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Mahogany Heart - December 6

Baby that is why I'm here. We must stand together and CONQUER THIS INFERTILITY!!!


Tosha - December 6

Good Morning Ladies,

Welcome to all the newbies! I wish I got to the point of actually getting to do a HPT, my AF is always so regular I never get to get excited. Last month it was early!

MH, I know what you mean about lots of CM!!! It's almost weird! I am beginning to think it's the green tea! I have been on Ovulex for almost 3 months and it wasn't this much until the green tea!

Weirder yet? My FM says that I am still low fertility today. I totally don't believe it just from my body signs and that is weird because it always has seemed to match up. I have called my DH to drive the 4 hours home tonight just to BD to head back up tomorrow. I know that's bad considering we have terrible driving conditions right now, but we have to do what we have to do to try, right!?


Lablane - December 6

Hi sisters,

Hope everyone is doing well today. Welcome Newbies.

Dona - I am very sorry to hear what you are going through. I will be praying for you and if there is anything that I can do please let me know. I am here if you need to talk. and I will keep you and DH is my prayers.

I haven't been taking my temp everyday like a lot of you because my temp varies a lot. Is this a must do? B/c if so I have no idea what it should look like.

Ladies let's please not get discouraged. God is watching over each and everyone of us and we will know our purpose soon. He has not forsaken us. He is here with each and every one of us, with his arms around us. We will make it through this a be better, stronger, more patience, more understanding and more loving than we ever were. He is making us stronger and teaching us that people can help heal people and I beleive that is the reason I found my new sisters. To help me heal and to help me to be a better person. To care more for others. We get our strength from him but also thrive off each other.


Baby Dust to everyone and my prayers are with you.



Lablane - December 6

How do I get my ticker to count more than 30 days?


Tosha - December 6


When you entered all your information into TickerFactory it asked you how long your cycle is. You just have to alter that number.

I agree with you, God has a plan for us all. We just have to be patient as hard as that is. Imagine what wonderful patient Moms we will be!


Lablane - December 6

Thanks I got it now.


YaBB - December 6

April I'm so sorry! We will just have to keep trying! I'm sure our husbands don't mind the extra attention!

Dona I'll keep you and your DH in my prayers!

I also think God is watching over us! I also know Gods timing isn't always our timing! There is one good tihing in all of this, we found this website and meet lots of great women!
Keep the faith!


Shara - December 6

Hello Ladies,

Just catching up on the posts-
???I have a question for you ladies, I was reading some info on conception tips website and some ladies tested with First Response -got BFN but was actually BFP. Is that not a good brand.

Welcome to the Sisterhood April J
I know the feeling of wanting to test and as soon as you do AF comes or wanting those two lines and one is all crazy looking(talking about wasted excitement) but like the others sisters said - it will happen for us all! ;D

Welcome Hugs 31 - I like the ticker also.

MH - Im praying for you everything will be alright. I hope AF comes on its own and you don't have to jumpstart. I sent you an email so when you review I will be online so IM me.

Dona- I will hold you in my prayers. God never gives us more than we can bare. Even though you might feel like "you are being punished" or "why is this happening to me". This experience will teach you, strengthen you and bring you closer to God and it will turn around for you ;D


Shara - December 6

Peaches did you test - I am praying for some good news from you - I get excited when someone says BFP. I am like a little kid when it comes to these things.


cin - December 6

hi ladies...
reading some of your post (tosha & MH) I think it is the green tea that is giving us lots of CM.. I may be one of the only ones on this post not on ouvlex and only drinking green tea every morning or every other morning and have had alot of cm lately ,more than usual (noticable amnt).
MH hve dr. appt Jan 18th to weigh out my options and figure out the expense portion of decision or decisions to be made. UNFORT insurance only pays for one maybe 2rounds of IVF and it appears that in MOST cases takes upto 3rounds... ??????? hmmmm don't know what to do bout that quite yet. well hope your all having great day


christina20 - December 6

Hello ladies well i am new here and i was reading over lots of your great stories and decided to share my story with you girls. Well my name is Christina i am 20 years old and been ttc for over a year. I have been married to my loving husband for 2 years now. Well i have 3 brothers (22)(17)(11)and i also have three sisters(21)(4)(2)we are 7 children. well neways i have always been irregular, sometimes i only get my period once a year. We have been to the doctor and they told me is was going to be really difficult for me to concieve, and that just makes us really sad because every time we see a new born we get really depressed and i even start crying sometimes but since i have heard some wonderfull stories about Ovulex i ordered mine today and hoping for it to get here as soon as possible. So i was reading some of your messages and read that some of you girls drink green tea Does it really work? and what kind of tea is it decaff or caffinated? well i hope to hear from you girls soon.

Take care,and good luck.


sarah soveran - December 6

les23 yes i dont understand either im going to have to see my doc again i really dont know why the ovulex is not helping my period i just dont understand i went and got checked and they said everything was fine ?? i really dont get it its like some kind of unsolved prob im going to have to jump start mr period again

MH i noticed that to they seemed to have took the pledge and now there gone when you take the pleadge we are supposed to be here for eachother hmmm they are missing out i just hope they come back and realize that none of us should abandon the sisterhood we are here together and we take the pleadge for a reason. i hope that they maybe just have been busy and never really left you know

hugs32 thanks for caring i really hope we will do this i know we will


sarah soveran - December 6

christina20 hey there i know its really hard sometimes i do the whole crying thing to but it will be ok this is a great place to be when you just wanna share your storie with women that are just like you it makes me feel so much better when i have a bad day and all these wonderful ladies are here to help me feel better and know we are not alone,, ohhh about the whole geen tea thing i just know from what they say that it works so thats all i need lol i just bought a bunge of green tea and i take it everyday welll almost haha its really bad not something i really would choose to drink on my own but if they say it will help me then hand it here


christina20 - December 6

Well thank you sarah and i hope the tea works for you, i am also going to go buy some and i hope it will work.Well i am also going to try Ovulex. So tell me Sarah are you currently taking Ovulex and if so for how long now?


Lablane - December 7

Hi Ladies,

Welcome Christina,

You were discussing Green tea, well if you don't like to flavor which I can't stand go visit this website www.kinaorganics.com they sell Green Tea Complex in pill form. It is like drinking 3 glasses of greent tea a day without having to taste it. It's really not a bad price and it does work. I was taking before we even starting trying it's good for a lot of things.

I didn't really notice a lot of CM with Green tea but I have notice a lot with Ovulex so not sure which one but hey it's a lot better than what I had before which was none.

I go see my new doc on Thursday and it's weird my mom asked to go with me. Whole story with her we haven't been getting along in a while and she doesn't understand the how infertility thing, thinks it's just in my head. Well dh and I set her down one day and finally had to tell her how bad she upsets me which was a long time coming, but anyway point is we have been getting along much better.

I was thinking that if she went to the doc with me she might relize how hard this really is and maybe be a little more considerate. Or will this just push me over the edge. What do you think: take her or don't take her?



YaBB - December 7

Christina welcome to the site! I'm also new here! I know what you mean about seeing little one!

About a month a half ago I found out my sisterlaw is prego and also my good friend with prego with her second and it expecting twins. I didn't know to be happy or be selfself and cry.
Then my dear friend was trying ivf. The first try didn't work. The took the eggs the second time and tried to fertize them but, they didn't take. In the meanwhile she had a purple mark on her breast and after two months is was not going away. To make a long story short she found out she has breast cancer. As soon as I found out I went over to visit. As I was leaving her house I took her I'd pray for her that she will be okay and that the cancer is only in her breast. She said back to me she will also pray for me that I get prego soon. My heart just about broke. I was blown away that she was even thinking of me in her own time on need! From the day I decide if my dear friend could be that caring I owe it to God to stop feeling sorry for myself and be greatful for what I have! I know now that God's timing isn't always ours and staying positive will make everything happen faster!
My dear friend had her breast removed and it doing very good!She is such a big inspiration for me! Since that day I changed my way of thinking. I know now feeling sorry for myself and having a negative outlook gets you no where!
So from here on out I only have happy thoughts! I trust God is watching over us! Baby dust to all of you!



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