O.


Baby Dust to all of You!



lili246 - July 19

I am so sorry! Don't worry and keep on trying it just takes time! Be positive.
What you say is true everytime you plan something it doesn't come the way you want it. It always does when you don't plan it. I don't get it why it has to be that way!
Don't lose the faith your turn will come soon!



RNORST - July 19

Sorry about your test, How many cycle days do you usual have?

lili246, was the test line just as dark as the other line?
I think some times you can get a + opk for couple of days and then they say 12-36 hours, maybe your temp. will raise tommorrow, keep us posted and keep BD till your temp. goes up.

I think I have a + opk test today. On one side of the test line it is just as dark as the other line and then it fades out. So I call the makers of the OPK and they told me if any part of the line is as dark as the other line its probably +. But still test tommorrow to see what it does.
I have also been having O pains since yesterday, they come and go, today a few times they got pretty strong.

Does and one else get O pains? If so do you feel any pressure when BD?

Hopefully mine is + today and I will let you know Lili246 how long it takes my temp. to go up.

Good Luck and you are all in my prays!



ECARROLL - July 19

Thanks for the support ladies, you all are so sweet!!!!!! I am taking ovulex and prenatal care vitiamins again and I also made a DR's appointment for 31July. I think I am going to get on Cloimd. I will keep you guys posted


ECARROLL - July 19

Hey ladies,
What's the deal with Geritol? it comes in liquid and tablet form, is one better than the other? And is it okay to take with prenatals and Ovulex?


MaggiesMom - July 19

I must be totally hormonal today. I just gorged myself on Godivas with tears in my eyes reading what you all are writing. I spent $11 on four freakin' pieces of chocolate... what a mess I am. LOL But the chocolate raspberry cups just looked sooooo good. I couldn't resist.

Do any of you find that the Ovulex makes your body more sensitive to certain foods? I just ate seafood for lunch and before the meal was even over I had to rush to the bathroom for a yucky #2. I'm wondering if it's the Ovulex.

Baby dust to all.



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