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Peaches - December 6

Hey Hugs, I know it's very frustating, but hey getting frustated is not going to get us anymore, but to keep on trying..right...Thank you for keeping your fingers crossed for me...I'm keeping my fingers, toes, eyes and whole body crossed :) I love that we can just all talk to understant what us girls are going trough.. I love it, it makes me feel like i'm not alone, and I know me posting on this site is like crying on a shouler...I love all you...

You're right hugs, i'll probably take one next week, i'll keep you post it, i just hate not seeing two lines instead of one, but it's all in gods hands...we'll see Thanks girly ;D


YaBB - December 6

Trying ticker


sarah soveran - December 6

hey ladies well i have just finished my test and well... its a bfn but dont you worry im ok i really am im just starting to think could there be something wrong guys im so scared like i havent got my period and im not pregnant its happening all over again :( but i guess theres always next month write gotta try harder

MH thanks from the bottem of my heart :) really you care so much you all do and you guys are great i would be lost write now rally i would babydust to you hun.

Peaches,good luck hun i hope things will look up form here ok you seem to be an awesome women and god will give you what you deserve he will trust me

hugs31 hey there i hope you will learn here that we are all great women looking for our miracle we will all get it so will you just believe thats all you gotta do really miracles do happen they do.

andrea hows everything going are you feeling good i hope you are doing good im still sooooo happy for yah


Mahogany Heart - December 6


I don't want to scare anyone but my temperature has not risen as yet. That is not a good sign. Look like I will not be getting AF and Certainly not Pregnant. I'm going to have to make another appt but I will give it to the next AF due date. This is the only thing I don't like. I would love for AF to come if not Pregnant. I don't want to jump start it again with Provera. Hey I'm keeping the Faith.


Nanci And Dessie - December 6

Good Morning Everyone Sisters, Newbies,
I have to sya this for everyone and myself WE WILL CONQUER INFERTILITY !!!

I took a HPT and got BFN (suxs) arrrggghhh.. :-\ Keeping the faith that our time will come..
I have been on Ovulex now for 70 days.. Tomarrow I start a new bottle. (last bottle) I think I may order more. along with the male version...


YaBB - December 6

MH and Sarah I hope everything it okay! I'll keep you in my prayers!

I know will all beat this infertility! It's just a matter on time and patience!
I have felt better since I have been on Ovulex! Which is a good sign! My Af symptoms weren't soon bad this month! Also my AF started a lot stronger than usual. I think this means it's cleaning out all the bad stuff!
Bady bust to all of you!


Mahogany Heart - December 6

[glow=red,2,300]THE SISTERHODD MOST WANTED!!![/glow]







Les23 - December 6

I am glad I am not one of the most wanted!!LOL

MH-I can know that you are keeping record of your temp, but do you have a FM? I have tried watching my temp but different things can make you temp rise and fall other than your cycle. Like if you have a bug of some kind and your body is trying to get rid of it ect.

I was not monitoring anything before the fm and just watching my cm and taking the Ovulex. But with the fm it tells you right when you are OVing. Have you thought about getting one?

Just a suggestion.

Also want to put a shout out to the sisters!!! Have a wonderful day!! I am praying that we will all be prego in the near future.

Sarah - I was wondering, do you need to have your period jump started? Have you been to the doctor lately. What kind of testing have you had done to see what is wrong. Is there any blockage in your tubes? Just somethings I was wondering. If you are not pregnant we need to figure out why Ovulex is not making you period more regular. Ever since I started taking it I have had a period 28-36 days. Before could go 60-100 days without one.

God loves each and everyone of us. He has a plan for all of us. In the bible it says that every woman bares the right to have children. So I do not beleive it when someone say that so and so will never get pregnant. Maybe it just has not been the right time for us. We need to read Timothy. She was baron and God heard their prayers and then she became pregnant.
It can happen to us. We need to talk to the Lord, and after asking for a child, we need to stop asking him and Thank him for the child he will give us when we are ready for it.
Trust not in ourselves but in the Lord, Our Savor.


Les23 - December 6

By the way I wanted to tell Hugs I like your ticker!! I see you figured it out!!!


Mahogany Heart - December 6


I'm glad you are not on the Most Wanted me either. I know I'm going to have to purchase one but they cost alot.

God is good and you said it right. We needed that.

Hugs and Love


Mahogany Heart - December 6

Sisters I want you all to know that I love you all. When one Sister is down we all are down. We need to come together and pray for one of our sisters, Dona. The following email is from one of our sisters.

[color=Blue]So sorry!!!

I do not mean to be missing in action but SO much has happened here it's just insane.

First, I got the massive toothache shortly after finding the group and I had to get that taken care of. Then, I got so sick and am still sick, have been for three WEEKS now and am on antibiotics to get rid of it. Then, last Monday my husband comes home from work and has to break news to me that his plant is CLOSING down in ONE year and then he will be out of a job....after almost TWENTY years with the company and making good money, he will be losing his job. He works for GE, the manufacturing plant that makes GE lightbulbs. SO, now we are dealing with trying to list our house to sell as there is no way we'll be able to pay the $2,100 monthly mortgage and we are having to try to get rid of a lot of the things in this house and we've got plenty of stuff. Trying to figure out where we will go, where we will live and just what we will do when he looses his job. We have a mortgage, two vehicle payments, utilities, bills, credit card debt, you name it, the usual, and in one year, we will have NO income to pay for any of these things.

It's just been overwhelming for me, as I'm sure you can imagine, and I had to stop taking my Ovulex after only a few days due to being on pain killers and now antibiotics...I figured it would not be helping to take Ovulex during all that other stuff.

I truly hope to be back and soon, although I do not know what our future holds, we still pray for a bundle of joy to come into our lives and I'll be back on Ovulex as SOON as I can be. I'm just so overwhelmed with all that I've been dealing with, since shortly after finding this support board and I certainly did not mean to come post and then disappear.

Thanks for your understanding and support and I hope to be back soon! Please, if you would, let the ladies know where I've been, perhaps post my e-mail if you can. I TRULY do want to come back and give and get support!!!!!



Les23 - December 6

Oh I am so sorry for Dona. i remember the toothache. I will have her in my prayers as will the rest of us I am sure.


April J - December 6

Hello to all...

I keep repeating our pledge today, it actually is what is going to get me thru today...

I am actaully on day 29 of my cycle (I messed up on my ticker) and I have been forunate to have a VERY VERY regular one all my life. I was supposed to start 4 days ago and have forced myself not to buy a PG test, as soon as I do it always shows up.. So today I took an early lunch went to Walgreens and bought a brand that was theirs. I did not want to lug the box back to my office so I opened it at the register and asked her to throw it away. I took the test here at work, and would not look at it.. I just kept thinking, it nevers has two lines why now... So I turned it up and my heart stopped!! There were two lines! But oddly enough one was vertical and one was horizontal! I looked for the directions and remembered I left them in the box. I came out of the RR in a cloud of shock, excitement and fear all at the same time.. I got on their website and they have the box listed under the pharmacy tab.. and it actually has that as a negative reading... The positive would have added a second line on the horz.. I mean yeah now that I am a little clear I can see that, but to someone like all of us who want it so much, how can they be so cruel.. (Or could I be so stupid to just not read "how to read results".. I have looked for two lines for so long (I stopped buying the expensive ones because I have taken so many) that I never thought it would be any other way... I am so disapointed, and hurt, but it was pretty amazing to just feel like it could be real just for a minute you know.. Anyway I will be fine, and I am sure my period will come soon and I will start again as we all do.. And with Gods will we will all be successful..

Thanks for listening..
Hope your all doing well and looking forward to Christmas.


Mahogany Heart - December 6

Hang in there April J,

Everything is going to be alright. Keep the Faith!!!


April J - December 6

I will..

Thank you, you too. :)


Mahogany Heart - December 6

Baby that is why I'm here. We must stand together and CONQUER THIS INFERTILITY!!!



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