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YaBB - December 7

Christina welcome to the site! I'm also new here! I know what you mean about seeing little one!

About a month a half ago I found out my sisterlaw is prego and also my good friend with prego with her second and it expecting twins. I didn't know to be happy or be selfself and cry.
Then my dear friend was trying ivf. The first try didn't work. The took the eggs the second time and tried to fertize them but, they didn't take. In the meanwhile she had a purple mark on her breast and after two months is was not going away. To make a long story short she found out she has breast cancer. As soon as I found out I went over to visit. As I was leaving her house I took her I'd pray for her that she will be okay and that the cancer is only in her breast. She said back to me she will also pray for me that I get prego soon. My heart just about broke. I was blown away that she was even thinking of me in her own time on need! From the day I decide if my dear friend could be that caring I owe it to God to stop feeling sorry for myself and be greatful for what I have! I know now that God's timing isn't always ours and staying positive will make everything happen faster!
My dear friend had her breast removed and it doing very good!She is such a big inspiration for me! Since that day I changed my way of thinking. I know now feeling sorry for myself and having a negative outlook gets you no where!
So from here on out I only have happy thoughts! I trust God is watching over us! Baby dust to all of you!


Les23 - December 7

L - I think that you need to take your mother along. I am sure it will help her realize that this a lot more serious than she is thinking. So I think it is a plus. Luck for me my mother is very supportive of me.

Hugs- Doesn't things like this really give you a reality check. I mean you think that you are having problems and then BAM you hear something like that and realize that you are a very lucky person. I am happy to hear how positive you are. And it is great that your friend is doing well. Give her my best.


Mahogany Heart - December 7


Hello hope everything is going good for you all.


It has to be something giving me CM. You know DH and I have not BD since Friday. We get in the bed prepared but for some reason we fall asleep. Its crazy.


Keep the positive energy we need that here. God Bless you and your friend.


I want to start by saying thank you sisters for the things that we accomplish today towards the project. I kept getting kicked off earlier. I hope everything is ok.

If I missed anyone its only because I'm beat.

I have to give props to the following Sisters


On a job well done. You guys are really putting forth effort. Everything is coming alone.

I need to give credit for confirming the conference call

Like I said I'm going to need those who is willing to help-help. There is still alot that need to be done but I'm working on it.


Peaches - December 7

Hello my ladies..how is everyone...Well I took a test this morning and only one line came out : ( i was really sad, but i'm ok..I'm just a little scared because i havent gotten my period..i'm just stressing..But hey ladies, we all just need to keep praying and thank you all for caring so much...


Peaches - December 7

Shara, girl, i'm a little worried about my peroid too..before I started taking the ovulex, I had ver very irregular periods...I would get them like every 3-4 months (I hate that), I started the ovulex last month on the 15th, and my last period finished on the 11th of last month..i dont kmow if I'm taking ovulex wrong or it's not helping me...I'm just so stressed about it..It's hard to know when it's the right night to have a baby...But hey sweetie, we need to keep out heads up and keep on trying and praying..i'm praying for everyone on this site and I know ladies that we are all going to be talking about babies births soon :)


Shara - December 7

Thank you Peaches,
This is what we are here for to give support like that. I appreciate it. It is very frustrating at times. I am using the Ovulite and the ferning thing can get confusing. I see alot then a little and my CM always conflicts with my reading so to tell the fertile days is complicated for me. But we will get it together- Trust Me!!


Nanci And Dessie - December 7

[glow=pink,2,300][move]Good Morning Ladies[/move][/glow]
Your in our Hearts and Prayers
[glow=orange,2,300]Lablane[/glow] Before My wonderful Mom passed on (ovarian) She would make all my visits with me.. She would ask the questions I didn't think of and she was able to but what the drs said in "real people terms" After your visit... Enjoy the day with Mom :)
[glow=Yellow,2,300]Tosha[/glow] Sending lots of BaBy DuSt your way... Patience is a verthue (miss spelled)
[glow=Green,2,300]Cin[/glow] Hi There.. He will See you Through.. Love and Prayers for you..
[glow=Blue,2,300]Peaches[/glow] I know how you feel.. I tested early about 3 days I guess and got a bfn.. kinda sad..but In my heart I know I will see 2 lines soon.. As WE all WILL.. BaBy DuSt...
[glow=Purple,2,300]Christina20[/glow] 7 sibling huh.. I'm the oldest of our 7.. 4 sister (28,26,25,21) out of them 3 of 'em of a load of kids.. 2 bro's (23 & 19) none from them "yet" Always something going on...right.. Love it..
[glow=red,2,300]Sarah[/glow] Hi Hun.. How are you feeling? Hope all turns out well for you.
[glow=Orange,2,300]Hugs31[/glow] I have to remind myself all the time not to have those feelings.. I know in my heart that OUR time will come...BaBy DuSt to you and let your friend know that she is in all of our prayers..
[glow=Yellow,2,300]MHeart[/glow] Your very welcome, I enjoyed helping you yesterday.. Kudo's to You for all that you do... love Ya Sister...

For those That I didn't mention.. I'm sorry But Do know I'm thinking of all of you.. Your in my Prayers..

Now I have a "?".. I've been drinking the[glow=Green,2,300]Tea[/glow] taken the PreVits and of course the Ovulex.. How much tea durning the day..( I usually drank a cup before bed... )

[move][glow=Pink,2,300]BaBy DuSt[/glow][/move]

[move][glow=Blue,2,300]BaBy DuSt[/glow][/move]

[move][glow=Yellow,2,300]BaBy DuSt[/glow][/move]


Lablane - December 7

Good Morning Ladies,

Just wanted to say hi. I hope everyone is doing well.
Talk to you soon.



YaBB - December 7

Good morning ladies! Hope everyone is doing good!

Peaches sorry to hear about the - test.
I have to go to work. Hope everyone has a wonderful day!


Mahogany Heart - December 7


I see you have mastered the graphics. When I drank green tea last year when I got you know what I had a mug or cup a day. Its at your own Discretion.

Good Morning Sisters, Ladies, Newbies and site visitors,

I sent out several email yesterday and they all had a subject title. If I missed you Its only because I don't have your email address.


Morgan01 - December 7

Hello, Sisiters. I feel like I am neglecting the sisterhood bc of work. I have missed so much in a few days, and I am disappointed in myself.


I got all of your e-mails, but most had already been answered. If you have something specific for me to work on, give it to me, and I will get the job done. I also think I can make the conference call, but not positive bc of my crazy work schedule. Hope I can help out.


In my opinion, I think you should take your mother with you. My Mom always likes to go with me. It's not only some extra support there with you, but it will give you all a chance to bond.


I am keeping all of you in my prayers. I know this infertility is so hard, and I hate having to take preg tests and they always come back BFN. It really puts a damper on things, but God has a plan for all of us, and I am sure he knows we will all make great mothers. We have to keep strong for each other and our dreams will come true!!!

Baby dust to all!!


Morgan01 - December 7

I have a question for everyone or anyone who can help. I have been taking ovulex for a week now, and I have been getting horrible headaches everyday since I started taking it. Has anyone else had this problem?


Mahogany Heart - December 7

Yes Morgan01,

We had a post like this earlier and at first I wasn't associating my headaches with the Ovulex but later I started to associate them with the Ovulex they have level out and every now and again I will get one.


Morgan01 - December 7

Thanks for your quick response, Mahogany Heart. I thought I had read it, but then again there have been so many posts that I wasn't sure. No headache yet today, but I have to work at both of my jobs today, so I am praying that I don't get one!


WishingandHoping - December 7

Well like clockwork AF showed up today!! I am REALLY ok this time around. I know that God has a plan and I want to thank MH and Les23 for the words they have spoken in the last couple of days. It has really been an encouragement. DH and I are going to "try" but not try this month and then if not this time around we will go to see a doctor in Jan. I want to say thank you to all of you and I will continue to be praying for all of you through this Christmas season.

Remember the REASON for the SEASON. ;)


WishingandHoping - December 7

Tosha - don't forget Alias tonight!! ;D



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